Rob’s interaction with police

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Listen to Rob’s account of his interaction with police. Rob was pulled over by police while driving home with his two sons (11 and 13 years). They were intimiated by 8 police cruisers and a K9 unit; police also said they were calling in the child services agency. Police tried many tricks to get Rob and his sons to give a legal name, but they gave none. Rob’s mother, step-father and brother also came to witness the interaction. Rob went peacefully to the police station; he never gave them a name and he was let go 45 minutes later.

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This story comes from Durham Region in Canada. Rob’s account is followed by discussion and Kate’s commentary about why Rob’s truck was taken and how to get it back; police programming; and how the freeman movement is keeping people trapped in the system.

This audio is from Outside The Box show on 11th August 2014. (approx. 49min to 1hr 31min)

6 Comments on “Rob’s interaction with police”

  1. James Michael

    They are allowed to armed rob you man on Canada? Really? Did they have a judicial order, or conviction, to steal what did not belong to them? If they were armed, here in America, that is aggravated armed robbery and assault and battery under the color of law…Grand theft auto also…if you hold the bill of sale on that auto. Unless they have some provable interest in your property… I have been using my car since 2007 with none of their crap on my car and I’m now left alone…but they have been informed…if they even see my car, they actually actively avoid me…I got the name and fraud game a long time ago after my first unlawful kidnapping 8 years ago, after only a year of study of their crap I realized their entire system is a fraud and deception therefore everything in it, is completely unenforceable… Law is so simple and when you get to the point of knowing that they can not deceive you …Love you guys keep on waking up the enslaved sleepers….

  2. Rob

    25:00 “Pressing charges”… is a NAME not required to perform such a thing? Why accuse your brothers and sisters?

  3. mark

    A passage in Romans 2-11 confused me until I comprehended a little admiralty law & then “I got it” @2-11 it says “God is no respecter of Persons” “PERSONS= a corporate fiction/veil/mask, now, man is not a fiction, so, it would be fair to assume that one seeking Gods respect above mans, would not admit to being what they’re not. This may be why when Jesus was asked at trial “Are you Jesus “of”(a possessive noun) Nazareth (a town corporation) His reply was “So say you.” then silence****challenging his presumption of joinder. Latter found innocent posthumously .(oops!?) They may accuse you, but one would be foolish to try to prove that a man is a fiction or a bear to be Catholic & therefore subject to its church/state /bank rules via a secret Cestui que vie constructive trust. I believe the assumption is that our physical bodies are assumed to be held as surety for the corporation we did not create, nor own, nor write rules for, so “it” can’t be “mine”. Can the dead beast(corpse/corporation really own or rule the living? A fiction can be owned., Mickey Mouse was. Slavery is “illegal”, but could be lawful by consent. We can wake up now & stop believing in toothfairies ,& some fictional being to come save us, while we can just take the responsibility of saving ourselves. The twisted insanity we were led to believe is better off being exposed for their (Crown co & Cede & co./Vatican) intent to deceive & left in the archives of history than taken as real & to “act by” or trough.

  4. scmiles

    I get that acts and statutes are bullshit, but I really enjoy studying Maxims of Law. There would be a perfect one for Robs truck being hijacked. “What is mine, cannot be taken without my consent. Maybe you could do a show Kate on Maxims?

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