Strawberry “Mr Witness” owns a court room

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A remarkable story of a man that has gotten arrested, put in jail, and proceeded to a court room, all because he would not consent to be the legal name. His friends call him ‘Strawberry’, and in this amazing story you will hear him speak of the magic that happens on a day-to-day basis when you finally innerstand you are not the legal name. Strawberry walked free after claming the court as his own and advising everyone there to quit their jobs.

This story was featured on “Outside The Box” radio show with Kate of Gaia and the Emerald Table, on August 17th 2014

Listen to Strawberry’s story

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Watch Strawberry’s arrest: Part I

Watch Strawberry’s arrest: Part II


29 Comments on “Strawberry “Mr Witness” owns a court room”

  1. Gary Carlyle-Cook

    whats the difference between this and other freeman type stuff? just asking. personally it seems very similar if not the same. its like everybody wants to be seen as a guru or something.

    1. Rick

      Every single word every dot, comma and element of procedure must be exactly correct or all your efforts will fail and you must have mastered and fully understood intimately all aspects of your claims of right..

    2. kate

      Freemen and sovereigns are committing fraud by using a LEGAL NAME they don’t own, CROWN owns the legal name and it has nothing to do with YOU…this is not about getting your bills paid, vengeance, beligerance, gimmie gimmie land shite that all freeman/patriot/sovereign citizen/gun totin cowboys etc movements are all about…this is about destroying the system that has controlled humanity for eons…you should tune in to the shows for a wider perspective on things, kate

    3. Michael

      Actually there is a big difference. While freeman, are using a legal name and trying to claim something that no one can own ANYWAY, the just of loosing the legal name is based on truth.

      If you sit back and think about the LAST name for a minute. Your mom and dad presumably gave that LAST NAME to you, but in truth it wasn’t His/Her’s to begin with. It’s a thought or imaginative logo (thought or expression) placed on someone to maintain a genealogy. Can you own something that was given to you, if the donors didn’t truly own that which was given? NO.

      However they did GIFT to you a “christian name” or name that was “fore-given” when you were birthed. Get that? You were birthed FIRST and given a name SECOND. So that should tell you, that you are NOT the name. WHICH CAME FIRST THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG?

      Loosing the name will bring you into a world of truth, and relieve you of a death sentence. When you whore-ship that last name it is a fictional ideology that can be controlled by another. If you are free then you are free in deed.

      1. Lance

        This is interesting because I have a particular company trying to engage with me and I don’t want to engage with them. So every time they ask for “THE NAME” I say “Nope, that person is not here”. They seem somewhat perplexed and walk away. However they keep coming back. Any suggestions about how to go about getting rd of them for good.???

        1. jay

          Get their name and hand them a fee schedule. Charge them 500 every time they knock. This always works. If they do it hand them an invoice. You can also post “removal of implied right of access” on your door. This can be found online.

        2. RJ

          It’s time for you to start making money off of THEM! 😉
          Same laws in US/CA/AU/UK

          My comment to someone at more door was, “Dang, someone’s always calling and looking for everybody but meeeeee” lololol 😀 “So you’re not so-n-so?” “nope”. 😉
          A post office box is a great thing to have too, especially when you move and don’t forward anything; why should I, I pay everything on the internet!

          Be ready to take some notes:

  2. art

    it’s always in UK where you’re not going to be tazed, slammed face-first into asphalt and then both kidnapped and have your family extorted if you wish to see you or your private conveyance again… why is this never in America? Where is there ever a shred of proof that this Ever works in America? People who have Corrected their status and then, After correcting it, then proceed to never use the name again trying this have still been beaten senseless kidnapped, had their family extorted to see their loved ones or their private “car” conveyance ever again… but people see a video or two of someone being nice and think oh so that’s law, is it?

  3. buster

    I thought he conducted himself wonderfully & I really hope this is the end of the matter, however a couple of points of caution. They have set a date for another ‘appearance’ & will be looking for the further charge of failure to appear when ‘Mr Witness’ does not show. they have his fingerprints & will use that to ID him. If a warrant is issued in the future it will be straight to jail, no bail, at no point were the charges dismissed. i would like to know if he has his car back but i suspect it’s in the pound. Also the female officer is not his friend. she was just doing her job & now they have something to go on. I just hope the guy is big enough to come online & tell his story when things get ruff. I would love to be wrong about this but i’ve seen enough over the last few years to know the crown if its not using brute force it can be devious..

    1. Michael

      Here’s the “deal” when it comes to those “coppers” . . Can creation (government) have more authority than it’s creator (the people) without his consent?

      The answer is a BIG FAT NO !

      Here’s another question for anyone, you, or someone acting as a judge, prosecuting attorney or even a public defender etc. who by the way is being paid by the same entity . .

      Can ANYONE get a fair trial if there is a conflict of interest? That would be a BIG FAT NO !

      Can anyone prove the “STATE CROWN etc.. is NOT a fictitious plaintiff? Once again, an enormous BIG FAT NO !

      If one is NOT making counter offers to their demands/offers then one is arguing, fighting, debating and all of which is by default a dishonor according to LAW. If you are pulled over or “detained” by someone who appears to be “law enforcement” and you do NOT challenge their jurisdiction, then you are in dishonor period. Only because you did NOT assert your rights. And assert does NOT MEAN “fight for” . . . your rights.

      You either serve truth or fiction, but you can NOT serve them both.

      State Crown entities are fictions period. They are nothing more than a fictional book like people read and cry over when they read sad ones. So what does one do when a book gets too oppressive or offensive for the reader?

      State/Crown (dead corps) can not rule the living.

      Hope this helps in your understanding.


      1. Greg

        Yes what you say is all true. The problem is that philosophy is no match for bullies with guns. They should be compelled by law. They aren’t any more.

      1. Greg

        Yes exactly! You won’t get your property back. You have made a short term victory in a court but they still have your stuff. I think that Dean Clifford said they had taken 5 of his trucks to present. You can send them claims until you are blue in the face. You won’t get your property back. The controllers and their public servant plebs will do anything to maintain their status quo. Them breaking their own law is no problem. They account to noone. For this to work there must be thousands of people acting in solidarity.

  4. Greg

    Here in Canada the end of all this path is to end up a political prisoner like Dean Clifford. There is a fundamental lawlessness here that keeps him in jail. The monster does not care about the law. If you move through this water alone they will jump on you with both feet.

  5. Michael

    You guys are missing the purpose of the “ARK” the one YHWH told Noah to build that would sail the seas of commerce without “drowning” of fear of capsizing.

    That’s the problem here in this world. People spread rumors they hear, and they hear rumors and such as they hear they believe.

    Why not put said “conveyance” into a trust such as a 508 c1a. All we are or can be is presidents or CEO’s of said corporations. Its like holding a note to a car, but not owning the car, and the car is used by YOU.

    You’ve gotta get over the ego and stop this ideological theory that you can OWN anything in the first place. THAT IS THE FRAUD ! !

    NO ONE OWNS ANYTHING ! ! ! You are NOT “suppose” to OWN anything. Your ‘church’ which is a dead fiction aka a “thing” . . IT can own something and SHOULD.

    You guys make life difficult because your too carnal minded to let go of the worldly substance and claims of OWNER-SHIP. you are on the WRONG vessel and committing treason.

    My conveyance, MY house, MY truck, car, clothes . . . That’s all an ego trip. It ALL should be property of the dead corp and you should JUST WANT TO control said corp. Consider the words you say. ME MINE etc.. talk about an ego. It belongs to the creator!

      1. Michael

        Hi Rob,

        In an effort to not cast pearls before the swine in here (those seeking to satisfy their flesh) I will speak in terms you should understand. (parable)

        I am sure most people don’t want to believe in YHWH the “grand architect” by denying their own existence. We should already know we came from the earth, and to the earth we shall return in due season. With that in mind, is it possible to come into this world OWNING anything? (including the body because it is borrowed)

        That should be an eye opener there.

        Is it possible to ACTUALLY buy something, from something you create out of the thing you are “buying?

        I’ll play that a little slower . . .You have a piece of land and trees on the land, paper comes from the trees, so I cut a tree down, and make a dollar bill out of it. Now I give that dollar bill to you, for the land. Does that sound a little fishy looking at it that way? Sure it dies. Smells dead if you ask me. Could that be why they call them DEAD PRESIDENTS? lol

        Now with that in mind the Federal Reserve Note, is nothing more than a debt instrument correct? Yep!! Now can you buy something with a debt? HELL NO!! In fact that debt just got bigger because you fell for the ole okie doke slight of hand trick that was done to the people of old time when they made an offer with their sacrifice. Some “banker” decided to put a CHECK POINT in front of the gate to inspect their sacrifice and determine whether it was good enough.

        Yea! I can see it now…

        check point officer> “Oh sir your sacrifice isn’t worthy of the lord… here we have one for you but it will cost you…”
        Living man> “oh ok thank you, I wasn’t sure about it myself…”
        check point officer then hands that sacrifice to his runner and the runner brings it to the lot for sale… yea! Money making machine there hu?

        You get the idea? Converted an offering into a commercial profit that by the way he didn’t have YHWH’s thoughts to do so anyway…

        OK so let’s get a little of this^^ tied in with the relative issue. You and I came into this world already owing a debt. Man can not create a debt because he already is in debt. However, man was given a remedy, and that remedy is a dead entity (corp) to carry the burden. (let the dead bury the dead) This is why we have “persons”. A person is merely a game piece just like Monopoly.

        That dead entity can go into debt because it is a fiction just like the ole federal reserve note…It can do anything it wants. Own a car, Own a house, Own a plane, truck, land etc.. BUT only ONE way will you ever be able to serve your neighbor and that is in the capacity of a giver.

        In the scriptures we were told about the caricature NOAH. He was told to build a vessel that will survive the coming flood. (commerce) That vessel is an ark and we all are responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Actions speak LOUDER than words. Acts from a profit who MUST pay taxes is speaking of a man who chases the fleshly things of life. He works, pays taxes and all that because he needs a license to do something illegal . . .

        Those who do things through love don’t need licenses because they KNOW the states can’t grant a license to commit an illegal act. He will do everything through a non profit and be free from sin (debt) and the wage that comes from that debt (death)

        The ONLY way to pay a debt is through the death of a person. Does the maxims of law not say “The debt dies with the person”? and “Debts follow the person of the debtor”?

        One should look into forming a 508c1a and putting all assets into it. Even though it is a creation of the state, you are merely here as a usufruct operating as a NOT for profit. But don’t use that to try and get away with making money and hiding the profit . . . cause you’ll spend a lifetime fighting a beast and loose everything you have because you would be asking to consume it upon your own lust. You can NOT own anything and everything you use belongs to the church. (the non for profit you are USING) It’s NOT you or yours. You are just using it.

        You use that to genuinely serve the living brothers and sisters here on earth while you are here. Serve YHWH or serve the dead. It’s your choice.

        Hope that helps . .

        1. Rob

          Thanks Michael! I guess the big question for me is how does one acquire the use of the items to put in to the 508c1a? Working to earn FRN’s, then ‘paying’ for them? You don’t see that as ‘idol worship’; war-shipping the paper (dead thing) instead of just using the items? If someone else were to come along and make a claim on one of the items in the 508… what would one have to do to retain use of the item… rely on the paper? Just trying to wrap the head around all of this I believe. I appreciate the thoughtful reply! Namaste.

          1. Michael

            Hi Rob,
            Thanks for the kind words. When you start a corporation, you are “president, CEO, XO, and every office you create to fill. Why? Because you create that office and fill it with someone you deemed diligent for it. You have every power each has when you start it.

            If you start a corporation (508c1a) are you not the president, CEO, vice, treasure etc untill you make an appointment? yea. Who is appointed BY YOU any other office? no one unless you appoint them.

            So in law, is standing not a requirement for one to make a valid claim? Sure it is.
            What possible ownership/claim would anyone have against something you gave to your “church”? Does anyone have a valid claim if they can not show any ownership in the property that is owned by another? Of course not.

            So no valid claim, no standing.


  6. Nay me

    Cop: What is your address?
    me: What is address?
    Cop: Where do you live?
    me: Do you accept i live nowhere (now-here)?
    Cop: Question?
    me: Question?
    Cop: Question?
    me: Question?
    Relax and continue anserwing every question with a question, be pleasent, patient and Cop will tie itself in knots and remember ‘time’ is two words i.e. ti-me, enjoy the game i.e. ga-me (gay-me) of life 😉

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