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Do you want to learn more about the legal name fraud?

Review the material below to see how the legal name fraud has been used to enslave and harm you, and humanity. Find out how you are not a legal name, nor do you have one because all legal names are owned by the Crown Corporation, and using one without their permission is fraud. By understanding this information you can help bring the harm and slavery to an end.

Note: This is not related to any freeman/sovereignty movement.

Learn more about the legal name fraud

Note: Kate of Gaia’s writings are a must-read for anyone who wants to fully understand the situation humanity is in and what to do about it. The information contained within is not theory, it is based on Kate’s lived experience. We recommended that you read all of Kate’s writings, in order, to gain a complete understanding of the concepts. This will likely take a couple of days (depending on how fast you read and how much time can dedicate to it), but is well worth the effort for the insight you will gain about yourself and the world.


It’ll likely take you a few shows to really grasp the concepts; we recommend listening to regular shows for a couple of weeks to get a full understanding. If you feel confused or overwhelmed to begin with, just remember to breathe! Stick with it; it gets easier!

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You can listen to Legal Name Fraud Radio: Truth With Kate (a.k.a. The Emerald Table) at the links below:


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Who is Kate of Gaia?

Kate of Gaia is freelance investigative journalist, reporter and broadcaster who is well-known for her understanding of international laws, phonics, legal English, and the history of our current systems of governance and finance. Kate is a revolutionary who is dedicated to a freer society in which individuals can reclaim their power; Kate, like many others, has dedicated considerable effort to exposing the deceptions and harms perpetrated on humanity.


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