The Witness – Video Testimony

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Living MAN using “no name–no game” walks out of jail after 34 days of intimidation tactics and out of court room a free man. I am sure you heard about “Lose The Name” and ” No Name – No Game” situations all across the web, this man took it into his own hands and would not consent to being the LEGAL NAME that is not his and is in fact FRAUD if used by you. His story is amazing and absolute proof that as long as you hold your ground, do not yield, and never consent to be the legal name you will win anything.

2 Comments on “The Witness – Video Testimony”

  1. Steven

    Good news is worthy. Not to detract from that, Not to detract from courage under fire. Despite such display of honour, yet the so-called “court” and its culture and population continue to work at their industry. Do we not need a worthy plan and a worthy company that could unmake that culture and industry that inhabits the so-called “court”? If you have a worthy plan to unmake the industry of that court, we could prevent the continuous crimes of that culture and its people, where we would not be complicit with permitting the continued existence of evil.

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