Sunny Day To Get High

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Story by : Willie van Gils

Oh my, oh M/E fucking god! I was tested bigtime.After cleaning up my finished project today, i saw the sun shining brightly so i thought to go and smoke a joint along the river. Parked the car a bit strange in the grass but not of any bother to other cars or bikes etc, enjoyed the smoke and sun but the moment i wanted to leave and get some dinner, cops showed up at the car.
Seeing this from a distance i found it best to walk the other way, which didn’t turn out the way i thought it would
All of a sudden they were on to me and rushed their car up on the walkway
…first thing they said was; are you so and so (name of friend whose car i drive)… I said no….so whats your name than they asked….I said sorry can’t help you with that and walked away
……What is your name they screamed while coming after me…….I said i don’t have any, and as a matter of fact I am the living witness to the namefraud that is being perpetrated here by you and your college. …..Show your ID! was their reply.
….I said no i don’t have any as i am not a servant of the crown, nor am i a child of the state or a slave…….You are not willing to work with us and we think you are on drugs and very confused so we need to take you in they said,
so they started to pull on my arms and get me cuffed, on which i constantly stated that they have no authority over me and if they would please call their master to which i can explain the situation so they don’t have to take me to the police station.
Of course these monkey robots didn’t know what i was talking about.
Remaining calm all the time and willing to cooperate with those cops helped a little in them not harassing me to much.
After they emptied my pockets they found the key of the car and went to search it to find an ID or licence, I constantly told them that there is no ID in the car even if they throw everything out, but, beyond my own imagination they did find a driving licence in a plastic bag under one of the chairs, this was the licence i was missing and couldn’t find for quite a while, the only fucking ID i have, go figure At that moment i thought i was fucked.
So they still thought i was a nutcase or freak for not complying and they brought me handcuffed on the backseat of their car to the police station.
Asking many questions on the way as where i am from and if i smoked a joint before they arrested me, bla bla bla. I answered them ALL and totally honest, as that is also a part of standing in truth in my opinion.
Entering the station they told me i was lucky because the head chief commander or what ever his title is was going to address me as i had asked for during the ride. They put me in a cel with a cup of water and some disgusting food, telling me they were going to keep me for the night. Ten minutes later the chief came to me with the licence in his hands and asked again who i am….
So i told him to listen well; At the entrance of this building is a five meter high spell in letters and words, it’s called the first law of the dutch constitution and says; All humans are equal in this country….So where do you derive your authority from? I am the living witness etc etc, that pink piece of plastic you are holding is not mine and belongs to the state as it clearly says on the back, I as the living can not contract with dead legal fictions or cooperations etc etc, YOU and the entire police force are DEAD by consent and ALL immunity that the CROWN cooperation had provided you with has been erased now and became in effect since september last year by the motu proprio of the pope……….
…..The chief said; I am not a catholic and smiled….
……I said neither am I, but I am not the one guilty of fraud here eh?
……Chief; I will leave you now and we are going to see what to do with you, strange man you are…..
So another 10 to 15 minutes passed sitting in this cold lifeless cell, i felt some fear creeping in to me as the time passed, like I don’t want to stay here and what are they going to do next?????? The standard ego rubbish chatter.
But after i had taken a few deep breaths the only thing that came to mind was Kate’s voice saying;….STAND IN THRUTH….DO NOT YIELD….. AND NON SHALL PASS!
Repeating this in my mind for a while untill the door opened again…. the sounds i heard from the mouth of the guard really surprised me; ………………Sir,….. sir,…. you may leave now………….!!!
Thats ALL i heard from any cop in their untill i saw the front door where at least 10 of them wished me a good evening while they returned my phone and car keys.
So no sorry from any cop, but no fine, no night in cell, no nothing!
And the rats wouldn’t take me back to my car so unfortunately i had to take three busses and a fairly long walk to get there, but all is well and i have not stopped smiling since i left the police station

BOOM!!!!! Take that you filthy whore!

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