Tweety Bird Software

An application designed to make it easier to create twitter posts for getting the word out. Quickly access the most recent trending hashtags and people on twitter.



Version 0.1.0

⏬ Windows (53.4mb)

Note:This application is in the early stages of development and may be buggy


  1. Download and extract contents of the zip to a desired location

  2. Open the tweety-bird.exe file


Quick Start Guide

After opening the app, you can create tweets by simply clicking on the phrase, hashtag or handle and it will automatically insert into the tweet box.

After you have created your tweet, you can either copy the text or click the share button to open a new window that asks you to login to Twitter so it can share directly to Twitter.

Note:Sharing directly to Twitter wil not allow you to add your own images

Add Custom Phrases

  1. Type the phrase you would like to add in the "Add Custom Phrase" input box
  2. Click the add button beside the input box

To delete a phrase, simply click the little (x) icon beside the phrase.

Note:: Adding a custom phrase will add it to the list of phrases and will remain there until you delete it.