Witness and The Recording

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The following Audio clip is a recording of a man “Witness” who decided to go to the bank to cancel an account  that was assigned to the Legal Name he used to believe was him.  He went there with pure loving intent to harm no one and to do something very simple and do it all without the legal name. The bank teller called the cops and  they brought  9 cop cars, and a captain and try and Aid and Bet “Witness” into fraud listen to find out what happens next .

This audio clip is from the Outside The Box radio show from August 06th 2014, if you would like to listen to the entire 3 hour radio show follow this link here. Tune in every day 7pm EST at  BlogTalkRadio.



5 Comments on “Witness and The Recording”

  1. onespiritconsciousness

    in the last year, i have had my name removed from both provincial and federal voter registries, quit my job, and a week ago i also closed my bank account. i went in to the cibc here in nova scotia, ready to state my case. i said, “i would like to close my account please.” the teller said, “ok.” i was not asked for id, i got out the couple bucks i had there, she cut up my debit card and told me to have a nice day. kinda anti-climactic but i did what i intended. strange really, that it was so easy here. hmmm. witness rocks and i actually shed a tear the night he came on and kate played the recording. thank you to all for your heart. we will prevail. peace.

  2. onespiritconsciousness

    one other thing….i watched a documentary last night called an act of conscience on YT. it was about a couple in massachusetts who in the early 90’s lost their home for refusing to support war by paying income tax. pete seeger, musician, was in the doc and said this about overcoming adversity and remaining strong in our hearts when fighting for what is right:

    (There is) a big seesaw. At one end of the seesaw is a basket of rocks that’s down on the ground. At the other end of the seesaw is a basket half-full of sand. And some of us got teaspoons and we’re tryin’ to fill up that basket. Of course, most people are laughing at us. ‘Don’t you see? The sand is leaking out of the basket as fast as you’re puttin’ it in.’ We say, ‘That’s true, but we’re getting’ more people with teaspoons all the time.’ Some day you’re going to see that whole basket full of sand, and that whole seesaw’s gonna go (the other way) just like that. People will say, ‘Gee, how did it happen so sudden, us and our goddamn teaspoons.’

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  4. nomen

    It has been my experience that bank employees are quite skiddish down here is Souz! Great comeback to the cop when he was attempting to assert authority over you.

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