The Tax Bailiff (Story)

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A story from the land commonly referred to as ‘The Netherlands’ or ‘Nederlands’.

The Tax Bailiff by Water Geus
Tax-bailiff for the water company at my door, early this morning. Weeks ago they ‘threatened’ to come by and take some belongings because of unpaid bills. Of course ME did not receive those notices.

Tax bailiff: Are you Mrs. SoAndSo?

ME: No.

Tax bailiff: O, is this number SoAndSo?

ME: No.

Tax bailiff: No?

ME: No.

Tax bailiff: But I read number blabla.

ME: Well, you say so. I read all kinds of things there.

Tax bailiff: What is your name then?

ME: I do not have a name. Or a number.

Tax bailiff: O, so you still could be Mrs. SoAndSo?

ME: No, I am not. There are no names or numbers here. What is your name?

Tax bailiff: My name is: blablabla…. I have identification.

ME: Oh, good I will take a photo. Just a minute.

Tax bailiff: A photo!?

[I return with camera and take a picture and hand him a print of Babylon is Fallen. He glances over the paper, makes some notes on his form.]

Tax bailiff: Okay, good morning then. [he smiles at me].

All is well. All is good.

Ninja's comments
“Excellent Water! More PROOF for those who may still require proof, that this is how simple it is. Stand in truth, know who you are, be in honour and the system’s criminal, fraudsters attempting to entice others into fraud and slavery via use of the legal name CANNOT contract, CANNOT bind you and must walk away and stay away. Remember, we were duped into this system as children, and we did not intend to commit fraud or be walking day-in-day-out as criminals. Once the fraud is revealed, ALL contracts made within/resulting from said fraud are instantly made null & void, from the beginning, now for then, forever.”

10 Comments on “The Tax Bailiff (Story)”

  1. taxslave

    Beste, I have my doubts about this event took place that way. I live in the Netherlands and unless you have no income or bank, they will steal your money. The gov. here has the power to take it.

    I have been asked to buy mandatory insurance (health) and I call it (medical care) and I refuse for several reasons. One which I don’t see the need for it.mi am healthy, and never been to a doctor (except for dentist), hospital or clinic. I also have insurance outside of this country (I have relationship with other countries). I didn’t want to use the word (citizen or resident) as I don’t like the meaning anymore. Therefore, I told them I won’t buy one. They took part of my tax refund for them and now they say they will buy insurance for me (under the name they have under their registration). I guess they will pay for it because I have no intention of buying any insurance.

    1. ChrisPing

      I’d like to connect with you – i’m also in exactly the same situation as you and i’d like to know how to communicate with these illegal mobsters in the netherlands … i’d also like to start a a group where we can learn together and find others like us if there are indeed any common law buffs in the netherlands!

      could you please connect with me in facebook?
      you can find me under my made up name: chris ping
      🙂 thanks so much

      1. Phoenix Griffin

        Hey, I was going to message you and send you some more information and links but I couldn’t find you. If you interested in what I have or want to talk some more about it you can message me my facebook is Phoenix Griffin and my profile pic is of a drawing of a fox. I am open to educating anyone.

  2. Duane

    I would like to know exactly what to say when dealing with these people. I owe “allegedly” over £2000

  3. Duane

    I would like to know exactly what to say when dealing with these people. I owe “allegedly” over £2000 for water

  4. TaxSlave

    Updates from dealing with tax office in NL.

    I think I can probe now that this is nothing more than a corporation. The office that deals with insurance, actually hired a private collection agency, to collect on the fines they assessed to anyone they find not having mandatory insurance. I have been dealing with them for months now.

    When last time I wrote, I returned all mail back to them without opening. And those that I opened, I added a letter saying to probe to me I was the person on this letter, to send me a copy of my signature and a contract requiring me to buy insurance, etc. They stopped the letters for over a month and suddently, out of the blue, I got over 6 mails from 6 differenht address/corporations to collect on insurance. they even ordered insurance for me at a 117 euros per month. Go figure.

    I sent all letters back with a note stating ‘I do not wish to contract with you-thanks but no thanks’ and returned the insurance card with the invoice so they can pay it because it is obvious they need they insurance more than me.

    So for now, I will return each piece of mail. Of course, they are holding refund hostage but I have a better plan in store for them…to be continued..

    All because you are required to REGISTER to live/work in their country. So for those with a Dutch passport, I will tell them. You don’t have to register. If you still need to stay in the country, get a job outside and pay no taxes. Keep it to yourself. They deserve nothing. You don’t need to be registered unless you expect the government to give you handouts.

  5. TaxSlave

    Mokum, no. I don’t believe you are free in NL unless you managed to de-registered from the system and do not use the countries socialists programs or their ID.

    Where do you guys meet? I don’t use Facebook. Anyway I can communicate with some of you that would be great.

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