Truth For Newbies

A Collection Of Essays by Kate of Gaia

Table Of Contents

  1. Choices

  2. Behold, a White Canvas

  3. Exit - Stage Right

  4. Enter the Whore Brides

  5. Know Thyself, Ye Are Gods

  6. Watts in a Name?

  7. Re-Lease the Kraken?

  8. The Wizards of Oz

  9. Trading Prophets for Profits

  10. Who are you?

  11. The Long and Short Of It


Prometheus Bled

Last night I died a thousand deaths, each by a thousand cuts And though I want to leave this path, continue on I must.

How much more can my soul endure, this walk that steals my breath? Where all around me pick away this slow Promethean death?

This place of hearts, so quickly drains, reserves, this gilded cage Entombed within the solace fair, cries out with neutral rage.

That once I'm fallen, on broken knees, do the carrion gather high Where crows that cackle in the fray, in silence, I will cry.

Forgive them gently, with Mothers' love, dig deep, yet deeper still Where those that fed from this weary child, do feed upon my will

Where dare I stood, in truths profound, the blind eyes made to see As mortal flesh rots on their limbs, these walking dead and me.

Can not they see beyond this vale, beyond their surly bounds? These fools that conflict searches out, still chains them to the ground.

“I’m free!” they yell from towers high but know themselves not yet, They only see the flesh they’re not , while caught in illusions’ net.

So toil I must and stand I will to bleed another day Where somehow through this misty plain I can help them find their way

To middle earth where ebb meets flow, the balance of the tides To climb Olympus’ craggy face where Prometheus resides.

Since for his gift of fires truth, the ascensions of the mind, Wrought from his flesh, his liver torn, where morrows’ day does find,

His quest ordeal renews again sacrificial daily bread Is where I share these self-same truths in the way Prometheus bled.


The path we walk is a narrow one. The roads around it are wide and colourfully distracting. You will find most of the people out there on those roads and very few that can manage the narrows. Scylla and Charybdis, the devil and the deep blue sea will be on each side of you in the age old, damned if you do, damned if you don't dichotomy. It takes a steady helmsman to steer any ship through these treacherous waters and few survive the journey. The temptations will be vast, varied and many to distract you and force you onto the rocks at the first slip of sweaty hands on the rudder. You will be tested at every turn to measure the mettle of your stamina, endurance and tolerances of spirit. Such is the quest you are on. You are awake now and there is work to be done, some more than others and that depends on previous lessons and previous lives' experiences.

Your road, your choice. During the moment of every decision, you have two paths, one choice of which one to follow. The carnal aspect of your left mind seeks the pleasure of the easy road that leads to the satiation of desires. The spiritual aspect of the right mind remains closed if the wrong paths are taken. Only in the left mind can you be led by emotion and in the right mind, you hold the helm of the heart where the truth steers you through the rapids. These waters we travel on have all manner of weather with clear sailing and storms that many shall succumb to. This game only offers one life per level and it is up to you to ensure the lesson you seek is learned lest you lose that life and have to start anew with a new game piece called the human body.

Behold A White Canvas

Before you, stands a canvas, stark, pure and white. You are the artist and this is your canvas to display your inner pictures. It is meant for you to paint on and no-one and nothing else can paint on it if you don't allow them to, such is free will choice, the absolute maxim of universal law. Therein lays the biggest illusion of all in that we allow others to paint our pictures with their thoughts and globbed smears that we allow to pollute our picture. I begin each day with a brand new canvas, open for me and no-one else to paint on unless we're painting the same tapestry of resonance. I do not allow for anyone to walk by and toss manure on my canvas as I will not do that to another. It has been a long road to get to this canvas so I've gotten somewhat guarded of its purity. We all have the same white canvas at the start of every day and how that painting looks when we put our heads down to sleep at the end of every day are only what we have painted and allowed others to share on it, be it good or bad.

My best paintings are those that have had many join me in the crafting of it where we all keep this painting pure as our original, not regurgitated ideas of those wishing to spoil it. The paint brush is your intention and your will. To the degree that you let others add beauty or filth is also your choice and will. I see many who, every day, let others smear their canvases with anger, hate, greed, lust etc. where many of them add that to their own canvases in response. When we re-act, re-spawn-ed and add fire to these things, we become in the image of the mirror creator of that energy(re-act) by giving it life(re-spawn) and we burn our canvases to ash in the destructive versus creative fires. There is good and evil in everything, it is only the perspective and intent we put forth that gives one or the other life.

I have had to eat many big blue pills in this life but they're getting easier to swallow be it because my throat has expanded by virtue of the crows eaten or because they're simply getting smaller. I feel it to be the latter now having choked on truths many times in the past. I no longer paint scenes of extreme drama as this whirled would have me paint because of the literal canvas control placed on it by others. I still get the occasional muddy bits on my pictures but they have become easier to wipe away inasmuch as I have chosen to act like the creator we all are.

When one considers the canvas of a child, one can see very quickly their paintings are begun for them where they didn't know they had a canvas of pure white to begin with. This is the greatest lessen a child can give us; to remind us of how pure our own palettes should be. We, being creatures of habit, have simply given up holding our own paintbrushes to paint our own pictures and we hand them over to others to do our painting for us. Television, radio, Hollywood, magazines, schools, churches etc ad nauseum ad infinitum paint pictures for the masses if the masses allow them that and, unfortunately, most do. They even tell you in the original Catholic Church that you have to go to “mass”.

The painting you have long claimed as your own is nothing but a smeared glob of all the things you were “taut” to “believe” be it through traditions, religions, clubs, groups, families and all manner of divisive means. In short, most believe only what they have allowed to be painted by others with the majority of those never having had an original thought since the last remnants of their childlike innocence were painted over by parents at first, and everything and everyone else that followed. The only question I have ever liked to ask myself was why.

Someone tells me something and I ask why and,then, where is that coming from? Our white canvases have been so splattered with proverbial shite that most forget it was white in the first place. The one thing I like about truth is that there is no amount of disputing it that can ever change it. I bemoan everything that people like to push forth as their own cause, their own ideas when, in fact, it is just another borrowed ideal from someone else to keep them distracted. So many are caught up in the repainting of what happened and never act on the why it happened even after the truth is laid bare before them. People have forgotten the fundamentals of deception while they are busy looking impressive being deceived by knowing so much about this topic or that occurrence. I used to be one of them then one day, I snapped out of that illusion of illusion. I would suppose I was one of the lucky ones in that regard having spent my lifetime seeking the why’s in the first place.

As an example, I will take you, the reader or listener to task on this inasmuch as I did it to myself. Here’s a few “why” questions for you. If you are religious, why do you believe in whatever god form you believe in? Was it because you actually met this being or was it because Mommy and Daddy told you what religion you were and then dragged your sorry ass to whatever house of warship that was their particular favour. Why do you vote for someone you know is going to rip you off no matter how many promises they make? Do you honestly believe that somehow, something is going to be different doing the same things over and over the same way? That’s defined as insanity. People do this because the canvas hasn’t been theirs for most of their lives and they don’t want to be viewed as “different”….I think I have that one nailed with full bitching rites.

When people can wake up to the fact that they’ve been walking around spewing other peoples beliefs and ideas for a lifetime, they will want to start painting on their own hopefully. Factor in the “spellings” that have been cast over humanity and it simply boggles the mind. Not only are people using another’s words, the words are an even bigger trap. When someone else has taken over your easel, it is not surprising that all your pictures will be skewed right from the start. This is why it’s so easy to keep people fighting because the truth be known, it’s someone else’s fight that was programmed into them. One religion fights another religion because tradition says so. If you are a patriot, you’re dangerous to those not of your particular stripe and fanaticism so don’t be surprised if some re-cyst-ance is met with. Your tapestry is painted with someone else’s team colours that you were born into, much in the same way that being born a “royal” makes them better too? Yeah, right.

There comes a point in your life where you will have to choose to keep running with the same pictures that were painted for you or you will have to decide to take a scraper to your canvas and start again; this time with you holding all the brushes and colours. The first helpful hint for many will be that we all bleed red, we all feel pain when we’re shot because of someone else using our crayons, we all feel every emotion and until we see that, the madness will continue. I just chose a long time ago to burn the canvas and really start from scratch in that I supplied my own, new canvas. Sorry, I’m afraid that you’re all at the mercy of the drawings of others until you choose to take the palette back. I mean, seriously, if you hand a drunk the keys to your car and they smash it up, whose fault is it, the drunk or you? Hand a thief your money and you expect them to keep it safe for you? Hire a crook to run your household finances and you really expect to have money at the end of the month? This is the madness I speak of.

If you take the leash off a rabid dog please expect it to bite someone. The program running the strongest on the white board is one of blame and fault with everyone convinced that they must look to an outside cause for all their woes. Then they use one religion or another to convince people that somehow they will be saved by another illusion outside of themselves. They use what is preached from the fiery pulpits of literalism and engage in wars with the cry of “my god is better than your god and I’ll kill you to prove it” emblazoned on their breast cloths. Our canvases are so putrefied with the hate served by another it’s a wonder we can carry it around with us at all, laden with the tripe of those that have been far more duped than they real eyes. Their paintings consist of religions, sports or music icons of worship, TV dramas in a myriad of bread and circuses that keep them in the Roman Coliseums of their left minds.

This is where my-story/mystery became his-story/hy-stery/hysterical both figuratively and literally. This is the harbour of pearls where all our ships/minds were either sunk or damaged with only few escaping. The sad irony in all of this is that every story is the same one with the same lessons and truths contained yet that singular story has been skewed to a level that has most looking in infinite directions where there has only ever been one “whirred”. In the beginning was the word, singular in nature and concept with infinite telling’s of the same story with infinite cast members and tapestries. The most obvious canvas is the one overhead where the truth is revealed in the darkness of the night and this is exactly where we have all been indoctrinated to just see pretty stars etc. and overlook this wondrous story.

This is why religions simply had to steer you away from it and force putrid pictures of death, incest, pedophilia, rape, men and god at war, destruction and mayhem down our throats from a pulpit manned by the most ignorant of all. It is one thing to believe what another is saying from a feigned position of power but it is quite another for the one spewing it in full ignorance of the truth is quite another and should be pitied, never hated. The good news is that we can simply turn our canvases over and paint on the side that has never been seen or touched and begin filling it with our own ideas, not those of others. In order to do this a few choices have to be made and the biggest and first one must be to accept that everything you were ever taught was wrong, at least from the perspective.

It is sheer ignorance that has mankind trapped, nothing will choice can never be trespassed so they must tell us everything and do everything that is good and paint it as evil in that most will flee, argue, kill etc. to keep themselves from the truth, divided/divine-dead and conquered/con-cur-red. The night canvas over your head is the same one that is inside your head and your body, the as above, so below. Everything outside of you, as in the whirled you see, are only clues to the real truths contained within though we have been conditioned to break that most perfect of mirrors. We can no longer see the true reflections of ourselves because the paintings we use, painted by another are always pointing out, not in. All too often we put full weights and measures on things outside of ourselves to try and understand ourselves within but, to me, that is backwards and exactly how those that would control our paintings want us to see and act. By our own ignorance and actions, we trap ourselves as they gently nudge us deeper into the illusions with the risk of waking us up fully as well. Such is the absolute nature of free will choice.

If you are at war within, you are at war without because that is the canvas you are working from and until you see that it is not yours and hasn’t been for a very long time you will continue to use this shredded portrait of yourself to sell your “war-es”. This is why I love to shred “egos” because I know that they are not the pure paintings of the one I am conversing with. The ego is the painting of another that has people convinced that it is them. I look around me every day and see these “paintings” in full display where I will not buy a worthless copy and prefer only the original works of art that you all are if you could but see that as I do. The ego is a counterfeit, the shell that has you encased and entombed where your true sun will never rise until you roll the stone back which is as simple as a choice. This is not rocket science people; it is about shutting up long enough to actually see who you truly are. Most won’t even consider that until life in this illusion has shut them down in a depression where they will still look to blame others in their asking of the “why me?” question.

No…I know better now. This is why the Gnostics were so feared and perse-cut-ed. “Gno” means to KNOW and the suffix of “–ics” means “matters relevant to”….and when it comes to any “organ-eyes-ed re-legion”, that’s a perpetual (for pet you all) “gno-gno”. Only when you can understand the spells and spellings with eyes and ears in unison, can you begin to start seeing the magnitude of our dumbing down and pure “I-gno-rants” we merrily paint over this most white and precious canvas you got when you arrived here on Gaia. I chose a very long time ago to be original in my paintings and not counterfeit my art using those “ass-spects” of charlatans and deceivers. The “de-see-vers” ( ver –truth, verily, very etc.) are “e-very-ware” as in “not truthful goods”. That whirred alone should tell you all you need to know about the canvas that surrounds you “everywhere” in that this is all an illusion, one grand illusion after another. If you pay attention (a-10-shun) you too will begin to peel back the apocalypse that shrouds you in darkness. I dare you to peek out from under that veil and see the brand new canvas that awaits your most perfect art without Cain lobbing shite all over it because as I see you all I can say when your eyes light up with an epiphany is this…..Behold….a white canvas….now go grab some new brushes and paint me something “be-you-Te-full”…you did it as a child, time to be that child again….looking forward to your new gallery,

Exit-Stage Right

So quick are so many to judge, even some to the point where they choose a profession of such a nature. As in the truth of as above, so below, as below, so above we find the micro/macro displays of this yet again. In the court, the judges have the lowest power and the highest pay where the clerks have the highest power and lowest pay. Those that judge the most here, get the most in regards to their camel's cargo where the meek can simply walk straight through. They can keep their cargo, all of it, regardless if they stole it from me or not.

The judges of this world from street level to the highest courts/churches have the furthest to travel and are saddled with more burdens than those seeking truth and peace. They are trapped in their worship of the physical realms and shall be, by their choice of free will, hanging around until; they too, figure it out. The manufactured "hell" that Rome created to scare the ignorant into submission is just that, manufactured where they have created their own prison bars here on earth. The hell they speak of is the hell we all get to experience in our day to day lives. We're born, work our fingers to the bone with the occasional fun times, have kids etc. then we die; repeat as necessary. Ad nauseum.

There are some of us, however, that reach for higher and grander ideals in re-creating a better world and a better existence for ourselves and others. Some of us even go as far as to dedicate our waking lives to it nullifying most, if not all, of the fun times prior to body drop. For some reason or another, some of us simply feel the drive and the need to play this particular role where fanfare is shunned vehemently as much as distractions from our missions as well. As usual, the egos of the Cain mind are always the biggest distractions and thus why, if I cut a conversation short with anyone, they'll know I'm not in the mood to waste time on one.

This stage we play on is a very dark one indeed with so very few lights to shine on the show. Of late, many more of those lights are getting brighter and more numerous with much chagrin from those wishing to keep the show dark. Many have come to me with frustrations about family members and friends that don't want to listen to them, call them crazy and they are seemingly beating their heads against the walls of frustration. My words in regards to this are beyond curt now. I simply tell them to stop trying, just be a light and, the willing moths will gather. Just shut up. Better yet, slap the ego and tell people that you'd love to share some insight but you’re afraid that they just wouldn't get it. Pisses the ego right off and creates what I call the cookie jar effect: tell the kids they can't have cookies from it and where do they go first when you're not looking?

When you see the ego as the selfish, spoiled brat that it is, you'll soon learn to stop listening to it if you choose to be all grown up like the god you are. I see those that judge others, be it professionally (profession = latin for "for to make weary") or just the local pub critic etc. as those that have the most chaos to deal with. You will find a trend of these beings being the most criminal of all in regards to the harming of others be it physically or theft and so on. They are trapped on stage left, the Cain mind, where there is no exit from this created hell, just a continuation of the same perils and pitfalls no matter what their supposed "show of wealth" dictates. Again, these rich beings will never get through the needle doorway in the wall that leads into the Emerald City and the metaphorical kingdom of heaven within. How's that for a cookie jar?

As in this universe of duality, we have two choices; physical lusts and desires or spiritual advancements to higher realms. Here's the thing that people miss however. Keep in mind that I am referencing many things simultaneously and will not waste time quoting sources etc. simply because truth is truth when it resonates; period. We, as photons, not bodies, are to see what it is we truly want where many get caught up in the lures and nets of flesh or, as I like to call them, meatsticks. They get trapped in the notions of all things physical where they degrade further and further, lifetime after lifetime where hopefully, they will eventually snap out of it or not. There are so many parallel sources of truth such as the bible, astrology and mythology and so on, if you know how to read them, I have simply lost count of the correlations. There are no coincidences. All things for a reason.

The reasons these books and sources of knowledge are so accurate in "prophecy" is because they have been given to us by others that have lived through the same things but at a different time. If one considers the notion that light, coming from a distant galaxy takes thousands of years to reach us over the vastness of space, one can conclude that this whole scenario has been seen before in a cosmic "deja vu". A planet, with human forms on it 2000 light years away would have seen what we are seeing now 2000 years ago as a simple example. As the light continues into the "future" away from us, there will be others who see the same things we are seeing now and writing about. This is why living in the now is critical. Do not be distracted by living in the past or the future by way of emotions or calendars.

We have a cosmic clock and calendar in the heavens if we but choose to look. Soon, this clock resets for the next 26,000 year cycle. It will be your choice, in your "now" actions whether or not you have to continue with another round of kindergarten or not. All things physical (bodies/earth) are born of and will return to the earth, All things cosmic and spiritual will return to the photonic source. If you yearn for the stars to go home then you know what it is I speak of. In the same way that light comes here in "Angles/Angels" so must it be why we were manipulated by our tongue pledge/lange-gage/language of Angle/ish....when something is "ish" it is only a close facsimile of the real thing making us all angel-ish..It's no wonder we speak of the Irish as having hot tempers being ireish...Being one, I know that all too well.

Truly, the only way we advance is doing the "right" thing in all forms. Being right in our thinking has more to do with being upstanding and honourable versus being "co-wrecked"/correct which belongs in the domain of the Cain/left mind which is always out in left field. What I find most difficult to do is to convey these most simple of concepts to those hell-bent on trying to complicate things. Those that are firmly trapped in the illusion will be those most willing to judge and lust for all things physical be it money, sex or whatever tickles their physical fancy. That is not to say we can't have fun and live beautiful lives here. Unfortunately, much of that has been stolen by those that ONLY want to do that and use others to that end. Those are the most degraded beings of our day and should be pitied, not hated or feared. ` The ones claiming to be "just doing their job" are even more trapped because they are taking orders from those that judge others as their chosen "pro-fessio".

Having been one of the "fooled and duped", I am only speaking from the perspective of my own awakening to the more cosmic and universal law ways. Hard to tell black from white if you haven't seen both to compare them non? This is why we can only judge, then forgive ourselves for OUR actions and no-one else's; that's their job and business to judge self, not yours. The next time you get "off-ended" consider the notion that it is your ego, not you and you'll start to get a handle on that tricky little bastard. It is only when you get center stage in your life can you see both sides of the stage equally and you will see that they are both dark for the lack of lighting at either end. Stage left is the black hole sucking all light into it and the stage right is veiled until you get close enough to it having cast off the physical lusts of this realm. She, the virgin white pure thought bride of the right mind will not unveil until she sees a pure bridegroom and Cain is not in that league.

As I have so often stated, this realm is one that lives in the mirror, the wrong side of the looking glass and until we look into the mirror to see how it really is with ourselves and the world around us, we will continue to see all things backwards. Even our eyes see everything upside down until our brains correct it. So imagine this for a moment. All things that we wish to have here and can never seem to get are exactly those things that await us when we return home to the photon realms. For those that get what they want here, they are condemned to stay here because they will never be able to let go until, they too, finally become dissatisfied with the limitations of this physical creation. The physical realm is so far out of natural balance in the grand schemes, for me, it is unfathomable that we got this far and this bad but then again, until one sees the truest blacks, one cannot experiences the truest whites.

The ancients have given us the truth many times and many times we have been captivated and lured by the thoughts and superstitions of others. Those that are claiming to be the most holy here are the ones that are also in the most chaos. They have much to live up to and they too fail because of their own beliefs in superstitions and falsehoods. Gratefully, the truth can not be veiled forever where all false-hoods must come off. For all those chasing conspiracy theories to prove this or that; you are caught in the trap of distractions. Once you real-eyes that all these things are distractions, you'll stop being enamored (not loved) by all things outside of self and will begin to look within and stop giving energy to the very things that trap you where there are those that wish to keep you trapped. Misery loves company, move along.

I have much pity for those beings that continue to be caught in the physical quicksand where instant gratification is master. For those claiming to have no master, please rethink that idea after that last concept. If physical desires rule you, then you are not free and never will be until you see beyond the looking glass. When one realizes that one is pure light, of god source, a photon of consciousness, one begins to separate from all things physical where the returning to knowing thyself can begin in earnest. Solving physical problems will only bring you physical results and in turn, a physical death. We are so degraded that there is even a guy in Russia that is building an android to house consciousness/mind. Seriously, is this the infinity you dream of? Would you trade a planet for a spoonful of dirt? It's like owning the candy store and settling for a gumdrop. Sheer madness since ye are gods. The answers were written in the heavens long before the guides showed up and wrote the books about what is to come because they seen it and lived it before us. This is experience of the masters at work where one day, we too can help those thousands of light years away into their own awakening in this neverending story. The exit is clearly marked though the path be narrow and one must travel light, literally.

The kingdom is within you, not in the delusions of grandeur of an outside world of illusion. There are no coincidences; all things for a reason so please pay attention. The fact that you're reading this is not a coincidence either. I have a purpose that resonates with me and you're special enough to get it but will you really "get it"? That choice is yours and will remain to be seen. I'm an observer, not a judge. I have found myself guilty on many counts in this life and my own penance is doing what I do now where hopefully, others can see themselves as beautiful as I see them. The virgin bride awaits you, exit, stage right....see you on the other side or not,

Enter the Whore Brides

With the fact that all things contain both electrical and magnetic, male and female, positive and negative, only in the interaction of these things can anything ex-cyst at all. It becomes more of a metaphorical and conceptual look versus the all too common and mistaken literal one. Thoughts are of pure feminine creation where intent is purely masculine energy put in sync with the thought (bride). Neither can exist with or without the other. To me, such is the nature of universe. When one considers the idea as the female virgin bride and the intent as the bridegroom, one can quickly see the metaphor as it relates to what we already see and have, as a perfect allegorical comparison.

This essay will get way outside the box so try and keep your easily offended egos (if you have one) in check, I am not going to be gentle on this one and will present things in terms that even the sleepiest being will snap to from. We have been spending our existence creating bastard child after bastard child as the result of allowing another to “dick-Te-ate” (dictate) our thoughts, our virgin brides and, have turned us all into Cain’s whores and sluts. (warned ya). Our masculine intention/left mind/Cain has been sleeping with every whore thought it can find to satiate its lust, its greed and its “de-sires”. When one has desire, one is without "balls"...ask the local bull past its prime, he'll tell you what it feels like to be desired. This game has been relegated to the masculine intentions of the analytical (anal-lit-I-call) mined where it has been led by the rings of Saturn, through its nose, for millennia.

“Paypal Bulls” might make a little more sense now for you. These thoughts/impure feminine energies, married with impure masculine intents have put all of us under an exterior Crown control. It is not a coincidence that we have a crown chakra either...the only question is which crown do you serve, yours or theirs. The Taurus Bull (tore-us bull) rules the throat, and thus why we had to have a language (tongue pledge/lange-gage) imposed upon us for them to rule. From our saliva (“salt I give out”-sal-I-va or “to go” in Spanish) is where this pledge emanates and why silence is golden.

When someone tells you something that is claimed as a fact, it is usually the whore thought of someone else who got it from someone else etc. without them ever having actually experienced "that truth" wherein everyone gets to sleep with her and create even more ego bastard children. When there is an absence of resonance, there is always an absence of truth, especially if that resonance is ego, not spirit based. Best to learn the difference quickly or you are doomed to continue playing in this realm. Only a pure thought from the Abel/right mind can marry a pure intention, a “night”/knight in shining amore. To me, love is not an emotion, it is pure motion and neutral/unconditional in all regards. Only the carnal emotions (no motions) can stop the motion of love. This is why love is the only thing that can con-quer (con-cur/no curse) all.

While we continue to chase the illusions of the carnal mind be it money, sex etc. as it pertains to ego ruling it, we will continue to degrade as will our mother earth. It is WE who create the storms, the earthquakes and the pestilences as the cause of it where most get caught up only in the effect and ask....what's happening without “real-eyes-ing” it is we who are creating it and are at effect to our whore creations. When one clicks on this, Atlantis isn't such a shocker after all. Religion has been the tool for eons to convince the masses to believe in something outside of them and I can't even begin to consider how many worlds have fallen to this ruse. The brides veil can only be placed on her if she is pure, shielding her from the carnal minds of other men. A blind man sees more because he sees with his heart, not his pen-all/penal mind. When one understands that pen is the “head/mind”, all the words with pen in it start to unveil.

The joke has often been to which head is a man thinking with and it's usually the wrong one. Insert head/mind in some of these words and you'll begin to see why Rome is all about the Phallus. The pen is mightier than the (s)word, pen-is, pen-al, pen-man-ship where writing is “riting” in their symbolisms and ship is ancient etymology for mind as well...When we enter a "marriage", the two become one as goes the tradition. This creates the trinity of one. The same applies to the marriage of the feminine thought with the masculine intention; the electro-magnetic aspect of pure creation. When one considers the sheer number of left mind/Cain whore thoughts one has every minute of every day that come from the intention of the analytical ego, it is no wonder there are so many bastard children running rampant and literally tearing this planet apart. YOU are the creation of all that is wrong with this world yet YOU will contend that you are only suffering from those ills.

Religion has offered us more whore thoughts than could ever be counted. That was the intention. It keeps everyone distracted in the illusion blaming everything outside of themselves never “real-eyes-ing” that they are being led to create it. The storms, the earthquakes and all the disasters are merely the effect of all these marriages of impure thought with impure intention and not the cause; only the end product from the truth of “as above, so below” and the macro/micro design of the fractal universe. Until we cease these demonic marriages of the thoughts of another, we will loop it infinitely or until you, the individual, grasp that it is YOUR whores weddings that are creating all your own bastards that you have to deal with. This is the “do not covet thy neighbor’s wife/thoughts” from the so called commandments. The divine right bride will never unveil herself to be wed with such filth, such carnal atrocity and vile male intent. She is of pure white and virgin and will only unveil herself when SHE chooses, no sooner.

She will only present herself when the intentions and thoughts are silenced. She will be the virgin mother of the promised child within, nothing less than that will qualify. Only when there are no thoughts of Cain origin will she appear, period. Until Cain is silenced, Abel will be slain at every opportunity. The carnal thoughts are the luggage, the cargo of the camel that desperately needs to enter the kingdom of the city of heaven within. Only when it is fully and completely unpacked can it squeeze through the eye of this needle. This is why even wide gates cannot be passed through by materially rich men/women for they are rife with carnal cargo and burdened with their own impure intentions and will not be allowed entry. You need only pay the ferryman en route to hell with the money that men have made their idol of worship.

When one profits, one loses by adding to the cargo. When one gifts, no cargo is lost but much is gained by all. As I put forth the concepts of choices in a previous essay, I put forth here, much of the reason why it is all about choices from my perspective. Can we not feel joy in watching someone rebirthing back to source as much as we enjoy the birthing of a child into this realm? Again, this is a choice of perspective and how we must take the time to see the duality in all things that make the marriage of one, singular truth. This is our rebirthing if we choose to relinquish the temptations of the Cain/ego mined.

When we endure "lessens" in life, they are simply that; the lessening of cargo if we "get it" or the adding of cargo if we don't. When we begin to awaken to the truth that we are all god, of source, we begin to act as such where the benevolence can shine. Only at this point, when we decide to not bed every whore that comes visiting, can we begin to purify ourselves in preparation for the divine virgin within and the child of promise that comes forth from this most perfect of unions. My use of harsher words was an aware choice, one of pure intent manifestation to convey the metaphors of an even harsher world if we let it percyst. We have within us, the divine “Abel-I-Te” (Abel I love) ability to change our universes as the one collective of one in all and all in one if we can but be still in the silence long enough to hear our most precious bride calling. Until then, she will keep the apocalypse draped tightly. Apocalypse is translated as “a leather covering”, a veil. One can find more hope in the true understandings and meanings of words rather than the whore thought teachings of the institutions and laws of man. They are ALL whore thoughts, created from the Brothel of the left mind.

Within all things there is a duality and singularity of electricity, positive, intentional male and magnetic, negative, creative female. One must lose the notion of the carnal sex concepts and common misunderstandings of positive being good and negative being bad to gain the true insight into what this really is. Neither can exist without the other and the apparent separation of them in the physical sense is the biggest illusion in this realm. Men and women have both male and female attributes in differing proportions. In my state of two spirit, I came with the blessing and curse of the neutral middle in one where it all ended up being simply a neutral perspective of both aspects equally and it was up to me to see that and no one else. It is only my wish now to share that perspective that has cost much more in the spiritual sense than anything material could even come close to a far distant second. As I like to put it, it's already paid for, this feast is prepared so belly up to the table, this round's on me.

In closing this piece I would offer a few ideas that you can choose to look at or not. These are my thoughts without intention to make them yours that will be your choice so choose wisely; we got duped with the same concept of letting another’s thoughts be ours. When you begin to “ID-entify” the Cain ID-entity of ego for what it is, as in they’re all thoughts of less than a benevolent nature, you will begin to see through the veil (blocked) and across the vale (meadow) at the same time. I have often called the Cain mind the tricky little bastard and for good reason. It has the uncanny ability to make you think it's actually you. The easy way to see him/it is when the emotions/no motions are involved. No motion means you're stopped and you will not restart until you find love, the neutral motion that rules all things. So, if you get emotional, Cain is armed and dangerous and has already got the noose on Abel. We will never give up the divine virgin to such a beast and this is why the path and the needle are so narrow where few will find it. It is my wish that all will but then that has to be the free will choice of each being. The choice is simple....having intercourse with every whore and slut Cain can bed or be still and await the perfect virgin bride to unveil the face of god, your face.

Know Thyself, Ye Are Gods

All too often I find myself saying the same things over and over again. It's a very simple concept, but I always find myself sharing analogy after analogy to try and get this idea home and, for the most part, to no or little avail. So deep is the program and so solid the fear. The instant you come close to inhibiting their comfort zone, no sooner does the Cain ego program jump in and bares its fangs. It's a very simple discernment to see the ego, the carnal Cain left mind. It's the one that knows nothing of the neutral zone of motion called love. Emotions are the perfect trap every time and live fully up to the negative aspects since e-motion means stopped, no motion.

Until this paradigm of confusion ceases, they will never know who and what they are. When will you begin to see that where there is emotion, there is no love? To see Cain, all you have to do is think about the times you said something that you later regretted because that truly wasn't how you felt. It was merely a reaction to the emotionally charged environment you were in where Cain thrives and feeds. Only in retrospect was I able to see this nether side of me where I can stay more clearly in the now moment and fully real eyes when I am dealing with someone's Cain reptilian brain stem program. Cain needs to be right, needs to defend and needs to judge. How else can it pump up its chest in glorified pride and arrogance? Cain is all about meatstick aka body survival.

There is nothing spiritual about Cain and there is nothing physical about Abel. For clarity, the Cain I'm referring to is the left hemisphere, carnal, analytical programmed lower mind fed directly from the reptilian, fight, flee or freeze brain stem. It is both the operating system for this physical reality and it is also the virus that allows for survival and destruction. To grasp the power you, the divine god within, has over this physical, just ask someone who completely over-rode the program and committed suicide. That is merely the analogy of comparison as to how powerless Cain really is to stop you if your intent is strong enough.

If your intent is love, same rules apply. It's as simple as holding your breath to see how you are superior to the program of the meatstick. A favourite analogy that I like to use is comparing the body to a car in the driveway, parked. There's nobody in the drivers' seat so what's it doing? It's parked and lifeless until someone gets in, turns the key and puts it in gear. The same concept applies to your body you are driving. If you're not in there driving it, you'll find the body in a morgue or funeral home, permanently parked. You are the photonic life source, the sun of god within. Physics has finally located that particle and it is like a tiny sun burning at between 3000 and 6000 degrees Fahrenheit. Science has also shown a physical drop in body weight the instant YOU leave it. YOU weigh 21 to 23 grams and coincidentally, phi and psi are the 21st and 23rd letters of the Greek alphabet.

You are NOT flesh and blood, the body is. The body is not alive, YOU are. Without you, the body is just like every other collection of physical matter from the periodic table. You, my friend, are an entirely different "matter". You are anti-matter retaining an aspect of measureable mass only while occupying the body. If you seek proof of not being the body, my challenge is for you to take it with you when you decide to leave this earthly plain. Just as the old saying of "you can't take it with you" bears this truth out as well in that the same compounds that made this computer I am writing at, are the same compounds used to build these meatsticks, carbon heat engines. The only differing aspect is the 250 genomes in the human body that exist only there and nowhere else on this planet. You'll find those genomes are the building blocks for the reptilian brain stem. Yup, someone has messed with the program at source DNA code. I imagine you won't think too long on that to figure out why.

By now, hopefully, you are starting to get a conscious 'out of body' experience when it suddenly dawns on you this complete separation. Alas, it’s a difficult concept to take to heart if truly a simple one, once you can take a step back and shut Cain up long enough to look. The biggest tool that Cain uses is one of fear and it’s mostly fear of ourselves and our own abilities. We all have our fears and dreams...tis the way of the universe working through the is to what extent that we let one of them override the other, in how far we allow the pendulums to swing and for how long we let them remain in the wide sweeps that keep us on our own roller coasters in life.

I was born with the biggest fear in my life...the fear of being me...just was this, however, that allowed me to baby step my way from the small fears up to the biggest ones. Some people fear roller coasters and I only suggest they go for a ride on a roller coaster built for children until they lose the fear by getting bored of the ride...then move to a slightly larger one...etc. I chose to deliberately do things that scared me to overcome them even though they scared the life out of me...this is why I became a scuba diver and a confront the world at different levels..

Playing on stage terrified me yet I did that for over 3 decades. You’ll find, that as you confront the little fears first, overcome them, you'll see the once bigger fears as the same size as the early little ones...the only thing that changed is the only thing that can change...perspective, where the intent to overcome fear remained constant. When we fail to see who and what we really are, we find that another has shown us what our abundance is and usually at an hourly rate THEY want you at versus the priceless creator you are. This is also a symptom of those that do not know who they are. This is the full effect in action of the programmed Cain mind, the one that keeps you in a constant state of body survival where the only cost is your spirituality and god status. I’d say that tradeoff is a bit more expensive than I and others are willing to entertain any longer.

Until one can see the separation of them and the body, they will be forever trapped in this circular paradigm of fears and someone else’s beliefs. The largest control factor is the one where people defend an idea that was never theirs and was merely taught to them via family, tradition, religion schools etc. Very few will have ever had an original thought in their life, at least not since they were small children creating worlds of their own imagination, not someone else’s. I taught my own children the importance of being able to stand alone, in their own ideals and in their own choices. The fact that I haven’t seen them since February is a testament to their strength and conviction to stand in their own universe where I am not needed. The lesson sunk in well where I know, although separated from them and most of the people I love, I did my job. This is when the notion of good AND evil being equal, really sinks in and all judgments are rendered neutral.

I have had many discussions with people regarding the carrying of ID when they’re adamant in their claims that they know who they are. I beg to differ. The same old same old paradigm of debate appears in the statement of “I’m a flesh and blood living man/wombman” etc. A dead body is still flesh and blood after one exits it but it is certainly not “living” in the common understanding of the word and is in the state of decay, returning to whence it came from; the physical matter of this realm called earth. Just because you’re walking around in one of these meatsticks doesn’t change the physics, just the perspective. The body you claim as yours is only borrowed, never owned by you. To claim ownership of a body is in direct violation of all natural laws. Where the true free will choice resides is in YOU, the photonic sun of god that gives it life and direction via your intention. This is the free will that cannot be violated. This is why the universe is all about contract and it’s my contention as to what has trapped us for so long. In short, we take the bodies more seriously than ourselves. Imagine, that after an “accident”, the police start writing up charges against the car and not the driver? That to me, makes more sense and is the true separation of your “church/spirit/court” and state/solid matter/inanimate.

This is the illusion we have been caught in and will remain in until we real eyes that we are the drivers, not the cars. This is why it is critical for them to get you to surrender your consent via believing you are a meatstick, not a god of pure intention and creation. And you wonder why the elites are so wealthy? They’re feeding off your god aspects of creation to get there and until you wake up to this, you will be consumed by your own delusions and their greed. It’s only when you awaken to this can you wield any form of illusional ID of your own making because it is your intent and knowing yourself as the god you are and is only for the benefit of the sleepy ones who still think it “matters”. Ye are gods. While there are those who may look at what has happened to me and scoff at my apparent foolishness I will, in kind, challenge that notion with asking them if they think this world is sane and normal with all its wars and strife?

What has happened to me was the bare bones, stripping down and raping of my proverbial camel that has allowed me to slip through the eye of the needle and enter the Emerald City for the first time in who knows how long. This is the heaven on earth and it is in this knowledge, not belief or opinion, that I can have peace and finally see the ludicrous trap I and everyone else were in. Stay here in this reality if you wish, hold fast to your beliefs, religions and dogmatic excuses for conflict, I’m done with it. It took me a long time to get here; all those moments of now have finally coalesced into the singular now where this place actually makes sense. As in all perspectives, there are other aspects of myself that have had far more to go through and experience but then it is also my contention that, I too, was there once and have only moved to a level where it has become the wisdom earned and learned equally. Much in the same way a man will complain about not having shoes until he sees another man with no feet.

I do not linger in those realms for long, the realms of self pity etc. I do allow myself to experience the emotion but no longer allow it to control my every moment of now, just long enough to get the lessen. This week saw the final harvest in that my purest love and mate has moved on in another direction without me and that is ok. All I can sense now is gratitude for having shared what I did and it also showed me that I cannot be “owned” by another again. We have choices of sharing adventures with others, not owning them or being owned by them.

I would suppose the only measure of sadness is that there were so many other things I would have liked to have shared with my soul resonance in that form but then I don’t write the script of the divine plan; I simply follow it and garner the “lessens” to be had. That only adds to the previous experience, never detracts from it and why all I feel is gratitude in that regard. Happiness can only be granted to be shared and the natural law of balance is maintained. One of my main driving forces is simply that; to grant that which people wish for. Unfortunately, in this paradigm, it is always taken to mean something else. Can you dare to share more than you get? There is also much to say about the electro-magnetics of this universe as we experience and create those very fields around us. One of my own biggest issues was being able to turn off the power in my own magnet especially when it had become misaligned with those around me, be it those I was in a “relationship” with or otherwise. I would just ask others to measure themselves from that perspective as well.

Once you begin to see the effects you create, you will become better at seeing your own power within. I am, and always have been a free spirit. I seek the betterment of all and, in the mirror, the betterment of myself as the result. This is knowing your god potential beyond the meatstick you were indoctrinated to be and perform as good little salves to someone else’s commands. Again, the most difficult thing for me is knowing how beautiful YOU are and seeing it far beyond the veil of the Cain most think they are. Cain is someone else’s canvas, someone else’s idea of reality. If you are enjoying this reality with all its wars, destructions, fear, hate and anger then carry on as you were. This is the id-entity’s realm, not one of your god stature.

If that id-entity is what you choose then please keep doing all the same things that reinforce the illusion as you want it to be and truly, it is what you want because nothing changes on the without world until you change the within one first. You, like me, are the universe of singularity gone exponential into our different perspectives with me just being one of yours as you are one of mine. I truly know you are beautiful because through it all, all my trials and tribulations I got to see that I was beautiful too finally. This is why I can see you, the real you, the purest divine nature that you are….know thyself, ye truly are gods.

Watts in a Name?

Have you ever sat and just thought about your own potential? Put aside all the willy nilly things you've heard others say about you and how much more capable they see you as. What about you? What do you think? What shall you dare to paint on your own canvas now? We have all been faced with the same questions in our lives and the one that most people overlook is the one regarding their own purpose. Do we not have a purpose to be here? Was there not a reason we chose to play in this game called life. We each have our playing pieces called bodies and we move them around the board in much the same way as we would playing any board game. We make choices, we roll our own dies and then, we move our pieces accordingly.

The choices of our games varies infinitely from "character" to "character" but we did choose a role and our game piece accordingly although very few will ever get to the point where they see what their “raison d'etre” is or even was. Rest assured, you had a purpose and a role to play here when you arrived and your own choice now is to bring that into the now status of having a purpose versus had one. For many, if not all reading this, you are likely aware of the bonding of our names at birth through a birth certificate that created a separate corporation unbeknownst to the masses until recently, as in the last few years. Again, I am one to focus on the "why" versus the "what" happened.

In order to locate the why of any question, one must look at as many angles of the what happened as possible to give and outside the box overview. It's best to stand as far away from a scene as you can to bring the entire panorama into focus. This has not been an easy task and it is one that is relegated to those willing to simply give up all the distractions in life to get down to the nitty gritty. Granted, not many of us have that wherewithal to do that and I was no exception to that rule. The only thing I knew was that I had to do this, even with the limited resources on hand that I had and those are long since expended. In short, this minor quest has cost me everything I loved, knew, or had relegating me to the proverbial sidelines of everyone else's reality as it were.

This is what happens when you follow your heart, not the programmed mind. This is the intuitive aspect, the gut feelings and the inherent knowingness that things aren't quite what they should be. Within each one of us is the source of creation at its purest and rawest forms. You do not have a star within you, YOU are that star, that sun of god photonic light. Inasmuch as we've had top peel back the layers of the illusion here such as laws, governments, religions etc. we also have to peel back the layers we have placed on ourselves. Things like my heart inside me, the sun inside me, my mind and brain etc. are all layers that are placed on top of what we truly are. It's no wonder we've been walking in the wilderness for so long; we haven't known what we were looking for and continually placed layers of illusion over that most pure essence of total beingness.

I love asking religious beings what happens to their soul (layer) when they die. It's always the same soul goes to heaven...then I ask them...if your soul goes to heaven, what about you? Where do you go?...puppy dog head tilt reaction. To even try and explain this further will just result in utter confusion. You either get it or you don't. The ones that do get it just had their first dose of “religiochosis” healing. YOU are the life force, the light of creation and only in the void of darkness can all things be created in YOUR universe. YOU, like ME are all perspectives of a different "angle/angel" nothing more and nothing less. We have had some mirrors cast in our way to keep us bouncing in the same dilemmas here for eons. Had enough yet?

Every time we enter this "game", we enter with a purpose on a pre-determined flight path. As the countless layers of every word presents itself more and more, I see the importance of each and everyone's name. The name is a gift from our "parents" or those photons already in the game. The cosmic plan is perfect and is ready and waiting to be fulfilled. The gift is our name being "stolen" from us, not being given to us. The dark cannot exist without light just as in the light cannot exist without dark, one feeds the other equally and opposite so that existence can be had at all. Our names are OUR purpose here and in order to find our purpose, we must find the meaning and power in our names.

A watt is a unit of electrical energy. Regardless of how small a watt may seem to you, it contains all the power in the universe depending on YOUR perspective. There is no such thing as big or small, just big and small equally. One watt of power may not seem like much to you, in human form but it sure would mess up an amoeba's universe. Again, it’s all about perspective. Where are you standing and how are you looking at something? To a sperm whale, your living room might be a tad small whereas to a fly, it's a veritable aerodrome of vast airspace. It is all about the degrees or "of steps" from Latin. Where does hot begin and cold end? I suppose that would depend on where you're standing as well...For those who live in a desert environment, cold might be 30 degrees Celsius whereas to an Inuit of the northern regions, that is akin to a convection oven.

Your name is your purpose and comes from ancient etymology that means "way". So, watt is your way? It's very difficult to find ones way if one never sees the roadmap. Once you have a map, confidence in getting somewhere planned dramatically rises non? The game here has been simply to see why our names were bonded at birth and why. There are so many illusions surrounding that, it would be impossible to count. Darkness must feed on the light and light must feed on the dark. Those, whom we've called as the dark ones are the yang to our yin. They have been called energy vampires but are we not too the same kind of feeders? The light comes into the dark and consumes it where the dark must shadow the light to balance it out. There are many "watts" in a name. A purpose is a powerful force since it is pure intention.

The purpose is only as powerful as the perspective of you permits. If we shine too brightly, creation is blinded and burned and if it gets too dark, creation is lost to view. This is the ebb and flow, the pendulum balancing act. Nature abhors a vacuum and will do its utmost in perfection to fill that void with either light that is blinding or darkness that is consuming all light; it is up to us, the consciousness to find the middle ground. This is where we need to open the circle of life to both perspectives in balance and why, when we do, the "O" becomes the "C" or the holy C. When you finally begin to correlate all the "coincidence" you will soon discover that there aren't any; period. The note of love is the "Middle C" of the piano, the 528 htz (love hurts) in the 432 htz pitch of A and is referred to as the note of Te, the highest on the scale where returning to "dough/money" is not an option.

Only when we complete the scale as an octave do we end up infinitely in the loop of Groundhog Day here. The scale is seven notes with the eighth note as the return note. If you want to keep singing the same old song then carry on with returning to the bottom. Te, the note of love, conquers all so I'd suggest staying there long enough for love to manifest. As far as figuring out your name, just focus on it for a while, the sounds of it, things it rhymes with etc. The truth is, you picked it prior to getting here in that the parents have it in their mind and you resonated with that purpose/game to play. Intuitively, you know so I can't tell you what that purpose is, merely share what I found in mine. I also chose to change my name midstream but then I didn't change it from the original purpose, just reclaimed it via a spiritual back door if you will.

Wilfred Keith Thompson was the boy name given and sold three days later but that’s another essay to follow...actually the last name was already in place. If you do a search on the history of the name, you'll soon know why I picked this line to come into. The Wilfred Keith was pretty neat too. Will-Freed Key-Theos Theos-Ohm-P=Rho, S= serpent Kundalini/PS = Psi =spirit, O = creation, N = mine.....more layers than that but there's a clue into how to look. My own chosen name came from the initials, WKT which sounds like this....Double You...Kay-tee or double you katie. That wasn't really a stretch since I am a Gemini. Renee was my chosen middle because of my French heritages as well from France direct a few centuries ago. Re-nee means reborn and Katherine, the long form of Katie or Kate means reborn means I have a large purpose to live up to...When the darkness claims the name, it is claiming the purpose because it needs to feed on that.

As man has evolved, it's gotten tougher for the dark ones to feed on the pure energy that was rife in the dark ages. One can garner a lot of energy from torture and procuring long slow deaths to feed from. As time went on, that ability was lessened when it was exposed and mirrored back to its creators. It evolved to the point where all that was left was duping us out of our purpose. Sure, there are wars here and there but nothing created energy like a good old fashioned crucifiction or burning at the steak/stake etc. Vaporizing a body just doesn't have the same net gain of energy for them. So they built altar-N-ate churches called courts where people go in freely and feed them via ignorance of self. Alas, in the curse was the equal blessing; if you could find it and then live it.

So, the more people/photons continue to feed them via their money and court/church illusion, the longer those playing remain trapped and then sapped of their energies via "cells" with "BAR's" no less. Just a coincidence again? In truth, the name is and was always yours, always will be when you stop thinking you have to fight for it or were wronged in some way. Your bitchslap is your awakening and I'm not sure how so many people can sleep through this. Thankfully, more and more are finally awakening to the reality that they have been duped, have been asleep and are not feeding the dark anymore where we can finally get into some sort of balance. Luckily for those that are still playing in the courts, the ass-ump-shuns of la are finally dispelled from source creation itself. Like I said before, you can't copyright creation. If you use the same tools to create something, the same tools can be used to un-create it if it trespasses the free will of other aspects of god, namely me and you.

No, there is a lot of power in your name and your purpose and it is my feeling that you need to go and reclaim that concept non? It's going to have to take each of us to choose our wars and our peace. If one sees good or evil in anything, one is still caught in the duality and will never return to the one until they get that notion and concept of good AND evil in all things. If you are at war within, you are at war without and you are creating your own problems, your own awakenings or sleepiness. There is no one and nothing that can change that perspective but you. For me, or anyone else to do so would be a trespass on your free will choice to rise or fall, ebb or flow, win or lose etc. This is your game to call, and yours alone. The good news is that you don't have to play the game alone merely allow others to play along equally and from their perspective be they "perceived" as good or evil. Truly, they are you as I am you and likewise. Best that we learn to power up and know watts in our name and more importantly, watts our intention....what you flow to, you, watts up doc?

Re-lease the Kraken?

It is not a coincidence the the Perseid Meteor shower occurs in the month of Leo. It is also not a coincidence that I seemingly had the urge to watch "Clash of the Titans" again either. I have long said that the truth is being presented everywhere and none more so than the fantasy world of Hollywood. Once the human mind is conditioned into the "literal left" mind of thinking, those that wish to rule you have no fear of tossing truth in your face with a sneer, fulfilling the honour obligation of allowing your free will choice of ignorance to rule you. It is true, the deceivers are everywhere but those with eyes to see and ears to hear will see beyond that veil now, further than you have in your entire lifetimes. But, that too, is free will choice.

Perseus, the demi-god, was at war with himself being of godly conception and hating the god aspect within. His is a story of coming to terms with that divine conception, embracing it finally and then choosing to still be just a man, albeit, one in only in partial control of his ego left Cain mind. Io, his most faithful servant followed him his whole life, she was his pure white feminine guardian. She is slain saving him and is thus given back as a gift from the "gods" upon his attainment of his own ascension once the human mind/ship helm was taken back and under his now more benevolent control. He refuses "kingship-" and the attached corruptibility of authority that inevitably follows every man and woman who chooses to rule over others. Rare are those that can lead versus rule.

The carnal left is rep-resented by Hades and the Kraken. If we are at war within, we are at war without, as above, so below, as within, so without. The inspiration of this now moment came in the form of a meteor last night whereupon I remembered that this is the peak time for the Perseid shower as we pass through the tail debris of comet Swift-Tuttle at this time every year. When one begins to really "see", that the clues, the correlations and the "coincidences" are everywhere, you will begin to truly see truth with no exceptions. Last night here was completely clear after much rain fall and cloud cover. This brings to mind another realm of possibility as to the further uses of "chemtrails" amongst other “fogs of war”. If the "above" is blurred, so goes our programmed “mineds”/minds. The joy in the truth is that once something is “real-eyes-ed”, the spell is broken and of no more effect on you.

Alas, I digress. Perseus was aided by Io, a mortal cursed with forever youthfulness where she gets to watch those that she loves die off as she will never age. Io is the creative right virgin bride of thought. He is also aided by the Argos warriors, all of whom with him, eventually perish but not before assisting Perseus in many ways on their journey to save Andromeda, another representative of the virgin thoughts and the kingdom of Argos/the kingdom of heaven within....Ar-gent is French for silver. Silver is the Moon, the reflections since no other metal reflects light better where Mercury is known also as “quicksilver”. The most obvious aspect of Perseus is his internal defiance of the gods, especially Hades who was responsible for his adopted family’s deaths. Perseus’ heart was one of seeking vengeance. The “lessen” is learning how to “love thine enemies” which translates to love thine no vengeance from e-Nemesis. This is the “lessen”/lesson we all have to learn, not just Perseus.

When one considers the depths of how far the ancients went to preserve this information in allegorical and metaphorical ways, it boggles the imagination.

Every my-story/mystery versus his-story paints all the pictures you need to know to stop re-leasing your own Krakens and simply turn it to stone. One look into Medusa’s eyes will do that. Once the “serpent” has made it to your pineal, you will have the same effect and render Cain into stone. Once you have the eyes and ears of a Hermetic, the truth becomes as a waterfall. Take the name of Perseus and LISTEN…Per = for from Latin, then add See Us..”for to see us”..the letters are the spells and once you begin to hear properly, as will you begin to see also. When a ship begins to list, it is sinking so list-en your mind/ship that has Cain at the helm. Also, do not forget that sounds are in ALL languages or tongue pledges. Listen to serpent.

Sur, French for “on” and “pent” that equals head or mind. My intuition immediately points to me needing to be using the over or above, on top of mind, not the programmed “cerebellum”. This was why Perseus had to retrieve the head of Medusa where all other men had failed. Women were not allowed to enter her “temple”, only men because it has been the mind of the masculine intent that has to be fixed since creation, on HER own, works just fine. Think of all your “pent” up e-motions now…As I have shared so many times, e-motion means no motion or stopped…the only thing that can stop the motion of love is the e-motions and when they rule your head, Cain is cutting your throat and laughing along with those that want to keep you all e-motionall….savvy ???

People have asked me why I haven’t written a book covering all this stuff and the simple truth is that essays in the now work better because by the time a whole book gets written it is outdated from the now, past. This is a never ending story so it must always ex-cyst in the now moment. Are you starting to grasp the importance of the now yet? Time and space are the illusions and only can be created in the consciousness of the all at source. We are all the imagination of “ourself”, the one. It is the separation that has us thinking we’re separate, nothing else. I have long pondered why the two spirits were placed at the top of the totem poles but I don’t any longer. Even the native stories are metaphorical allegory and why all the languages of natives from Celts to Maori, Aborigine to Native “Americans” had to be literally erased. I dare you to read them now with your new eyes and ears.

The Kraken is the crack-in you, the duality of left right, male female. E-mails are called as such because only the female is the ether in which creation happens. Thus the “ether” net. This is the realm of Medusa. Many of you will still be squawking about all this being coincidence but keep in mind. This is THEIR language of spells, they made it, right down to the sounds of the letters; each a word unto itself. This is why I look and listen to every single sound, every letter in a “whirred” as an independent sound etc. Even the “Psylla-Bulls”….yeah, just a coincidence...sure, uh huh... They’re picking you off, letter by letter, sound by damning sound until you awaken and slay your Hades/Kraken/Cain mind. People have also said I need to write a dictionary for this stuff…like I have the time for that. I am one who would rather teach you the art of phi-shing where you can catch all the phi-shhhhhh you want….yeah…another coincidence. You’re Perseus, Hermes Trismegistus, Plato, Moses, Joseph the pharoah, Jehoshua, aka Jesus (hey Zeus), Hari Krishna, Buddha, Tiresias etc. if you would but shut up long enough to hear the voice within.

Io was a gift from the “gods” for Perseus after he had slain the Kraken/crack in himself. She could now come to him as a worthy demi-god in the form of a purified man. Now he has someone to listen to because SHE has appeared. She was slain at the height of Perseus’ battle with the man who killed his mother for this mans’ wife having unknowingly slept with Zeus and brought forth a child of promise. His mother was Danae, Scottish for “don’t know” and her husband was King Acrisius. I’ll leave his name for the astute listeners and seers but it is pretty obvious ONCE you start to really see and hear. “A” before a word/whirred means “not” by the way. I’m glad that I was taught and LEARNED grammar, something they don’t do so much anymore but I don’t wonder why. The movie, “Clash of the Titans” leaves out a bit of the real my-the so I’m posting a link for those that wish to read a better version of it.

My own ability to see and hear is getting better these days and it gets very frustrating trying to convey some of these concepts that have taken a lifetime to gather but I will do my best. I relish the contacts that tag me and let me know about their “AHA!” moments…I have also quipped that I’d love to have a USB port to download directly to everyone that asks but I already know the download occurs with every aha moment we ALL have. We are one and one truth destroys thousands of lies in one epiphany. This is why I know we have already one. Given the stark changes that were made in the movie versus the real story, I can see why it was made the way it was. It is actually a better rendering of the truths that we were all meant to get. In short, the war is within each and every one of us. The Kraken, for me, was merely the culmination of the entirety of the whore thoughts manifest into one gigantic monster that even the gods themselves feared. When it was turned to stone by looking into the eyes of the serpent, it collapsed under its own weight and was covered by the waters of truth.

I have read a few versions of the Perseus story and they all say the same thing if you’re willing to dig beyond the mythical surface to its truths hidden within. Another very important read when considering words is the “Priesthood of the Illes” as brought forth by Jordan Maxwell, the author being another.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to write anything with all the epiphanies showing up in the layers upon layers of the words. Remember, don’t just write or see a whirred, LISTen to it and bust it to pieces letter by letter, sound by sound. This is how the spellings have been broken because with every “whirred” revealed, so goes the spell. A fraud revealed is null and void, nunc pro tunc, as if it never was. Unfortunately, you can’t use THEIR words against them because they are THEIR spells. All we can do is break the spell-bindings and rest upon the laurels of” SILENCE IS GOLDEN”. Only in the silence can we hear our virgin feminine, only in the silence can we thwart ALL spells. If you are silent within, then you are silent without and the true nature of self, the “ye are gods” part will begin to pre-sent itself again. We are in the age of Aquarius now, there is nothing that can stop this or slow it down for those who have awakened. This is the separating of the wheat from the chaff, where the sheaths of wheat will bow to you or you will bow down to the master you have chosen. In the e-lites own words that “if but one shall awaken, we are doomed”. Yup, doomed they are. For even more clarity, doomed is defined as judged and, after all, we are already judged by our actions that always follow intent, never precede it.

I think it’s time for all of us to grow up and stop fighting in their sandbox. They own all the Barbie dolls and Tonka trucks and, quite frankly, they can have them since I have a better universe to create where playing in it doesn’t have a debt attached. When you can tell me you got this month’s rent from a squirrel living in your attic, then you can say I’m wrong. Odd that it’s only humans are required to pay another to live here. What do the squirrels know that you don’t? Oh right…they know who they are….they know of no Kraken they have to slay but then one day, they will, once they evolve to human form. As above, so below so please put down the weapons, the money and the spells that have you fighting a shadow of yourself because it’s winning. Re-lease the Kraken?..nope, and I’m not going to buy it either..not a chance.

The Wizards of Oz

Once upon a time or so the story begins.........Truth, as one will see or not, is far stranger than fiction, such is the effect of being too long in the twister that wrenched us from home and landed us here in Oz. All the while, we have been stuck in one tornado after another during the entireties of our lives and based our "opinions" on the unoriginal ideas of others who have made a dogs dinner of our pure white canvasses. With the constant spinning in the clouds, we only get glimpses here and there of any truths that might have made it possible to get to the Emerald City sooner and with less wear and tear.

While I was watching a video of someone "exposing" this masonic symbol or that illuminati "spell", I watched her miss the point entirely based on her somehow knowing what all of it really meant. Unfortunately for her, she never stopped to actually question herself as to where she got her information. Granted, she was at least searching for something somewhere, she never once asked herself why the symbols were there. You see, she was too busy trying to impress herself and her viewers about her apparent wealth of knowledge surrounding these things to satiate the grown up ego erstwhile, never has she lived a single syllable of her utterances.

On and on I watched the tornado spin hearing unoriginal spouting of diatribe based on something she read somewhere not once stopping to scratch her own head and possibly ask why. This is the all too common mindset of a well-trained mind; one trained to parrot something from someone else's work not having lived a single moment of what it was they were declaring as "truth". Sad, truly sad. We all have our Yale student moments in the bars of our life dealing with our mirror of good will hunting where we get caught, just as our Yale student friend did, regurgitating someone else's quotes in the seemingly endless twister of trying to look "smart".

When Dorothy landed in Oz, all she had was her wits, a busted house, a dead witch from the east, a really cool new pair of shoes and her little dog Toto....Not much to start with to begin a quest of the magnitude even she was unaware of. Such is our world of Oz...Alas, with a little spurring on by some little people and a nice witch's blessing, off she went on her yellow brick road to find her own truth. Just her and Toto, and a basket of food that was enough to last her for a day or so. All along the way of this road, like Dorothy's, we encounter things and people that will allow us to grow or will try to encumber us to stop us from getting to our own Emerald City's. As we go along here I want you, the reader, to keep in mind that Dorothy aka you, always had the means to get home all the time at your beckoned call. The good witch Glenda reminds us at the end of the story.

The important lesson from this part of the story is simply this; don't judge a book by someone else's description of the cover. Our white canvasses as children were badly smeared and it takes a serious amount of cleaning to get them where we have room to be the child within and get original with our newly bared canvas. What is ironic about that video I was watching is that the whole time I was thinking that a few kids likely less than fifteen years old cracked the codes of the show she was trying to "expose" where I was given the gift to actually decode the decoded segments. Who says you can't learn from a child?....You can if you shut up long enough to listen.

Therein lies the true crux of the problem; so many of us have “grown up” and are simply acting as children with a better means to harm others through the ability to collect money instead of pretty stones on the beach. While people have lost their child within, they never lost the child without and that one manifests in countless forms of dramas and perpetual tornadoes in their lives. Many still absolutely rely on others to be their proverbial parents, cleaning up after them, settling their disputes and cleaning their rooms for them. I like to refer to mans’ ability to build a nuclear weapon that can kill millions and never stop and ask the question as to why they should. This is where the ego knowledge has far surpassed the hearts’ wisdom.

Mans’ cruelty to man is constantly evident in the Wizard of Oz from the outset where sheer madness prevails in the form of Elvira Gulch, later the wicked witch of the west, with the misuse of power to hurt others. Elvira owns half the county and as a result manifests the spoiled and greedy child who feels they need to control everyone else’s playgrounds. When people can see the childish and selfish antics within themselves, they may then get a larger view from stepping out of the tornadoes. One does not need to own half the county to be the same as the witch duality. One need only become acutely aware of their ability to either create for self and others or, be a parasite of those that can create and becoming a more vicious, if not readily visible version of the same destructive force. Either way, visibly or invisibly, the spoiled child is manifest and creates havoc in the cereal aisles of our lives.

It is not so much that our childlike innocence has been destroyed; rather, it has been redirected through entrainment of the heart and mind. The grown up today is simply the transformation of the child raised by other children that like to call themselves “adults”. Tornadoes of one kind or another are created every day from the chattering neighbor type to the office water cooler and everywhere else the grown up children play. During the scene where the wicked witch gets melted she utters “The last to go will see the first three go before her” which I saw as a wonderful clue on my own yellow brick road. I’m one of the kids that likes to keep my playground neat and peaceful. For me, the clue was this: before I can find the Emerald City, there are three things that need to be discovered prior.

I had to discover the mindless “strawman” “as within” that is perfectly manifest “as without “in the “legal” illusion. Then I have to find my own heart in my vessel that has been removed due to the mindless bantering’s of the left mind logics without feeling. Finally, I have to find the courage to face these things within me where the exterior manifestation becomes my own perfect mirror. This is what I like to call the “mirror-cull” or miracle. All too often I meet people that talk a great story from the position of our Yale friend and inexperienced video analyst. What I find most interesting is that most people do not like the wicked witch yet they are generally a perfect mirror of her while casting blame and responsibilities everywhere but on their own shoulders. Too often people take things for granted and place their burdens on others preying on the good will and natures of others never once thinking they are and woe betide you if you tell them.

You will either get met with anger or the glazed over eyes of the perpetual victim where neither can take it upon themselves to see what possible role in the equations of life they play. These are the uber children who have never grown up enough to find the innocence of their own child and are still creating playground havoc for the other kids.

When people watch the Wizard of Oz they can be entertained with all the pretty colours and fun storyline or they can gain profound wisdom from a movie that appeals to the wisdom of the inner child. My estimates put the former at 99% where you can see the 99% screaming out against their adoptive, by their choice, parents. Oh, and please don’t hand me the “but they did this and they did that” bullshit. If it is the bank or job you’re mad at, you chose to use both and much more and will continue to be a hypocrite in your ravings. I must say, this does make it rather difficult for those of us that have stopped being hypocrites and we’re at the mercy of the other kids until they too wake up and shed the chains they’re holding. This is a very circular and destructive tornado and it really is a situation of finding the strength to hold one’s position until the other kids have actually had enough of collecting everyone else’s marbles to put in their own.

When people can begin to view this world as a playground filled with misfit children hell-bent on the destruction of their playmates being led by the nastiest kids on the playground, maybe then they’ll stop playing with them. A perfect example of this child like mentality gone schizoid, are those that are in an endless “waiting for presents on Christmas morning” mentality. They’re the ones that not only want someone to wipe their noses and asses but actually expect it. I, like everyone else, chose my path and I take full responsibility for it. I am where and who I am based on MY choices and no one else’s. It was me that chose to go all in with this crazy game to see what truths were there. There are so many sitting around waiting to “cherry pick” the victories of others, wanting to play the big truth games but haven’t tossed anything in the kitty…well hey, you get out what you put in. What I find even more amazing that, while on my yellow brick road walk, I have not only tossed in the entire collective ante’, I’ve been helping people along the way that are still happy to drain my resources in all their forms. Good thing I’m a creator god or I’d be dead long ago.

No, too many folks are quite content to sit in the life raft while people like me and others are drowning in the water trying to pull that boat to shore and then they have the nerve to invite all their friends on board too to create more drag in the water while conjuring up one drama tornado after another. What is even crazier is that when you confront these children, they look at you with a dumb “what?” expression. I have been gifted recently to have met an entire room full of people that are beyond that mentality and can see the bigger picture because they’re seeing with their hearts, not their strawmen…the reflections on the yellow brick road were dazzling.

Trading Prophets for Profits

At what point does the benevolence of one become transformed into malfeasance? At what point does wanting to tear down an old paradigm become enslavement to it by virtue of greed and a misplaced sense of power? All too often I have witnessed many, who at first glance, talk a talk only to walk with a wobble, drunk with a new elevated sense of self importance. This is why benevolence is such a rarity. So exactly when does a prophet of benevolence become a profit of malfeasance?

There are many of us who have given our all and continue to do so long after our all has been used up, stolen and beaten out of us. Yet, we continue to put everything we have into what we know to be truths, simply because that is what it is; truth. If the goal is the uniting of mankind then the cost is borne equally, it is shared in the divine aspect of balance. I have seen many who, after going through trials and tribulations, preach one message and upon its apparent success, affix a debt note value to it. Is truth not the divine message that belongs to us all? At what point can anyone put a price on that which belongs to all once uncovered if the true goal is peace, love, truth and honour?

What is also ironic about this type of situation is where those that have moved from prophet to profit have done so with the help of people like me and many others. This is where the true exchange goes out of balance. Upon a truths' discovery, I do my utmost to share that far and wide with perhaps the hope that, when used, it has value with another and perhaps some of that value may be flowed back. I put my own "money" where my mouth is first. If I can't "prove it" or haven't done it or seen it done with my own reality, it's still just a theory.

I know many who have done and continue to do the same as I although we are heavily outnumbered by those who would simply take for their own benefit forgetting where their own truths and power came from. They are the ones that also typically come back and throw vile comments at us because they know in their own hearts where that true power came from. It is ego behaviour to "destroy" threats to one’s survival and those that actually have the power in benevolence get readily attacked by those that use that power and knowledge given them, and wish to claim it as their own. This is a pure ego function, pure ego.

I know of a few individuals that ride on the backs and coat-tails of others efforts, knowledge and experience. These individuals have their own abilities to a greater or lesser extent but they somehow fell short of a few "keys" or nuggets as it were to clarify their own positions. Some fall short of the ability to get the word out to many or fall short of the final bits of knowledge needed to get the "aha!" moment and, once they get that information from someone else, they are swift to claim it as their very own. Some don't stop there and actually attack those that got them where they are so as not to be exposed as a "child of a lesser god".

Again, this is the manufacture and construct of ego and proof that one is not in one's "right mind" fully where truth and peace resides and are somewhere out in "left field". It is not always easy to discern but with careful observation combined with intuitive reasoning, the actions of others become as self-evident truths. Once confronted with these self-evident truths, we all have the responsibility to see these traits within ourselves and what are we doing to correct ourselves versus casting stones in glass houses.

I have long been at the mercy of others who would simply take from me the truths that are freely given, gain from them and move on without so much as a glance over their shoulder. Some go as far as to profit handily by becoming the prophets preaching from a soapbox that others built for them while they vilify those that built it or make it possible for it to remain intact. I like taking old sayings and adding other layers of truth to them. Be careful not to bite the hands that feed you because they are the hands that set the table and will clear it just as quickly. When these prophets for profits begin making things exclusive versus inclusive is the time where I start asking about the original intent of these people versus the message they originally showed as their intent.

If I could show you how to reclaim your home, for example, that is vacant due to the contract of mortgage showing that a dead fiction "resides" there, not a living being, what would that be worth to you? If the property has a mortgage/death pledge, then whatever NAME that is on the contract is the one that "owns" it. As a net result of the Birth Certificate scam, EVERY single "person" is DEAD including the NAME that you think is you. If I could show you what you need to do to correct that, is that valuable to you? What if I told you that that was and is my intent and that I don't expect a dime from anyone? What if I said I'll put MY money where MY mouth is first and then offer that knowledge to all freely? Would you walk away with this and simply keep it for yourself? This is the benevolence that I speak of because when we can help everyone, we are helping ourselves in the grand game, not the one on one “gimme gimme” game.

No, I won't be holding seminars to exclude those that are destitute by charging money/debt notes or the like in that, once people can be helped, the team begins to grow. Benevolence is created when the needs are covered. I hold seminars nearly every day on my radio shows and in the emails and things I send worldwide. I rely solely on the notion that what I have to share has value and if people see that, use it and improve their lives then perhaps that value may be shared in kind reciprocated. I have also learned to not hold my breath on this one as well because if I did, I would have suffocated long ago. The fact remains however, I'll continue doing what I do regardless and take full responsibility for my own demise should that occur; I did say that was all in and I meant it. When the one can help the many, the many will have already helped the one by changing their own worlds as a result of the actions of the one; win: win.

When the one excludes the many by creating barriers called having truth for sale, the club of mankind becomes exclusive to the few and we end up with the same old same old greed paradigm shite fest that surrounds us already. No, there are a few of us that see beyond the immediate veil of self-service where we may bitch a little about our own situations but we plod on knowing that what we're doing has value, even if that isn't seen by the insanity of the masses ego program. Call it an ultimate pay it forward where we know that one day very soon, we'll all win as a result of holding this position. No, benevolence is a rare thing on this planet where the percentage of people helping people is slowly rising erstwhile those that have it within their power to effect worldwide change on the grandest of scales, still try to profit individually and are missing their own point they preach from the pulpit we ALL built.

If at any point you find yourself asking the tough questions of self while reading this, well done, you're beginning to grasp benevolence. If at any point while reading this you find anger and a desire to lash out, well done, you've spotted your ego program. If one truly wishes to effect change and I mean real change, all the truths you find belong to all, not the one who claims to have found "it". You see, as a net result of every interaction with everyone in your existence, your reality is shared as well as any truth you claim to have found all by yourself. Seriously, anyone who tries pulling that line "it's my truth" on me, gets a universal bitch slap from me and gets called out for the charlatan thief that they are or are becoming.

Indeed, prophets for profits?....I mean really, do you always sell someone else's belongings? Isn't that the problem we're trying to solve here? I promise, anyone who helps me get my house back just because they can....???....that has value far beyond paper illusions. The good news is, I'll figure it out myself and when I do, I'll tear the profits away from prophets where a brand new reality of value is concerned. I prefer to use the honour/gift way of living, no debts that way…..ever...besides, as a builder of platforms and soapbox pulpits, I’m pretty good at tearing them down as well….just sayin.

Who Are You? An Open Letter To Humanity This letter shall be your mirror as it is mine, to gaze into with delight or be repelled and disgusted as per your own internal judgments, for no-one else can be that for you or for me. Are you enlightened spiritually or encased in a material tomb of your own making?

By the end of this, only you will know so the pleading of ignorance will be as an ember cast off into the wind from your own fires within. always be mindful of the ego in this regard for it will try to convince you of things you are and of things you are not but your heart will correct you otherwise every time, there is no escape from that.

As you, the reader, walk through your daily life asleep or awake you will come into contact with me, for I am everywhere and everyone because I am human. I, the everyone, has much in common with you. I breathe, I feel pain, I bleed when I am cut, I cry when I am hurt, I laugh when I'm joyful and most of all, I love. My love, however, is unconditional. It knows no borders, no races, no religions, no governments, no barriers whatsoever. You see, when love is what love is, there is nothing that can stop it and certainly nothing that can conquer it. The only changing factor in that truth is you and what you believe to be true and real and what you know to be true and real based on the terms and conditions you place on conditional love versus unconditional.

Are you the one that fell in love with someone but because of your upbringing programs of societal conditions, forbade you your own heart? Was your program one of division from humanity based on religion, gender, politics or bias etc. based on the families you were born into? Have you dared to actually ever stand in your own heart and purposes to reach beyond that little box you were thrust into at birth? By observation only, it is easy to see our inhumanity in our day to day lives being played out and all of it based on concepts and stigmas that were created for you and not by you. As I look around me into the everyone of humanity, time and time again I see the same destructive forces being played out by those in ignorance of who they are.

All too often the being of you is defined by the job you have, the uniform you wear, and the imprints placed upon you by those closest to you since birth. Typically, many become the vicarious apparitions of their parents and remain humanly dead for a lifetime and who knows for how many other lifetimes they have been caught in the same programs, over and over. They're easy to spot. They are the ones that like to feign authority over their fellow humans via many means and methods. These are the ones that like to inflict harm on their fellow humanity and usually at the beckoned call of another they have given their own authority away to.

This is the Master/Slave paradigm program. You will see them in courtrooms called judges and lawyers. You will see them in banks, governments, churches, precincts, armies and everywhere uniforms are involved. Uniform means "one form" so suits and ties, clerical vestments and robes and all manner of outward apparel makes them "uniformed" and slaves to one master or another. They are the ones that measure their strength in how much control they can exert over others by deceptive and oftimes violent means. These humans, if they can be called that, are more enslaved than the rest of the everyone.

They will knowingly and unknowingly inflict harm upon others in humanity and puff up their own chests with pride after having done so and I'm sure you recognise your mirror already. Yes, you the closet deviant who practices many of the dark arts. You are the ones with child porn on your computer. Some of you are the rapists of children and the traffickers of your fellow man, be it by means of handing out a traffic ticket or being involved in a child sex ring. You're all the same to me since willing harm on anyone is willing harm on everyone but mostly; upon yourself. You see, I cannot judge you nor would I because that is what you're doing right now.

You are standing in the shadow of yourself where only you can give it light. I know your dirty little secrets and they just came into view for you to see. You are the writers of falsehoods in the media, the newspapers and magazines. You are the purveyors of fear and deception and have your thirty pieces of silver every week proving that the Judas is within. You are the salesmen of liars, murderers and thieves propagating the wishes of your masters and masters you indeed have and your paycheck is your proof. You have become the damned and the damnable of your own doing and your own free will choosing where ignorance is not your defence. Your own heart, if you have one, will ferret it out for you, where all I have to do is but mention it. You know you are the rapist, the thief, the paedophile, the murderer and facilitators of war and harm.

There is but one law that proves your free will choice and the ignorance card cannot be played here because that self-same card awaits you, upon its inevitable return so that you may experience everything you have ever done to harm another. It's a simple rule but yields the powers of the universe and its creator, such is natural law. Many a saying or anecdote has been used to describe it but suffice it to say it in its original form; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Unfortunately, the mostly ignorant fail to see the mirror in this one and time and again, they get to suffer the inevitable swing back of the pendulum, be it this life or the next.

Have no doubts, those that inflict evil in any and all of its forms can never escape this truth by simply thinking that they will die and be done with it. No, that's not how it works and depending on the intent of those that you harmed, that which inevitably comes round will come round faster than you may expect now. It's quite simple really, if you wished harm upon me then it is because it is you that wishes to experience that mirror. In your actions, from spiritual precedent intent, you have already judged yourselves as I have done the same for me. Every ticket you write, every false article you air, every home you steal, every child you rape etc. ad nauseum is coming to a being real soon and that being is you.

Alas, you sit and gloat at your fortunes stolen from others, your hedge fund brilliance in creating false algorithms to perpetuate the frauds until that math invariably fails too. These are the houses you have built on the sand, the false idols you worship and the whore of Babylon called commerce you greedily perform cunnilingus on after the millions have bedded her before you. You do not know who you are because you are a false entity, an Id-entity, created by another and has you enslaved by virtue of your willing blindness. You, who claim to be humanity's best based on your illusional position of feigned power, gloat in the creation of your own hells. You are the murderers of children because somehow you think your children are superior and create the same vicious circle that has plagued humanity for countless eons.

You measure value in material things, titles and all manner of lower mind ego driven lusts that will keep you enslaved until you can face yourself in humanity's mirror. As the saying goes, "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out" which is to mean metaphorically that if you see something within yourself that is offensive, stop doing it. Only in the realization of this fact can you repent at all. This goes far beyond the literal translations of the spiritual tomes that are being used to great effect to keep humanity warring due to its "god of war" teachings and fanatical followers. If your gain comes at the expense of others be it financial or lives lost, you are guilty by association.

If you work for or manufacture weapons, ammunition and similar tools of murder, you are guilty. If you work for any corporation that promotes war, you are as guilty as the jarhead that pulls the trigger or launches the missiles. If you are a pilot and work to chemspray/geo-engineer the planet, you are guilty of genocide by the act and prior intent to do so. To you, the best and the brightest that are bought off by "think tanks", you are nothing more than a sell-out of humanity for the same thirty pieces of silver. This list is almost endless with the entanglement of humanity in its own destruction and all you can say is "I'm just doing my job" and "I have a family to feed" inasmuch as somehow your life is superior to another's? You are delusional and your masters have you duped and have used your ignorance and greed to accomplish that.

Corporatism is merely the new and improved "branding" of serfdom and slavery. You know who you are and what you have sold your humanity and soul for yet you haven't got the foggiest clue as to why. Alas, you will preach truth and honour from your fictitious pulpits and then rape a child, bed your neighbours wife or husband, beat your children, while you all travel to your respective churches and think you have somehow been absolved by confessions of your sins. I assure you, confessions of your deviant acts are only the beginning of your spiritual walk and you're not even standing yet. You will run and hide behind others like you for protection and all the while be protecting the very monsters that own you and your soul. They're the ones laughing at how deeply you have been tricked into subservience while getting little pats on the head and some table scraps for treats. Sadly, you drool for these pittances inasmuch as you lust to go out day after day and fulfill your quotas for your slightly higher master.

You will partake in stealing people's homes without the slightest clue as to why and only because some lawyer or judge says you should. You will use and have used violence against the peaceful to satiate your blood lust but that is normal for an animal still locked into the predator-prey paradigm and you will claim to be evolved. Evolved into what? Certainly not anything resembling a human because humans don't feed on each other, that is cannibalism. Humans don't rape children, murder children and destroy their lives. Humans enhance the lives of all around them because they are evolved. "Woe to ye lawyers" indeed for you have corrupted the true laws of this universe for gain and profit at the expense of others. This includes priests, rabbis, imams, government officials, banking so called elites or no-lites, lawyers, police, judges, weapons manufacturers and all manner of useful idiots that claim to have authority over another.

For those that have a bible upbringing, time to shed a little truth as to why some guy really got crucified. He decided to go up against the bankers and moneylenders in the temple, the only time he ever set foot in one and then what happened? Shortly after exposing the

banksters for what they really are, thieves and parasitical vampires, he found himself on trial by the same owned judge where it was put to public jury and he was crucified while a known criminal and murderer was set free. Yes, that is exactly what you're doing now. I find it sickeningly humourous that many of you are doing the same crimes millennia later and you're still too dumb to see it.

You have traded in what is true and right for profits and prophets. You will pass your little dictates like they matter somehow, you will harm people for your gain because your job and subsequent master say so and in that, you feel justified. As stated previously, the clock is ticking and the pendulum is here for the old "what goes round, comes round" festival of lights. Unfortunately for you, the golden rule is beyond fact. For those that have committed harm against me, I grant them their wish to experience that which they wished upon me in the fullest sense and loving compassion that maybe this time, they will learn and they will see the mistakes for what they are. I dared to turn over the tables of your masters and you served them willingly with the glee that a dog experiences as it licks its genitals.

You have chosen the acts of an animal and will therefore have judged yourself accordingly; "to thine own self be true" fits in nicely there as well. You chose excuses written by another and have bought your own damnation in your actions. After all, it is all about intent at the end of the day right? Isn't that what your damnable courts are all about, intent? Alas, it is never fully explained as to what intent is really all about. It's quite simple in that the intention to do something always precedes the actions of the everyone. In that light, courts are completely unnecessary because we must judge ourselves in our actions after the fact by the very intention that has been revealed in the action. The innocence or guilt is already primae fascie evidence by your actions, be they in ignorance of the natural law or willful knowledge of the same. No-one escapes the truth, no-one.

If you are a worker in the places that creates anything harmful to humans, you are guilty by the act of working there of and by your free willed choice and agreed upon intention, no exceptions. If you buy the creations of these same creators of harm, be it junk food, vaccines, weapons, slaughter houses etc. you are as guilty as the one who creates it for debt note scraps from the whore of Babylon herself. There is no excuse for harm where it is exposed and all are guilty by omission or commission of the crime. Is the getaway car driver any less culpable of a robbery or murder because they weren’t part of the physical act being undertaken? By agreements we are all held accountable to our actions by the fact that the intent was there and the consent was given.

If you carry the mark of the beast which is in fact, the very NAME you think is yours, you are of the walking dead and one of the zombies being referred to so much on mainstream media and programs. Unfortunately, most of you are too busy being entertained to notice these things being laid bare before your very shut eyes. The fools and zombies are easy to spot as well and you’ll likely get a sense of the mirror with the next few comments. They are the ones that scoff at anything that wasn’t regurgitated from the TV set, the newspapers and any other means of government propaganda that is owned by their masters. They are the sports stats experts, the ones who can recite the latest headline dramas to perfection, they are the watchers of media shills and talk show puppets and they will defend others ideas with a ferocity that would make one think that they were their original thoughts.

They are the ones that race to pick up their latest alcoholic poison, their bags of processed poisoned chips and dip and are usually the first to bitch about some government official they foolishly voted for thinking somehow that the current thief or child rapist in power is going to do something different. They are the ones that head to their meetings in the morning to get the latest directives from their masters be they precinct captains or corporate manager, they’re all the same regardless. They are the slaves to the mini-master who is a slave to another master and on and on it goes up to the real master that is pulling all the puppet strings. To see who you really are, you may want to watch Pinocchio again or, if you’re able to read and write above a kindergarten level, pick up the book. Based on the signatures I’ve seen over the years, there are many that barely have the ability at all. Much can be shown in your hand writing skills or lack thereof.

Are you beginning to see the mirrors yet? Are you beginning to start measuring yourself or is the urge to get the latest porn mag or video overwhelming you right now? I know who you are and you do too. It’s never easy looking in such a vile reflection now is it? While that may difficult, what is coming for you in correcting it makes the reflection pale in comparison. Think of all the times you have harmed another and knew it. These are the things that are connected to that pendulum that is now swinging back and picking up momentum and while there isn’t a way to stop it, there is a way to lessen its blow but I don’t think you have the heart or the savvy to do that, call me a realist. Do you honestly believe you can handle having your family torn to shreds, to have everything you’ve ever known stolen and all the while be defamed for daring to bring truths into the light where your evil has been so prevalent?

Will you be able to stand the incredible tests that are coming your way that will tear you asunder and then, be able to look at those that did it and say I love you unconditionally?...Again, I’m being a realist and will answer for you, not bloody likely but, experience this you will, this lifetime or the next, as you move back down a few degrees on the creation scale only to have to work your way back up since your ability to be human is far from expectations. Real humans don’t feed on each other energetically or otherwise, that is the realm of vampires and the sun is on the horizon and you’re caught out in the middle of a desert with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Yes, you will feel the searing and burning of the truth as it vanquishes all the blackness and the scabs of evil that you have so greedily collected in the actions of your intentions that already have you judged. Alas, and how can I forgive you or anyone since in that action I have judged you where there is no need so all I can offer is a simple so be it, your choice and I will not violate the golden rule any longer. It is not that I wish any harm upon anyone for that is madness in the mirror of creation of cause and effect. It is also not that I can wish for things to be different for you because again, I cannot. You made your wish and I made mine and the bed we all make is one that we will inevitably have to sleep in. The mirror is yours for you are the traitors of humanity, the rapers of children, the murderers of the masses, the willing creators of genocide, the psychopathic mutilators and purveyors of false religions and worshippers of false idols. You have the mark of the beast and you gobble greedily at corporate cock and all the while, the whore of Babylon coos at your willingness to do so.

No, I’m afraid you don’t know who you are because that requires awareness of others beyond your self-serving gluttony and your covenants with dark principalities that most of you aren’t even aware of either. So dumbed down you are to such a degree you can’t even see help when it arrives and where it only wished to set you free. You have been duped into giving up your soul and I honestly wonder, how many lifetimes and body deaths is it going to take before you even begin to awaken. The recent mass die offs of animals around our beautiful planet are making room for the new arrivals that have failed humanity school and guess who the new students are? Indeed the circle and cycles of life are cruel if not at least fitting. Indeed, how many pearls of wisdom have been cast before you and still you are less than swine? Yes, I feel for you and all I feel is pity and remorse that I could not do more to awaken you to your heart and your humanity there is an old saying that one should never turn anyone away from your door because it may be an angel knocking. The day has come and the angels will knock no more for time is up. May you have mercy on your own soul now while you can because the truth is, you’re the only one that can.

The Long and Short of it

It has been a long road to get here. It has been hard to come to terms with many of the lies and fictional realities we have been so carefully trained to believe in. The biggest hurdle of all was in the realising of the need to let everything go and to unpack the camel that it may pass through the eye of the needle of the Emerald City's walls. A physical reality is a tough one for most to step aside from and seek the inner workings of self and all but it is a necessary step lest one remain in the circular traps so perfectly set for all of us.

We live in a world of commerce, a world I call the whore of Babylon both from the physical and spiritual perspectives. In order to be owned, one must give up mind, body and soul and I am most unwilling to do so. It is a world of make believe fictional characters created for each and every one of us where a few have seen the means to take hold of all the strings of this puppet world where those of the masses unwittingly, yet willingly, perform for these most cunning of "puppet masters". We have all been deceived where so few, now becoming the many, are awakened from this long lasting sleep having eaten so hungrily of the apple the witch of Babylon has offered.

Oh so many have been duped and beguiled of this mistress of deception where we have fed upon each other to the glee of those pulling your strings. And while we can talk of blame and injustice, it is we who must face the mirror and come to terms with the fact that we, not they, are the true problem. The issue at hand is one of ignorance of self, the unwillingness to see into our own lives and face the mirrors of the darkest reflections. We will fight and we will cling to all that we think of as right and just whilst we, at the same time, are the cause of all our own woes. For me, it was not a matter of how to lay bare the dishonour of so many that was already obvious, it was more a matter of how it was me that was allowing it by being more in dishonour of the truth. Ignorance of the law is not a defence of or from the law, that being the universal, natural kind, not the man-made fictional law that works to mimic it. It is difficult to play any game with an adversary that will change the rules inasmuch as we give them the power to do so. We are as children in this regard. When one grows up, one decides the game unworthy of even taking it out of the box it deserves to remain in, such is the way of Pandora.

So, where to begin explaining this game from its physical and spiritual mirror perspective? I like to begin by reminding myself that the physical realm that surrounds us is the illusion where only cause and effect clues reside. There are no answers in it, none whatsoever. It is merely the game board of consciousness where some have mastered it and use that knowledge for malfeasant purposes, flying in the face of creation while embracing creation at the same time. Some may shout " Dichotomy!" but the simple truth is, all opposites are the same and only differ in degree of the observers willingness to see it. Yes, the mess you're in, is your fault if you have the courage to face that.

As for the examples of that, one need look no further than the religion of the legal system and, indeed, nowhere else. The truth of the matter remains that all things legal are all things religion inasmuch as the legal system was borne of it. The earliest courts/churches were and still are the basis of the same systems today where there is no separation of church and state, period. They are one and the same and their purpose has been unwavering in its control of the masses for countless eons. That reign of terror, however, is finally over. Only when one begins to see the connection between church feigning spiritual and state acting as physical can one begin to see the true divide and conquer. What is most profound is that most within positions of assumed power are owned more completely than any slave of the common realms ever could be.

A slave understands freedom where one who thinks they are free is the most trapped of all. Even the reference to their religious garb and political robes are called the trappings of office. Nonetheless, the finely programmed egos of these beings keep the clearest of truths just out of range of their most narrow vision. My search was one of a very simple nature in that I had to find the one thing that every human on earth had in common, would take them from cradle to grave in that commonality and, something they would defend to the death for assuring a permanent state of fraud on their part, and no one else's. The biggest clue was found at the end of their lives and it can be found on the tombstones of the many that never lived in the eyes of the system. It perfectly matched the only document ever offered freely by any church, state or government.

The design of the trap was so perfect in its efficacy, it made us make slaves of ourselves and any attempt to fight for freedom would always result in our own fraud, our own contempt of court and inevitably, our belligerence and circular vengeance. The slavery had to be freely given on our parts and in our ignorance. It had to be something that fed the ego of the belligerents and the coffers of the clergy and all the while, they retained their full honour in universal law standing. While the masses fight for what they think is right, they feed their own fires of hate, discord and division. The more injust the system would get, the harder they would fight empowering the very system that is feeding off of them.

The litmus test for this is quite easy to see and it will be the ones fighting this concept that proves the worthiness of the trap rendering it inescapable for the majority. This is the Chinese finger trap in full bloom where the harder you pull to extricate yourself from it, the more it holds on until one tires enough, relaxes their grip and voila, your fingers escape easily. There is a reason why the fangs of a serpent are pointing inward in that the more the prey struggles to free itself, the deeper the fangs sink in and why it is best to avoid the snake in the first place non? So, what could be so simple as to permeate this most perfect Chinese finger trap on humanity? For the astute and for those that have listened to me speak or read my writings, you already know where I'm going but for those less aware of what I speak of, the answers, was and always will be, the NAME.

I will share a few perspectives on this to aid in the observations of the trap where many of you may scoff. Always keep in mind, I care not what you believe and neither does the truth, that's a simple fact. I have my experiences where this has all been laid bare for me and I have shared this truth for years now, albeit getting easier to share with people seeing this or themselves. You can spend all the time you want in their courtrooms but there is only one certainty you can ever expect and that is the fact that the courts are their game, rigged to their rules and they want everyone to play because it is guaranteed that they will win every time and "lose" a few just to keep the lottery illusion alive that on occasion, someone wins a case or two. This is the same philosophy a carnival gamer uses. They love to let people win their useless junk because the profits far exceed the expenses. Same things with the courts so who is the carnival clown then?

There will be many that still won't get it after they read this but it is my hope and intention that they can swallow enough pride and ego to find the keys that will set them free. The chains that you think are binding you are the very ones that you keep firmly in your grip where all you have to do is let go....but many of you won't and to your own peril and so be it. Where the true power of the NAME comes into play is the sudden realisation that everything you've worked for, everything you own and everything you will ever own up until you let go, was gotten via fraudulent means using a name that does not belong to you. This is a very tough pill to swallow and many of you are already choking, will spit it up and go on doing what the puppet masters want you to do. You will continue to commit fraud, day after day and you will be happy to do so as long as you keep getting your trinkets and scraps using a stolen identity and fraudulent, worthless pieces of debt paper.

The system had to get us to aid and bet in our own fraud to retain the upper hand of honour where we were always coming forward with "unclean hands". It had to be "sold" to us in such a way as to we would see the benefits and miss the tricks and dive headlong into our own fraud and fight to the death to maintain it. Ah, it is so easy to control a child with treats and they don't have to be big ones either, just treats is enough most days. To bring this into perspective, let me share a few fundamental definitions of words for you without going into the deep etymological sources, suffice it to say, been there, done that and cracked the code to the very letters. Let's take a look at the word "register" for example and what its real meaning is. There are two very clear words there for me, the first being "regis" which is Latin for "to rule" and "ster" which means "creative, divine, feminine essence" and is akin to "star" where you can at once see the relevance of "starr contracts" from Black's Law 9th edition. So, the word means quite literally "to rule the divine feminine" or creation herself.

Many of you who may be versed somewhat in "legalese" will recognise the term "pro se" which means to speak for yourself in a court setting. That translates into “for himself/herself/itself” and if you don’t believe it, look it up for yourself. The word "prosecute" translates into "do not pursue" in legal realms where its mirror in mainstream think is one of going after someone in court, to prosecute. The truth is, they don't have to pursue anything because the mere fact that you are in a courtroom and don't know who you are, is sufficient to convict your sorry ass for contempt and id-entity theft of intellectual property that was freely given to them. I'm sure much of this is not sitting well with you but then it's the warring nature of the ego to want to fight, flee or freeze since it is ruled by the reptilian brainstem. Only when we decide to raise our level of thinking into the higher brains can we begin to set ourselves free.

Allow me to share a few facts as experienced by myself. On that document, the only one ever given to my parents regarding their deal with the devil called the Birth Certificate, it states quite clearly: "WARNING: A CERTIFICATE IS NOT EVIDENCE OF IDENTITY yet go and try to get any state ID without one. If it's not meant to be used for identity, then what the hell is it for? It also says "CAUTION: THERE ARE OFFENCES RELATING TO FALSIFYING OR ALTERING A CERTIFICATE AND USING OR POSSESSING A FALSE CERTIFICATE. © CROWN COPYRIGHT It can be easily seen that if one were to use this document for such a thing as identification, one would be creating a false certificate and then possessing it. I can get into all measure of what it's used for such as bonds creation, money creation, allowing for signature hypothecations etc. and on and on but I'm interested only in its fundamental purpose of tying the living spirit to the dead fictional realms. The birth Certificate is actually a Death Certificate.

We can also go on and on discussing all manner of legal attributes as per the hopes of those that designed the game to keep you looking everywhere but within so I won't even bother and if that's where you want to go, you're missing the point yet again. I've been where you are, I've made the legal arguments ad nauseum and I assure you, that is exactly what the system wants you to do because in doing so, they keep you fighting in their courts, their system and ultimately in their religion of Ba'al worship with the whore of Babylon owning your sorry asses every time. You can talk to me all day about this document and that procedure, this tactic and that remedy illusion but for me, the fact remains; how are you going to do this WITHOUT using their NAME? The fact is, you can't and it was designed that way.

There is but one thing left to do and one question left to ask any court: "Who owns the NAME?" I already know the answer and so do they. The trick is getting you to BE the NAME and DO things in their image of you THEY created. We can go into the Roman Maxims for things like "silence equates acquiescence" or Qui tacet consentire videtur. He who is silent appears to consent. Jenk. Cent. 32. where there is also silence upon the deceiver and thus their own acquiescence to committing it knowingly or unknowingly. Fraus est celare fraudem. It is a fraud to conceal a fraud. 1 Vern. 270. and Fraus et dolus nemini patrocianari debent. Fraud and deceit should excuse no man. 3 Co. 78.

I prefer to use simple analogies in that the one doing the stabbing with a knife also turns the knife upon themselves as per the golden rule. In a nutshell, it works like this. Mum and Dad, not knowing any better and trusting in others to not harm or defraud them have been told that it is customary to register their children with the state and/or church, called baptism. Regardless, there is no division of church and state in that they are one and the same as previously stated. The clergy of old were the courts of old and thus the judges and lawyers which became the BAR society and, of course, the governments and lawmakers as a result. In essence, the foxes are guarding all the henhouses. The parents, having done what they thought was right and being trusting never assumed that anyone could be so evil and devious as to spiritually kidnap their children from them and had no real questions to ask and no truths of what was really going on was given.

Shortly thereafter a document called the Long form birth certificate is created which is the original fraud and then a Short form was also created which creates the fictional corporation or dead thing/person/strawman or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line, the Short form is the proof of the fraud. Mum and Dad, being none the wiser as to their actions, keep using the NAME they gave up for adoption to the STATE by addressing their child with it, convincing the child that the NAME is theirs when, in fact, it is not. Mum and Dad are guilty of aiding and abetting their child into fraud absolving the STATE of dishonour UNTIL this disclosure is asked for. Indeed, who owns the NAME now? It certainly isn't you and the sooner you get that concept, the sooner you'll stop aiding and abetting in your own frauds and being possessed by your possessions. Did you never wonder why they refer to belongings as possessions or repossessing things?

The original fraud goes back even further with Mum and Dad getting married in a church or through a government office. Did you get married in a church and sign a marriage license? Then, if you did, the church AND the STATE owns your marriage and everything done within the confines of that contract and it IS a contract of a most spiritual nature, have no doubts on that. Now, to get a little deeper into the spiritual traps here, one must ask oneself as to why the system goes after the feminine creation aspect and here's where I'm going to lose a lot of ego driven uber-programmed churchianity types that can't let go of the most insidious program of all regarding the patriarchal control of their minds. Dare to read on if you can and see if you can get past all the dogmas and indoctrinations that have been slammed into you since birth.

When one understands the true nature of creation, one will quickly see that it is the feminine that brings forth creation, not the masculine. It's even spelled out in Black's Law 9th for you if you can read it. I am adding it here for your perusal with an explanation of its more ethereal and spiritual bindings.

  • ward of admiralty, A seaman - so called because of the legal view that a seaman, in contractual matters, should be treated as a beneficiary and the other contracting party as a fiduciary because of the perceived inequitability of their bargaining positions. [Cases: Seamen (;::J 1.]

I am the stock of my Mother/Father, self-evident in the blood/aether in my lineage/veins, mitochondrial DNA "delta 9 Lucifer delta 10 mdna" from my Mother which is prima facie evidence of my bloodline (rhA+) where my Father is the beneficiary of any/all ascendants borne to him. The Father (semen*) of any/all borne to him render him the beneficiary only, whereas the Mother is fiduciary.

This where one needs eyes to see AND ears to hear....Seaman/Semen is merely the word trickery the courts and the masters of deception revel in. If anyone asks for me "give me your name" I have but one simple answer and that is "no, but I will let you hear my customary calling if you need a sound to reference my physical body by". Here's why I will never GIVE anyone anything without my intention to do so willingly because here, as below is also contract, as above. It was said to me once by one of the lawyers from the CITY OF LONDON, STATE BAR MEMBER that "here, it is ALL about contract". The use of the NAME, without explicit permission from its rightful owners, The CROWN, is engaging in fraud and the use of stolen intellectual property as confirmed, in voice and in face to face conversations with an embassy official of the BRITISH HIGH CONSULATE, OTTAWA, CANADA that it is, IN FACT, fraud to do so and why I was able to procure an emergency passport as a result.

I have been lied to by more so called officials, legal types, judges and politicians than I'd care to count and the one thing that they all have in common is that they know they're doing it and where I revert to "Fraus et dolus nemini patrocianari debent. Fraud and deceit should excuse no man. 3 Co. 78." rendering all frauds, null and void, nunc pro tunc upon its revelation. What I did learn over time was how to ask the right questions to corner them by getting them to be doing me harm otherwise. Questions like "Is it your wish that I commit fraud?" or "Is it your intention to aid and abet me into committing fraud by using a NAME that clearly does not belong to me?" These are the mirrors they cannot stomach because they know what they are doing, many of them and especially the ones that claim to be "just doing my job".

There is much joy to be found in their frauds however, once they are mirrored back because there is no limitations placed on a fraud regardless of how long it takes to expose it. That is the joy of "nunc pro tunc" or "now for then" which eliminates the time aspect bringing all crimes into the now for all to see. For those that still can't see the truth in how it is WE who are aiding and abetting in our own fraud, let me clarify it for you further. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself honestly, the truth cannot be denied within no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise. If you cannot face up to these realities, then you are not awake or mature enough to be considered enlightened, sorry to inform you. My mirror informed me nicely and no, I wasn't happy either.

Here they are.....Do you have any government ID whatsoever such as a driver’s license, a passport, or anything of that nature? Do you have a bank account or credit/debit card? Do you have any loans or mortgages with contracts in the system? Do you feel the incessant need to fight in courts? Do you sign things like checks, applications or any manner of paperwork? In short, do you use the NAME on the birth certificate every day in all your transactions and communications? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are committing fraud, are in contempt of court and are seen as a belligerent.

People ask how the cops get away with beating people on the street and I say it's easy; they're beating up a criminal who insists on committing fraud by virtue of the IDENTIFICATION they carry and how they procured it of their own free will choice to go into a fraudulent contract using a NAME that doesn't belong to them. Unless of course, you think that writing checks on someone else's account is a good and lawful thing that is. Anything and everything ever created in your universe using the NAME on the BC DOES NOT belong to you....PERIOD and like Bill Hicks says, "I can hear your inner dialogue, you're wrong, get over it"......Until you can face up to the fact that you've been duped grand scale, you will continue to fight a losing battle with the whores of Babylon because of your "mark of the beast" and they know it.

They have you right where they want you; in permanent dishonour until the question of "Who owns the NAME?" is the first question asked if you must go into court. For further understandings of how the courts work and get their power beyond this most basic truth. In order for the dark principalities to control this place and our lives and minds, they must take our creative spiritual energy to give them the energy these vampires require to continue. No, this is not just a physical game and truth be known, the physical is the smallest percentage of it where the real power lays hidden to the blind.

I know many of you may finally start to see the gravity of this situation and are asking yourself what to do as far as getting back into honour. The first thing that needs to happen is to wake up to this reality and shift your intention. It is too easy to become overwhelmed with all the situations and entanglements you have in this life but have some peace knowing that you have a new perspective as to your slavery and how you're being made to serve it. Changing ones intention requires the baby steps doctrine and only doing the things you need to do and can do easily, step by step. for some of you, calling up your bank to have a chat with a bank manager regarding who owns the name/account etc. You may wish to ask some CRA or IRS branches some of the tougher questions all the while making sure you commit them into aiding and abetting the frauds.

It's really quite simple that without the NAME's being used and more importantly, SIGNATURES being given period, this system and its vampires starve literally overnight. For the more spiritually awake and astute, you will already understand that the signature comes AFTER the intent/spiritual contract and not before it. Actions always come after thoughts. I f you intend it; it is CONTRACT without another thing being physically done. I am going to add another article at the bottom of this essay that is what I sent to various government offices etc. to get my intent out there because I know the power of intent where the cause and effect is already rippling through the universe. Always remember, ye are gods and you've been duped out of it for a very long time and have suffered immensely over many lifetimes. Time to wake up once and for all.....the truth is, lose the NAME, end the game so we can all get back to being the incredible creators we are and not the mindless slaves we became. Much love and light, kate of gaia.......

p.s Why it is important to understand what a gift really is: GIFT: a voluntary transfer of property made without consideration, that is, for which no value is received in return. The essential components of a valid completed gift of personal property are: competency of the donor to understand the nature of his act; voluntary intent on the part of the donor to make a gift (called DONATIVE INTENT); DELIVERY either actual or symbolic; ACCEPTANCE, actual or imputed; complete divestment of all control by the donor; and a lack of consideration for the gift. A transfer that constitutes a gift may be of significance in several TAX contexts. For example, RECEIPT of a gift is excluded from the GROSS INCOME of the recipient, but the transferor may be subject to the unified estate and gift tax.

DONATIVE INTENT (Black's 8th): the intent to surrender DOMINION and control over the GIFT that is being made.

DOMINION: having BOTH title to AND possession of property; having CONTROL of both ownership and use.

1.Given NAME......incompetently given by parents due to non-disclosure....voluntary only on a deceptive, non-disclosed basis and fraudulent intent by the deceivers nullifying intent on the "donors".....nuff said with dominion and how this sews up neatly.

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