Sam’s police & court interaction

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Original air date November 13th 2014.

Sam had been driving his own plates for 6 months, and one morning he drove to the beach to check the surf. The police followed him and pulled over to ask him about his plates. The officer, who had previously encountered Strawberry, called in additional officers almost immediately. The officers cuffed Sam, saying he was under for not having insurance and for not giving ID/legal name. Sam remained neutral during the encounter and went with the officers to the police station, educating about the legal name fraud along the way. When they reached the station, they put Sam in a cell straight away. Due to their previous encounter with Strawberry, they already knew Sam would lived in his heart and did not have a date of birth.

This arrest occurred on a Saturday, so Sam had to remain in the cell until Monday when the courts were running. On Monday midday, Sam was called into court where he told them he was there against his will, they didn’t have jurisdiction and explained the legal name fraud to them. They asked Sam if he was a legal name; he said ‘no’, and explained that he wasn’t any legal name and would not consent to being one. They said it may have been a case of mistaken identity and took Sam back to the cell. An hour later, Sam was taken back to court where they read out charges and asked how he wanted to plea. Sam told them he wasn’t there to plea, and they sent him back to the cell and given psychological evaluation. Three hours later, Sam was taken to court for a third time; charges were read out again and ‘you’ (the body/DNA/fingerprints) was banned from driving and all charges were dropped, and Sam walked free.

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2 Comments on “Sam’s police & court interaction”

  1. Ally

    Hey, great explanation of what you went through.
    My only questions is whether by allowing them to charge ‘YOU’ you were giving them jurisdiction. Could they tie your fingerprints to that case at later date? Say for punitive gaol time for driving in the next 6 months.

    I understand the legal fiction but was there not a legal fiction of ‘YOU’ created and tied to your prints? Or is that not enough to contract you at a later date?

    Best wishes to all, who are fighting for natural compassion.

  2. Nay me

    My response when CORPORATE ENFORCERS ask me for my name (nay-me) is: what is name? On two ocasions they failed to describe name for me so i couldn’t supply name and they went away. On another ocasion a CORPORATE ENFORCER requested from me my name, i denied his request and continued persueing my original quest and he set off on his quest of catch (me) elsewhere.
    Nip that crap in the bud always.

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