Traveling Without The Legal Name

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After printing out the flight ticket at Sola Airport, the screen told me to go to the counter with the luggage. Let the fun begin, I thought.

As expected the lady asked if I have a passport or ID. I said no, I have this (and gave her a self-made laminated card with the text:

I, who shall not be with Legal Name.

The identification you request identifies a legal person.

The legal name fraud by converting living souls to legal persons through

birth certificates, is revealed. As known, all contracts based on fraud, is null

and void, when the fraud is revealed.

I’m not a crook, and therefore without ID.

All names can be assumed/presumed to be a legal name which

actually put you in a position of aiding and abetting fraud

which is a felony, of which you are completely liable for

in your private capacity. What you decide to do

from here is entirely up to you.

For A Printable I.D Version go here

Definition legal person: An entity, such as a corporation, created by law and given certain legal rights and duties of a human being; a being, real or imaginary, who for the purpose of legal reasoning is treated more or less as a human being.


She reads, looks at me and says, “I have never seen this before. What is it?”

“No, I guess you haven’t,” I reply. “But it won’t be the last time so I suggest you find out about the legal person and that any requested ID is not identifying a human being. We are quite a few who has figured this out and that do not consider ourselves as legal persons.”

She asks a colleague to read, who shake her head. She has not seen anything like it either.

“Can you tell me why you don’t have any ID?” she asks.

I answer truthfully that all my ID’s are handed back to the government and that neither the population register, police, courthouse or county governor seems interested to clean up this ‘misunderstanding’.

“Okay, then I hope you will be fine,” she says and hand me back the ticket.

“I certainly will,” I smiled, thinking it was kind a strange she didn’t take any notice of the name on the ticket … as it had its own little illegal twist for the occasion.


When boarding, everybody shows boarding card and passport … I do like nothing and only show the boarding card … and get no reaction.

Had a great conversation with a German woman at Frankfurt who of course got the NameGame Info and wrote down keywords and web addresses I mentioned with great interest. In between she shook her head and came with some left brain questions I didn’t answer. All she got from me was a smile.

On my way to the gate, I must admit I saw myself in a ‘Nazi talk’ before I would be allowed to board the flight to Lisbon. Even though I am no longer a good listener anymore, the brain has a tendency to think of everything … I just stayed focused, knowing I was doing the right thing.

Just before I get to my gate, A28, there was a kiosk called RELAY. I had an inner laugh and went in, got something to drink and had another inner laugh looking at the receipt. It said HUB CONVENIENCE – Of all things there are now put up scanning machines of the flight ticket when boarding. No more personnel that will check your ticket and ID … So yes, relay on life and convenient indeed.

Kind of shame I didn’t get the opportunity to “inform” a few more in the airline industry, but I guess I have started a discussion in an insurance company in Germany through the NameGame Info given to the man next to me on the plane. He was one of 65 employees who went on team building to Lisbon, and who definitely got something to think about!


So much magic happening. Babylon is Fallen for sure!!


We are a bunch of people sending emails to journalists these days, informing about the emails we sent 4000 bank employees last week. Today I ended up in a dialogue with a man working for a local newspaper who happens to write about a huge disagreement about the very building all Norwegian corporations are registered. What are the odds!!!???!!!


Love my/your life!!

kiss and a smile

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  1. No Name init! :0)

    This is fabulous! Confronting the travel side of things is something that is paramount. If this changes it would be like a massive knock in the head for people to wake up and realise Babylon IS Fallen. Imagine having the concept of travelling with ID in everybody’s consciousness… WOW!

    Imagine telling kids “You know, we used to have to have ID to travel (and all the other silly things we had to use ID for) and the kids would like, NO…? Really? That’s ridiculous! LOL. Yes fellow should IT IS RIDICULOUS! So , let’s put an end to it!

    Thanks for this inspiring post!

    Peace, Love and Freedom!


  3. Janet

    I am interested in the particulars of how you obtained your travel ticket without using the NAME. Thank you.

  4. Name? Why make someone use a NAME?

    Yes, agreed! What ‘name’ did you use to purchase the tickets.. And with what form of exchange since airlines do not accept barter these days. How does one go about interacting with the commercial venue without a vessel of exchange?

  5. Name? Why make someone use a NAME?

    Oh, and what about those customs agents at the other end that want to stamp your passport? Do you just tell them you are entering their country and to deal with it? What if they refuse to allow you passage?

  6. LokeRundt

    I have wondered about how international travel has progressed for IWAN (Individuals Without A Name).

    However, you were traveling only in Schengen Agreement member states. I am curious to see how it plays out when traveling from say, the USSA to No-wray

  7. John H Baselmans

    Looks great but its not allowed on international flights the States / Antilles / south America or other countries further as the European countries.

  8. teo

    Interesting article – thank you for sharing. Just had baby girl in Argentina of all places April 30 2015… spent an entire day attempting to comply with the “process” of getting the birth documentation from the doctor – as she was born in our home sans hospital and those nasty vaccines… our doctor apparently forgot to put a stamp on the back of the birth record, so we wasted an entire day taking a bus to the immigration gulag in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Reflecting now, not a total waste, I am more and more attuned to the responses the universe provides – providence perhaps – more time expansion – reflecting space provided on the hour bus ride to and from home, what the f#ck we were doing in the first place… The programming is that we need documents to travel… passports, IDs. We spent time in Argentina, the United States of Mexico, and the United States of America and travel frequently… The link to the 1954 treaty looks interesting and I had not seen this before. Does anyone have any additional international experience, reports, successes, they care to share. We have the power, and I am for one sick of dealing with incompetent bureaucrats and licking their boots for papers “to travel please master”… Need to fly in about one month so timely replies will be much appreciated. Peace and Love to all who read this.

  9. Stella

    I would like to add an anecdote from Sweden to illustrate: some years ago the King of Sweden a sovereign was pulled over by the police in a road block check for alchool, he was drunk as a kite and was driving, the cop just didn t even recognise him and did not beleive he was the King, to clear the problem the king had to call his verification secret service agent to be able to go. It’s just the way it goes. In fact mine said, ok I am closing your file but if you ever want to go back to Canada or any other country let me know. Living as a designated human never was about being invisible, if you want to be invisible, you will have to do it once you land somewhere you never want to leave from for the rest of your life, deep in the jungle or some desert island you reach by private vehicule.

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