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Do you want to learn more about the birth certificate/legal name fraud?

Review the material below to see how the legal name has been used to enslave and harm you, and humanity. Find out how you are not a legal name, nor do you have one because all legal names are owned by the Crown Corporation, and using one without their permission is fraud. By understanding this information you can help bring the harm and slavery to an end.

Note: This is not related to any freeman/sovereignty movement.

Note: Kate of Gaia’s writings are a must-read for anyone who wants to fully understand the situation humanity is in and what to do about it. The information contained within is not theory, it is based on Kate’s lived experience. We recommended that you read all of Kate’s writings, in order, to gain a complete understanding of the concepts. This will likely take a couple of days (depending on how fast you read and how much time can dedicate to it), but is well worth the effort for the insight you will gain about yourself and the world.

It’ll likely take you a few shows to really grasp the concepts; we recommend listening to regular shows for a couple of weeks to get a full understanding. If you feel confused or overwhelmed to begin with, just remember to breathe! Stick with it; it gets easier!

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Printable Material

Kate Of Gaia Writings

Updated weekly with Katwe Of Gaia’s Writings.

Invocation of Clausula Rebis Sic Stantibus,

Writ of Covenant, Writ of Deceit, Writ of Inquiry.

Whereas, a fundamental change of circumstances is now pre-sent in pure speech in the role of liberal constructionist/beadle jus, it is my desirous, willful wish to settle this matter fiat justitia ruat caelum, denique ultimatum revereor verum. A fraud revealed is null and void, nunc pro tunc, ab initio, ad infinitum.

Whereas my “Starr contract”/Long Form Birth Certificate is in custody with the Registrar General and given under SEAL of the General Registrar Office, Belfast, Northern Ireland as claimed on the “certified copy”, my original copy has not been deposited in a lawful repository, namely the King’s Exchequor at Westminster as commanded by Richard the First. It is my rightful duty to inform all parties/pirates who have laid fraudulent claim to my “stock” as per Black’s Law 9th Edition, WEST , stock, n. (l4c) 1. The original progenitor of a family; a person from whom a family is descended” where inasmuch, subrogation is present. I am the stock of my Mother/Father, self-evident in the blood/aether in my lineage/veins, mitochondrial DNA “delta 9 Lucifer delta 10 mdna” from my Mother which is prima facie evidence of my bloodline (rhA+) where my Father is the beneficiary of any/all ascendants borne to him. The Father (semen*) of any/all borne to him render him the beneficiary only, whereas the Mother is fiduciary.

* ward of admiralty, A seaman – so called because of the legal view that a seaman, in contractual matters, should be treated as a beneficiary and the other contracting party as a fiduciary because of the perceived inequitability of their bargaining positions. [Cases: Seamen (;::J 1.]

Whereas the “surname” is assumed “automatic” at birth, inasmuch as my Mother adopted my Father’s surname upon marriage, my living blood could be/was kidnapped by Caesarian and I was taken from my natural jurisdiction to be willfully enslaved into another “legal/corporate/dead” jurisdiction against my free will choice/jus praesens via deceptios, via wrongful assumpsit.

Whereas the mistaken assumption has been made that I am, assumed in some way to be related to the CROWN, I attest this to be untrue where the blood in my veins is mine, self-evident as living aether without which I would cease to be, given to me from my Mother/Father. My father is the beneficiary of me and my mother is fiduciary where I am not the beneficiary/fiduciary to them, nor do I claim any of their inheritance where I am their inheritance to which they are my heir, not the other way around. Based on this deceptios, my Mother’s/Fathers’ inheritance, as beneficiary/fiduciary was stolen by those unlawfully claiming my Mothers’/Fathers’ creation via deceptios.

Furthermore, I lay no claim to my mother’s/father’s estate where I may be mistakenly assumed to be beneficiary to any/all titles, names, surnames, debts, liability et al etc. where I hereby invoke **Beneficium Abstinendi ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc.

**Beneficium: A PRIVELEGE, remedy, or benefit GRANTED by law, such as the BENEFICIUM ABSTINENDI “privelege of abstaining” by which an HEIR could REFUSE to accept an INHERITANCE (and thereby avoid the accompanying debt). Beneficium Abstinendi: “privelege of abstaining” : The RIGHT of an HEIR to REFUSE an inheritance and thus avoid liability for the TESTATOR’s debts.

Furthermore, my fathers’ estate/beneficiary status as well as my Mothers’ fiduciary status was/is/has been willfully stolen via deceptios by any/all parties/pirates by any/all use of the/my private name and birth/vinta/starr date given to me, removed by way of kidnapping/shanghaiing me from my natural jurisdiction where the creation of the “Short Form” Birth Certificate is prima facie evidence of this “private to public” fraud absolute, where my long form birth certificate continues to remain unlawful until it is placed in a lawful repository. Any/all use of this name in the PUBLIC has/is/will be fraud ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc until ***lawfully deposited. The DTC at 55 Water Street is not a lawful repository but is rather a “customs/bonding warehouse” where true customs have been subrogated.

Wade hearing. (1969) Criminal law. A pretrial hearing in which the defendant contests the validity of his or her out-of-court identification. – If the court finds that the identification was tainted bv unconstitutional methods, the prosecution cannot ~use the identification and must link the defendant to the crime by other means. United States v. Wade, 388 U.S. 218, 87 S.Ct. 1926 (1967). [Cases: Criminal Law C:::’-339.11(2).]

*** starr (stahr), n. [fr. Latin starrum fr. Hebrew sh’tar “a writing”] Hist. A Jewish contract (esp. for release of an obligation) that Richard I declared to be invalid unless it was placed in a lawful repository, the largest being in the king’s Exchequer at Westminster. Also termed starra.

“It is well known that, before the banishment of the Jews under Edward I, their contracts and obligations were denominated in our ancient records starra or starrs, from a corruption of the Hebrew word, sheeay, a covenant …. These starrs, by an ordinance of Richard the first … were commanded to be enrolled and deposited in chests under three keys in certain places; one, and the most considerable, of which was in the king’s exchequer at Westminster …. The room at the exchequer, where the chests containing these starrs were kept, was probably called the starr-chamber, and, when the Jews were expelled from the kingdom, was applied to the use of the king’s council, when sitting in their judicial capacity.” 4 William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of England 263 n.a (I 769).

In summary, the ruse perpetuated on myself and mankind is exposed for the mis-take it is; pure fraud ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc where it is now incumbent upon those responsible/Re-spawns-Abel for this fraud to *emmendatio all mistakes created via this fraud lest this mis-take continue. All evidence has been collected where it is now pre-sent for you such as my living blood/aether which is “prima facie” proof of stock as well as the Long Form (as yet unlawful) connected to Short Form (proof of public fraud) in my physical presence. By commission or omission of any/all crimes, one is guilty where the crime is brought into view for all to see.

* emendatio (ee-men-day-shee-oh), n. [Latin] Hist. The power of amending and correcting abuses, according to certain rules and measures.

In conclusion, much knowing has been revealed to me in my own genesis to revelation. It is my desirous, willful wish for you to investigate the following:

My “original source” contract is not deposited in a lawful repository. I have attached a photocopy/scan containing my receipt (BC Short Form) so you may further investigate and inspect the following:

The Terra-Cross (CRSS) dotted line covenant on the “original source” contract/covenant: “19…………”

My “original source” contract shows the Birth date/Starr date was never corporate jurisdiction(dotted line, pass through to private) and was never meant or intended to be made PUBLIC (short form fraud) where this private matter is concerned, where my mother/father were removed from the short form creating an abomination/dead/corporate fiction, therefore;

The UNITED KINGDOM OF ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND, CROWN CORPORATION etc. et al and later, CANADA, ONTARIO, falsely laid claims to being related or joined to the estate/myself, disposing the need for testatory capacity, creating a situation where they would be/are benefiting from unjust enrichment via theft.

The UNITED KINGDOM OF ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND, CROWN CORPORATION etc. et al and later CANADA, ONTARIO, are with “unclean hands”, using false documents, moved me/kidnapped me as a child into a different unnatural jurisdiction, forcing me to pay their taxes, tariffs plus levies etc. et al, creating much hardship for myself and all in my life, while another party/parties have been/are benefiting from unjust enrichment due to this creation of literal slavery with the kidnapping of me from my Mother/Father on June 18th, 1964, 3 days AFTER the prima facie evidence of my blood was already proofed.


The UNITED KINGDOM OF ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND, CROWN CORPORATION etc. et al and later CANADA, ONTARIO, removed my “guest status” not allowing me to seek damages.

The UNITED KINGDOM OF ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND AND NORTHERN IRELAND and later CANADA, ONTARIO, falsely labeled the estate, creating a trademark, shanghaiing me into using it for identification, defrauding me and The Laws and Customs, forcing me to conduct trade, while benefitting from unjust enrichment.

I am submitting to your department a photocopy of the “Birth Certificate” (both forms) to be used only for your inspection in this matter. Should you require the original “copy” please contact me.

My cygnet/signet is kate renee

(226-971-9675 cell phone)

Clausula rebus sic stantibus/CRSS/the “cross to bare”: A treaty provision stating that the treaty is binding only as long as the circumstances in existence when the treaty was signed remain substantially the same. Therefore, every contract created with their Trademark is fraudulent, ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc.

I accept the full character of creator/creditor dominii, entirely. (toto genere)

My willful intent is peaceful. It is my wish for my “guest status” to be returned.

It is my wish to receive your assistance in getting full restitution/emendatio. That’s the long and short of it, Thank you.

All references of law are from the Black’s Law 9th Edition where many and further proofs are an addendum to this in-vocational writ.

Addendum/references Black’s law 9th Edition, WEST.

beadle (beed-dl). 1. Hist. A court crier with duties similar to those of a constable. See NUNTIUS (3). 2. Hist. Eccles. law. A minor parish officer who serves the vestry’s needs in various ways, including giving notice of the vestry’s meetings, executing its orders, and attending its inquests. 3. A macebearer at Oxford University or Cambridge University. Also spelled bedel.

jus (j;)S also joos oryoos), n. [Latin “law, right”] 1. Law in the abstract. 2. A system of law. 3. A legal right, power, or principle. 4. Roman law. Man-made law .• The term usu. refers to a right rather than a statute. – Abbr. J. Also spelled ius. Cf. FAS. PI. jura Ooor-;) also yoor-;)). “Ius, when used in a general sense, answers to our word Law in its widest acceptation. It denotes, not one particular law nor collection of laws, but the entire body of principles, rules, and statutes, whether written or unwritten, by which the public and the private rights, the duties and the obligations of men, as members of a community, are defined, inculcated, protected and enforced.” William Ramsay, A Manual ofRoman Antiquities 285-86 (Rodolfo Lanciani ed., 15th ed. 1894).

clean-hands doctrine. (1914) The principle that a party cannot seek equitable relief or assert an equitable defense if that party has violated an equitable principle, such as good faith .• Such a party is described as having “unclean hands.” For example, section 8 of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act contains an unclean-hands provision that forbids a court from exercising jurisdktion in a child-custody suit in certain situations, as when one party has wrongfully removed a child from another state, has improperly retained custody of a child after visitation, or has wrongfully removed a child from the person with custody. The clean-hands doctrine evolved from the discretionary nature of eqUitable relief in English courts of equity, such as Chancery. – Also termed unclean-hands doctrine. [Cases: Equity (;:::::>65.]

clausa rebus sic stantibus (klawz-,) ree-b<ls sik stant,)- b,)s). [Law Latin] Int’llaw. 1. A treaty provision

stating that the treaty is binding only as long as the circumstances in existence when the treaty was signed remain substantially the same. 2. A doctrine by which the law supplies such a provision to a treaty that does not expressly contain one; REBUS SIC STANTIBUS.• The doctrine may be invoked when a fundamental change in circumstances (1) alters the essential basis for the parties’ consent to be bound by the treaty, and (2) radically transforms the extent of the parties’ performances under the treaty. But the doctrine does not apply to treaties establishing geographic boundaries. Vienna Convention on the Law ofTreaties art. 62 (1155 U.N.T.S. 331,8 I.L.M. 679 (1969)). Often shortened to clausa. Also termed clausula rebus sic stantibus; clausula.

bond, vb. (16c) 1. To secure payment by providing a bond <at the creditor’s insistence, Gabriel consolidated and bonded his various loans>. 2. To provide a bond for (a person) <the company bonded its off-site workers>.

blood. (Be) A relationship between persons arising by descent from a common ancestor. See RELATIVE.

entire blood. See full blood. full blood. (1812) The relationship existing between persons having the same two parents; unmixed ancestry. Also termed whole blood; entire blood.

half blood. (l7c) The relationship existing between persons having the same father or mother, but not both parents in common. – Sometimes written halfblood. See relative of the half blood under RELATIVE.

[Cases: Descent and Distribution heritable blood. Hist. A relationship between an ancestor and an heir that the law recognizes for purposes of passing good title to property. Also termed j’nheritable blood. [Cases: Descent and Distribution

rightful, adj. 1. (Ofan action) equitable; fair <a rightful dispossession>. 2. (Of a person) legitimately entitled to a position <a rightful heir>. 3. (Of an office or piece of property) that one is entitled to <her rightful inheritance>. right heir. See HEIR.

stock, n. (l4c) 1. The original progenitor of a family; a person from whom a family is descended; BRANCH (1) <George Harper, Sr. was the stock of the Harper line>. 2. A merchant’s goods that are kept for sale or trade <the car dealer put last year’s models on sale to reduce its stock>. 3. The capital or principal fund raised by a corporation through subscribers’ contributions or the sale of shares <Acme’s stock is worth far more today than it was 20 years ago>. 4. A proportional part of a corporation’s capital represented by the number of equal units (or shares) owned, and granting the holder the right to participate in the company’s general management and to share in its net profits or earnings <Juliasold her stock in Pantheon Corporation>. See SHARE (2). Cf. SECURITY (4). [Cases: Corporations C;::::J63.1.]

subrogation (s;}b-r;}-gay-sh;}n), n. (I5c) 1. The substitution of one party for another whose debt the party pays, entitling the paying party to rights, remedies, or securities that would otherwise belong to the debtor.

;’Subrogation is equitable assignment. The right comes into existence when the surety becomes obligated, and this is important as affecting priorities; but such right of subrogation does not become a cause of action until the debt is fully paid. Subrogation entitles the surety to use any remedy against the principal which the creditor could have used, and in general to enjoy the benefit of any advantage that the creditor had, such as a mortgage, lien, power to confess judgment, to follow trust funds, to proceed against a third person who has promised either the principal or the creditor to pay the debt:’ Laurence P. Si mpson, Handbook on the Law of Suretyship 205 (1950).

“Subrogation simply means substitution of one person for another; that is, one person is allowed to stand in the shoes of another and assert that person’s rights against the defendant. Factually, the case arises because, for some justifiable reason, the subrogation plaintiff has paid a debt owed by the defendant.” Dan B. Dobbs, Law of Remedies § 4.3, at 404 (2d ed. 1993).

prima fade privilege. See qualified immunity under IMMlJNITY (1).

prima fade, adj. (18c) Sufficient to establish a fact orraise a presumption unless disproved or rebutted <a

prima facie showing>.

prima facie (pn-ma fay-sha orfay-shee), adv. [Latin] (l5c) At first sight; on first appearance but subject to further evidence or information <the is prima facie valid>. [Cases: Evidence 584(1).]

primae impressionis (pn-mee im-pres[b)-ee-oh-nis). [Law Latin) Of the first impression. See case of first

impression under CASE. primae preces. See PRECES PRIMARIAE.

Jensen doctrine. Maritime law. The principle that a state statute may not apply in a maritime case if to do so would “work material prejudice to the characteristic features of the general maritime law or interfere with the proper harmony and uniformity of that law.” Southern Pac. Co. v. Jensen, 244 U.S. 205,37 S.Ct. 524 (1917). [Cases: Workers’ Compensation (;:::>262.]

jumping a claim. Hist. The act of taking possession of public land to which another has previously acquired

a claim. _ The first occupant has the right to the land both under squatter law and custom and under preemptionlaws ofthe United States.

jus divinum (j;}S di-vI-nClm). 1. See DIVINE LAW. 2. See NATURAL LAW.

jus primae noctis Ods prJ-mee nok-tis). [Latin “right of first night”] See DROIT DU SEIGNEUR

jus praesens (jds pree-senz or -zenz), 11. [Latin “present right”] Civil law. A right that has been completely acquired; a vested right.

droit-droit (drwah-drwah), n. [Law French “double right”] Hist. The unification of the right of possession with the right of property. Also termed jus duplicatum; dreit dreit.

“A complete title to lands, tenements, and hereditaments, For it is an ancient maxim of the law, that no title is completely good, unless the right of possession be joined with the right of property; which right is then denominated a double right, jus duplicatum, or droit droit. And when to this double right the actual posseSSion is also united … then, and then only, is the title completely legal.” 2 William Blackstone, Commentaries on the Laws of Eng/and 199 (l766).

droit du seigneur (drwah d” sen-yuur). [French “right of the lord”] Hist. 1. A supposed customary right of a feudal lord to have sexual intercourse with a tenant’s bride on her wedding night. 2. A supposed custom requiring sexual abstinence by a couple on their wedding night. Also spelled droit de seigneur. Also termed jus primae noctis.

wardship in copyholds. Wardship by which the lord is guardian of an infant tenant by special custom.

ward of admiralty, A seaman – so called because of the legal view that a seaman, in contractual matters,

should be treated as a beneficiary and the other contracting party as a fidUciary because of the perceived inequitability of their bargaining positions. [Cases: Seamen (;::J 1.]

tubman (tab-m;m). Hist. A junior barrister in the Court of Exchequer who made motions that were second in precedence to those of the postman. – ‘The tubman was so called because he stood by a tub anciently used as a measure of capacity. Cf. POSTMAN.

presumption of paternity. (1829) Family law. The presumption that the father of a child is the man who (1) is married to the child’s mother when the child was conceived or born (even though the marriage may have been invalid), (2) married the mother after the child’s birth and agreed either to have his name on the birth certificate or to support the child, or (3) welcomed the child into his home and later held out the child as his own. Also termed paternity presumption; presumption of legitimacy; legitimacy presumption. See presumed father under FATHER. [Cases: Children Out-of-Wedlock C=’3.]

laches, estoppel by. See estoppel by laches under ESTOPPEL

laches (Iach-iz). [Law French “remissness; slackness”] (l4c) 1. Unreasonable delay in pursuing a right or

claim almost always an equitable one – in a way that prejudices the party against whom relief is sought. Also termed sleeping on rights. L Cases: Equity (>67.] “Early in Its history, Chancery developed the doctrine that where the plaintiff in equity delayed beyond the period of the statute applicable at law, relief would be refused on the ground of laches even though no specific prejudice to the defendant was shown. Today. in most states, there are statutes of limitations applying to suits in equity. Despite

these, however, the doctrine still holds that even if the delay is for a shorter period of time than that of the statute, it may still bar equitable relief if it is unreasonable and prejudicial to the defendant.” John F. O’Connell, Remedies in a Nutshell 16 (2d ed. 1985).

International Parental Kidnapping Crime Act of 1993. A federal statute that implemented the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. 18 USCA § 1204. See HAGUE CONVENTION ON THE CIVIL ASPECTS OF INTERNATIONAL CHILD ABDUCTION. [Cases: Kidnapping C=24.]

enticement of a child. Criminal law. The act or offense of inviting, persuading, or attempting to persuade a child to enter a vehicle, building, room, or secluded place with the intent of committing an unlawful sexual act against the child. – Often shortened to enticement. [Cases: Infants (;=13.]

enticement of a parent. Rare. Torts. The tortious interference with a child’s rights and interests in maintainthe parent-child relationship, usu. caused by a third person who induces a parent to abandon the child .• Actions based on enticement, where they are recognized, are rarely successful because many states do not recognize a child’s legal right to a parent’s consortium or affection.

embryo informatus (in-for-may-tas). Eccles. law. A human embryo before it has been endowed with a

soul. – Also termed embryo inanimatus. embryo adoption. See ADOPTION.

emend (i-mend), vb. (15c) To correct or revise; esp., to edit or change (a text).

emenda (ee-men-da), n. pI. [Latin “amends”] Things given in reparation for a trespass.

emendatio (ee-men-day-shee-oh), n. [Latin] Hist. The power of amending and correcting abuses, according to certain rules and measures.

Black Acts. Scots law. Statutes of the Scottish Parliament passed from 1535 to 1594 and recorded in a book printed in black letter.

Black Book of the Admiralty. English law. A medieval code of maritime law containing admiralty laws, ordinances, and proceedings, decisions, and acts of the monarch, the Lord High Admiral, and the Court of Admiralty .• The Black Book is considered a definitive source for customary English maritime law. It also contains a copy of the Rules of Oleron, an 11th-century compilation of common maritime law.

Black Book of the Exchequer. Hist. A record book containing treaties, conventions, charters, papal bulls, and other English state documents .• It dates from the l3th century. – Also termed Liber Niger Parvus.

birth certificate. A formal document that records a person’s birthdate, birthplace, and parentage .• In

all 50 states, an adopted child receives a second birth certificate reflecting his or her adoptive parents. In such a case, the original birth certificate is usu. Sealed and can be opened only by court order. Some states allow limited access, depending on the year when an adoptee was born and (sometimes) on whether the birth parents consent. The trend today is to open records if (1) both the child and the biological parent consent – for example, through an adoption registry, or (2) the child requests and, upon notification, the biological parent does not veto the request. Oregon enacted the first statute to permit access to birth records upon the unilateral demand of the adopted child, once the child reaches the age of majority. See ADOPTION-REGISTRY STATuTE.lCases: Health (:::::>397.]

bishop’s court. l. An ecclesiastical court usu. held in the diocese cathedral and presided over by the bishop’s chancellor. 2. Hist. Eccles. law. (cap.) A court (usu.) held in the cathedral of a diocese, the judge being the bishop’s chancellor, who applied civil canon law .• The jurisdiction included appeals from the Court of Archdeacon. In a large diocese, the bishop’s chancellor would have commissaries in remote parts who held conSistory courts. See CONSISTORY COURT. biting rule. A rule of construction that once a deed or will grants a fee simple, a later provision attempting to cut down, modify, or qualify the grant will be held void. [Cases: Deeds (:::::> 124; Wills (:::::>601(2).]

birth. The complete emergence of a newborn baby from the mothet:’s body .• The quotation below states the traditional legal view of birth. In a few jurisdictions, the state of the law may be changing. In South Carolina, for example, a child does not have to be born alive to be a victim of murder; a woman can be convicted of fetal murder ifher baby is stillborn because of the mother’s

prenatal drug abuse. “For purposes of criminal law and also for those of property law, e.g. to become a holder of property and so transmit it again to new heirs, or to enable the father to obtain curtesy of his wife’s lands birth consists in extrusion from the mother’s body, i.e. in having ‘come into the world.’ If but a foot be unextricated, there can be no murder, the extrusion must be complete, the whole body of the infant must have been brought into the world. But it is not necessary that the umbilical cord should have been severed. And to be born alive the child must have been still in a living state after having wholly quitted the body of the mother.” j.W. Cecil Turner, Kenny’s Outlines of Criminal Law 104 (l6th ed. 1952).

Link to this writing by Kate of Gaia in .pdf format here: 


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It has been a long road to get here. It has been hard to come to terms with many of the lies and fictional realities we have been so carefully trained to believe in. The biggest hurdle of all was in the realising of the need to let everything go and to unpack the camel that it may pass through the eye of the needle of the Emerald City’s walls. A physical reality is a tough one for most to step aside from and seek the inner workings of self and all but it is a necessary step lest one remain in the circular traps so perfectly set for all of us.

We live in a world of commerce, a world I call the whore of Babylon both from the physical and spiritual perspectives. In order to be owned, one must give up mind, body and soul and I am most unwilling to do so. It is a world of make believe fictional characters created for each and every one of us where a few have seen the means to take hold of all the strings of this puppet world where those of the masses unwittingly, yet willingly, perform for these most cunning of “puppet masters”. We have all been deceived where so few, now becoming the many, are awakened from this long lasting sleep having eaten so hungrily of the apple the witch of Babylon has offered.

Oh so many have been duped and beguiled of this mistress of deception where we have fed upon each other to the glee of those pulling your strings. And while we can talk of blame and injustice, it is we who must face the mirror and come to terms with the fact that we, not they, are the true problem. The issue at hand is one of ignorance of self, the unwillingness to see into our own lives and face the mirrors of the darkest reflections. We will fight and we will cling to all that we think of as right and just whilst we, at the same time, are the cause of all our own woes.

For me, it was not a matter of how to lay bare the dishonour of so many that was already obvious, it was more a matter of how it was me that was allowing it by being more in dishonour of the truth. Ignorance of the law is not a defence of or from the law, that being the universal, natural kind, not the man-made fictional law that works to mimic it. It is difficult to play any game with an adversary that will change the rules inasmuch as we give them the power to do so. We are as children in this regard. When one grows up, one decides the game unworthy of even taking it out of the box it deserves to remain in, such is the way of Pandora.

So, where to begin explaining this game from its physical and spiritual mirror perspective? I like to begin by reminding myself that the physical realm that surrounds us is the illusion where only cause and effect clues reside. There are no answers in it, none whatsoever. It is merely the game board of consciousness where some have mastered it and use that knowledge for malfeasant purposes, flying in the face of creation while embracing creation at the same time. Some may shout ” Dichotomy!” but the simple truth is, all opposites are the same and only differ in degree of the observers willingness to see it. Yes, the mess you’re in, is your fault if you have the courage to face that.

As for the examples of that, one need look no further than the religion of the legal system and, indeed, nowhere else. The truth of the matter remains that all things legal are all things religion inasmuch as the legal system was borne of it. The earliest courts/churches were and still are the basis of the same systems today where there is no separation of church and state, period. They are one and the same and their purpose has been unwavering in its control of the masses for countless eons. That reign of terror, however, is finally over. Only when one begins to see the connection between church feigning spiritual and state acting as physical can one begin to see the true divide and conquer. What is most profound is that most within positions of assumed power are owned more completely than any slave of the common realms ever could be.

A slave understands freedom where one who thinks they are free is the most trapped of all. Even the reference to their religious garb and political robes are called the trappings of office. Nonetheless, the finely programmed egos of these beings keep the clearest of truths just out of range of their most narrow vision. My search was one of a very simple nature in that I had to find the one thing that every human on earth had in common, would take them from cradle to grave in that commonality and, something they would defend to the death for assuring a permanent state of fraud on their part, and no one else’s. The biggest clue was found at the end of their lives and it can be found on the tombstones of the many that never lived in the eyes of the system. It perfectly matched the only document ever offered freely by any church, state or government.

The design of the trap was so perfect in its efficacy, it made us make slaves of ourselves and any attempt to fight for freedom would always result in our own fraud, our own contempt of court and inevitably, our belligerence and circular vengeance. The slavery had to be freely given on our parts and in our ignorance. It had to be something that fed the ego of the belligerents and the coffers of the clergy and all the while, they retained their full honour in universal law standing. While the masses fight for what they think is right, they feed their own fires of hate, discord and division. The more injust the system would get, the harder they would fight empowering the very system that is feeding off of them.

The litmus test for this is quite easy to see and it will be the ones fighting this concept that proves the worthiness of the trap rendering it inescapable for the majority. This is the Chinese finger trap in full bloom where the harder you pull to extricate yourself from it, the more it holds on until one tires enough, relaxes their grip and voila, your fingers escape easily. There is a reason why the fangs of a serpent are pointing inward in that the more the prey struggles to free itself, the deeper the fangs sink in and why it is best to avoid the snake in the first place non? So, what could be so simple as to permeate this most perfect Chinese finger trap on humanity? For the astute and for those that have listened to me speak or read my writings, you already know where I’m going but for those less aware of what I speak of, the answers, was and always will be, the NAME.

I will share a few perspectives on this to aid in the observations of the trap where many of you may scoff. Always keep in mind, I care not what you believe and neither does the truth, that’s a simple fact. I have my experiences where this has all been laid bare for me and I have shared this truth for years now, albeit getting easier to share with people seeing this or themselves. You can spend all the time you want in their courtrooms but there is only one certainty you can ever expect and that is the fact that the courts are their game, rigged to their rules and they want everyone to play because it is guaranteed that they will win every time and “lose” a few just to keep the lottery illusion alive that on occasion, someone wins a case or two. This is the same philosophy a carnival gamer uses. They love to let people win their useless junk because the profits far exceed the expenses. Same things with the courts so who is the carnival clown then?

There will be many that still won’t get it after they read this but it is my hope and intention that they can swallow enough pride and ego to find the keys that will set them free. The chains that you think are binding you are the very ones that you keep firmly in your grip where all you have to do is let go….but many of you won’t and to your own peril and so be it. Where the true power of the NAME comes into play is the sudden realisation that everything you’ve worked for, everything you own and everything you will ever own up until you let go, was gotten via fraudulent means using a name that does not belong to you. This is a very tough pill to swallow and many of you are already choking, will spit it up and go on doing what the puppet masters want you to do. You will continue to commit fraud, day after day and you will be happy to do so as long as you keep getting your trinkets and scraps using a stolen identity and fraudulent, worthless pieces of debt paper.

The system had to get us to aid and bet in our own fraud to retain the upper hand of honour where we were always coming forward with “unclean hands”. It had to be “sold” to us in such a way as to we would see the benefits and miss the tricks and dive headlong into our own fraud and fight to the death to maintain it. Ah, it is so easy to control a child with treats and they don’t have to be big ones either, just treats is enough most days. To bring this into perspective, let me share a few fundamental definitions of words for you without going into the deep etymological sources, suffice it to say, been there, done that and cracked the code to the very letters. Let’s take a look at the word “register” for example and what its real meaning is. There are two very clear words there for me, the first being “regis” which is Latin for “to rule” and “ster” which means “creative, divine, feminine essence” and is akin to “star” where you can at once see the relevance of “starr contracts” from Black’s Law 9th edition. So, the word means quite literally “to rule the divine feminine” or creation herself.

Many of you who may be versed somewhat in “legalese” will recognise the term “pro se” which means to speak for yourself in a court setting. That translates into “for himself/herself/itself” and if you don’t believe it, look it up for yourself. The word “prosecute” translates into “do not pursue” in legal realms where its mirror in mainstream think is one of going after someone in court, to prosecute. The truth is, they don’t have to pursue anything because the mere fact that you are in a courtroom and don’t know who you are, is sufficient to convict your sorry ass for contempt and id-entity theft of intellectual property that was freely given to them. I’m sure much of this is not sitting well with you but then it’s the warring nature of the ego to want to fight, flee or freeze since it is ruled by the reptilian brainstem. Only when we decide to raise our level of thinking into the higher brains can we begin to set ourselves free.

Allow me to share a few facts as experienced by myself. On that document, the only one ever given to my parents regarding their deal with the devil called the Birth Certificate, it states quite clearly: “WARNING: A CERTIFICATE IS NOT EVIDENCE OF IDENTITY yet go and try to get any state ID without one. If it’s not meant to be used for identity, then what the hell is it for? It also says “CAUTION: THERE ARE OFFENCES RELATING TO FALSIFYING OR ALTERING A CERTIFICATE AND USING OR POSSESSING A FALSE CERTIFICATE. © CROWN COPYRIGHT It can be easily seen that if one were to use this document for such a thing as identification, one would be creating a false certificate and then possessing it. I can get into all measure of what it’s used for such as bonds creation, money creation, allowing for signature hypothecations etc. and on and on but I’m interested only in its fundamental purpose of tying the living spirit to the dead fictional realms. The birth Certificate is actually a Death Certificate.

We can also go on and on discussing all manner of legal attributes as per the hopes of those that designed the game to keep you looking everywhere but within so I won’t even bother and if that’s where you want to go, you’re missing the point yet again. I’ve been where you are, I’ve made the legal arguments ad nauseum and I assure you, that is exactly what the system wants you to do because in doing so, they keep you fighting in their courts, their system and ultimately in their religion of Ba’al worship with the whore of Babylon owning your sorry asses every time. You can talk to me all day about this document and that procedure, this tactic and that remedy illusion but for me, the fact remains; how are you going to do this WITHOUT using their NAME? The fact is, you can’t and it was designed that way.

There is but one thing left to do and one question left to ask any court: “Who owns the NAME?” I already know the answer and so do they. The trick is getting you to BE the NAME and DO things in their image of you THEY created. We can go into the Roman Maxims for things like “silence equates acquiescence” or Qui tacet consentire videtur. He who is silent appears to consent. Jenk. Cent. 32. where there is also silence upon the deceiver and thus their own acquiescence to committing it knowingly or unknowingly. Fraus est celare fraudem. It is a fraud to conceal a fraud. 1 Vern. 270. and Fraus et dolus nemini patrocianari debent. Fraud and deceit should excuse no man. 3 Co. 78.

I prefer to use simple analogies in that the one doing the stabbing with a knife also turns the knife upon themselves as per the golden rule. In a nutshell, it works like this. Mum and Dad, not knowing any better and trusting in others to not harm or defraud them have been told that it is customary to register their children with the state and/or church, called baptism. Regardless, there is no division of church and state in that they are one and the same as previously stated. The clergy of old were the courts of old and thus the judges and lawyers which became the BAR society and, of course, the governments and lawmakers as a result. In essence, the foxes are guarding all the henhouses. The parents, having done what they thought was right and being trusting never assumed that anyone could be so evil and devious as to spiritually kidnap their children from them and had no real questions to ask and no truths of what was really going on was given.

Shortly thereafter a document called the Long form birth certificate is created which is the original fraud and then a Short form was also created which creates the fictional corporation or dead thing/person/strawman or whatever you want to call it. Bottom line, the Short form is the proof of the fraud. Mum and Dad, being none the wiser as to their actions, keep using the NAME they gave up for adoption to the STATE by addressing their child with it, convincing the child that the NAME is theirs when, in fact, it is not. Mum and Dad are guilty of aiding and abetting their child into fraud absolving the STATE of dishonour UNTIL this disclosure is asked for. Indeed, who owns the NAME now? It certainly isn’t you and the sooner you get that concept, the sooner you’ll stop aiding and abetting in your own frauds and being possessed by your possessions. Did you never wonder why they refer to belongings as possessions or repossessing things?

The original fraud goes back even further with Mum and Dad getting married in a church or through a government office. Did you get married in a church and sign a marriage license? Then, if you did, the church AND the STATE owns your marriage and everything done within the confines of that contract and it IS a contract of a most spiritual nature, have no doubts on that. Now, to get a little deeper into the spiritual traps here, one must ask oneself as to why the system goes after the feminine creation aspect and here’s where I’m going to lose a lot of ego driven uber-programmed churchianity types that can’t let go of the most insidious program of all regarding the patriarchal control of their minds. Dare to read on if you can and see if you can get past all the dogmas and indoctrinations that have been slammed into you since birth.

When one understands the true nature of creation, one will quickly see that it is the feminine that brings forth creation, not the masculine. It’s even spelled out in Black’s Law 9th for you if you can read it. I am adding it here for your perusal with an explanation of its more ethereal and spiritual bindings.

* ward of admiralty, A seaman – so called because of the legal view that a seaman, in contractual matters, should be treated as a beneficiary and the other contracting party as a fiduciary because of the perceived inequitability of their bargaining positions. [Cases: Seamen (;::J 1.]

I am the stock of my Mother/Father, self-evident in the blood/aether in my lineage/veins, mitochondrial DNA “delta 9 Lucifer delta 10 mdna” from my Mother which is prima facie evidence of my bloodline (rhA+) where my Father is the beneficiary of any/all ascendants borne to him. The Father (semen*) of any/all borne to him render him the beneficiary only, whereas the Mother is fiduciary.

This where one needs eyes to see AND ears to hear….Seaman/Semen is merely the word trickery the courts and the masters of deception revel in. If anyone asks for me “give me your name” I have but one simple answer and that is “no, but I will let you hear my customary calling if you need a sound to reference my physical body by”. Here’s why I will never GIVE anyone anything without my intention to do so willingly because here, as below is also contract, as above. It was said to me once by one of the lawyers from the CITY OF LONDON, STATE BAR MEMBER that “here, it is ALL about contract”. The use of the NAME, without explicit permission from its rightful owners, The CROWN, is engaging in fraud and the use of stolen intellectual property as confirmed, in voice and in face to face conversations with an embassy official of the BRITISH HIGH CONSULATE, OTTAWA, CANADA that it is, IN FACT, fraud to do so and why I was able to procure an emergency passport as a result.

I have been lied to by more so called officials, legal types, judges and politicians than I’d care to count and the one thing that they all have in common is that they know they’re doing it and where I revert to “Fraus et dolus nemini patrocianari debent. Fraud and deceit should excuse no man. 3 Co. 78.” rendering all frauds, null and void, nunc pro tunc upon its revelation. What I did learn over time was how to ask the right questions to corner them by getting them to be doing me harm otherwise. Questions like “Is it your wish that I commit fraud?” or “Is it your intention to aid and abet me into committing fraud by using a NAME that clearly does not belong to me?” These are the mirrors they cannot stomach because they know what they are doing, many of them and especially the ones that claim to be “just doing my job”.

There is much joy to be found in their frauds however, once they are mirrored back because there is no limitations placed on a fraud regardless of how long it takes to expose it. That is the joy of “nunc pro tunc” or “now for then” which eliminates the time aspect bringing all crimes into the now for all to see. For those that still can’t see the truth in how it is WE who are aiding and abetting in our own fraud, let me clarify it for you further. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself honestly, the truth cannot be denied within no matter how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise. If you cannot face up to these realities, then you are not awake or mature enough to be considered enlightened, sorry to inform you. My mirror informed me nicely and no, I wasn’t happy either.

Here they are…..Do you have any government ID whatsoever such as a driver’s license, a passport, or anything of that nature? Do you have a bank account or credit/debit card? Do you have any loans or mortgages with contracts in the system? Do you feel the incessant need to fight in courts? Do you sign things like checks, applications or any manner of paperwork? In short, do you use the NAME on the birth certificate every day in all your transactions and communications? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are committing fraud, are in contempt of court and are seen as a belligerent.

People ask how the cops get away with beating people on the street and I say it’s easy; they’re beating up a criminal who insists on committing fraud by virtue of the IDENTIFICATION they carry and how they procured it of their own free will choice to go into a fraudulent contract using a NAME that doesn’t belong to them. Unless of course, you think that writing checks on someone else’s account is a good and lawful thing that is. Anything and everything ever created in your universe using the NAME on the BC DOES NOT belong to you….PERIOD and like Bill Hicks says, “I can hear your inner dialogue, you’re wrong, get over it”……Until you can face up to the fact that you’ve been duped grand scale, you will continue to fight a losing battle with the whores of Babylon because of your “mark of the beast” and they know it.

They have you right where they want you; in permanent dishonour until the question of “Who owns the NAME?” is the first question asked if you must go into court. For further understandings of how the courts work and get their power beyond this most basic truth. In order for the dark principalities to control this place and our lives and minds, they must take our creative spiritual energy to give them the energy these vampires require to continue. No, this is not just a physical game and truth be known, the physical is the smallest percentage of it where the real power lays hidden to the blind.

I know many of you may finally start to see the gravity of this situation and are asking yourself what to do as far as getting back into honour. The first thing that needs to happen is to wake up to this reality and shift your intention. It is too easy to become overwhelmed with all the situations and entanglements you have in this life but have some peace knowing that you have a new perspective as to your slavery and how you’re being made to serve it. Changing ones intention requires the baby steps doctrine and only doing the things you need to do and can do easily, step by step. for some of you, calling up your bank to have a chat with a bank manager regarding who owns the name/account etc. You may wish to ask some CRA or IRS branches some of the tougher questions all the while making sure you commit them into aiding and abetting the frauds.

It’s really quite simple that without the NAME’s being used and more importantly, SIGNATURES being given period, this system and its vampires starve literally overnight. For the more spiritually awake and astute, you will already understand that the signature comes AFTER the intent/spiritual contract and not before it. Actions always come after thoughts. I f you intend it; it is CONTRACT without another thing being physically done. I am going to add another article at the bottom of this essay that is what I sent to various government offices etc. to get my intent out there because I know the power of intent where the cause and effect is already rippling through the universe. Always remember, ye are gods and you’ve been duped out of it for a very long time and have suffered immensely over many lifetimes. Time to wake up once and for all…..the truth is, lose the NAME, end the game so we can all get back to being the incredible creators we are and not the mindless slaves we became. Much love and light, kate of gaia…….

p.s Why it is important to understand what a gift really is: GIFT: a voluntary transfer of property made without consideration, that is, for which no value is received in return. The essential components of a valid completed gift of personal property are: competency of the donor to understand the nature of his act; voluntary intent on the part of the donor to make a gift (called DONATIVE INTENT); DELIVERY either actual or symbolic; ACCEPTANCE, actual or imputed; complete divestment of all control by the donor; and a lack of consideration for the gift. A transfer that constitutes a gift may be of significance in several TAX contexts. For example, RECEIPT of a gift is excluded from the GROSS INCOME of the recipient, but the transferor may be subject to the unified estate and gift tax.

DONATIVE INTENT (Black’s 8th): the intent to surrender DOMINION and control over the GIFT that is being made.

DOMINION: having BOTH title to AND possession of property; having CONTROL of both ownership and use.

1. Given NAME……incompetently given by parents due to non-disclosure….voluntary only on a deceptive, non-disclosed basis and fraudulent intent by the deceivers nullifying intent on the “donors”…..nuff said with dominion and how this sews up neatly…kate

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I, who shall not be with LEGAL name hereby proclaim to all with unclean hands;

Be it now known that all words/spellings upon/within this document shall be of my will and intent only, without assumption/presumption on/of/by/for any/all concerned where my free will choice shall never be trespassed where my intent is my intent and no other’s;

Whereas a great fraud has been revealed and is laid bare where unclean hands are now in the light for all to see where any/all with unclean hands must judge only self, toto genere;

Whereas non-disclosure has intent to defraud in that act, any/all contracts of body, mind, soul are null and void, nunc pro tunc, praeterea, praeterea, praeterea ab initio, ad infinitum in this willful intent to commit fraud by omission and/or commission where others and all are concerned and;

Whereas threat of force perceived or real is proof of intent inasmuch as aiding and abetting in this fraud and where assumption and presumption is concerned, thus destroyed and whereby one is known by their actions of that/their willful intent either knowingly or in ignorance of the Divine laws under which all stand and;

Whereas all signatures, contracts, assumptions, presumptions etc. et al are rendered null and void ab initio inasmuch as all are in contempt/fraud where the CROWN owned and COPYRIGHT name/s WILFRED WILLIAM THOMPSON, PAULINE ANNABELLE THOMPSON nee COCHRANE, WILFRED KEITH THOMPSON, KAREN MICHELLE THOMPSON, EMILY HELENE THOMPSON, HILARY ANN THOMPSON, SUSANNE CAROLYN HERTENDY, MARJORIE JUNE THOMPSON nee ADAMS are concerned and;

Whereas the intent to commit fraud via deceptions/deceptios and willful non-disclosure of truths where intent to enslave all humanity/mankind by church/state in this intent is exposed fully whereby one’s actions make one known and;

Whereas all names registered are, in fact, property of the CROWN/VATICAN, all matters pertaining to such names registered and the use thereof render all parties fraudulent/in contempt via willful intent to deceive and/or ignorance of use where all matters of church/state remain matters of church/state where use of the name/s registered are concerned and where/when third party interloping is evident by my use or anyone’s use of stated registered names and;

Whereas it is not my intent to commit fraud or any contemptible/contempt able acts, it is also my equal intent to never aid and abet any other living soul via willfully knowing or ignorance on/in their/my part and any use of or claim made using the aforementioned name/s will render such attempt an act of fraud by willful commission and;

Whereas any/all use of church/state identification based upon these/all CROWN COPYRIGHT name/s or any variation/s thereof render/s the user in fraud absolute via their ignorance and by omission of disclosure of/by church/state and;

Whereas any/all claims made by any/all parties/agents/living souls upon another willfully or in ignorance to do so is guilty of fraud in that action by commission and/or omission of bearing false witness and is in contempt of church/state/self and is willfully aiding and abetting fraudulent deception/deceptios whereupon judgment is rendered upon any/all agents of church/state/self by the very action of claiming via CROWN COPYRIGHT fraud and;

Inasmuch as intent (spirit) must be proven where all are concerned, it is now incumbent upon the church/state that the willful intent to commit fraud ab initio is without intent to do so. With prior knowledge, the agents/clergy/BAR members/all bound by oaths etc. et al to/of/for/by/with church/state did/do willfully deceive humanity and is, by the actions of all bound to church/state by oaths sworn/taken/given judged by/of/in all acts of harm upon any/all harmed and;

Whereas fraudulent intent of all bound to church/state entities/Id-entities/living souls/principalities is visible via omission and/or commission by the actions of harm/intent to harm of/for/by all beings using a NAME in fraud ab initio, all claims made/ coerced/assumed/presumed etc. et al are, in fact fraudulent at source of/for/by all claiming any/all legal NAME(S)/fictional id-entities/titles etc. et al and/or thus any/all forms/aliases and are of/by/for the criminal intent to do so using the intellectual property of another living soul/spirit or dead fictional entity where I am toto genere, spirit, mind, body and;

Furthermore, to engage in such intently destructive acts of harm/deception/theft/coercion etc. et al against another via any/all means is shown by one’s actions and need never be judged whereby the act is the judge in/of itself, judge not lest ye be judged where assumption/presumption cannot/does not/will not exist after the act itself and;

Furthermore, any/all REGISTRATION/REGISTERING/REGISTER by omission and/or commission where full disclosure is not evident, the intent of church/state/any/all claiming such association/joinder by means of willful oaths, signatures (cursive), titles, etc. et al are, in fact, willful acts of pre-determined fraud knowingly or unknowingly where wrongful obligation(s)/curse(s) has/is/was the intent where obligation(s) is/are re-placed back upon those who knowingly and/or in ignorance of their fraud do so ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc, praeterea, praeterea, praeterea and;

Furthermore, it is/was never my intent to willfully use the property of another whereas any/all things REGISTER-ED are, in fact, claimed to be such intellectual property of another, namely church/state/CROWN where my Mother and Father (deceased), unknowingly were, in ignorance, aided and abetted of their consent into such church/state contracts, be they all forms physical (phi-psi-cull)/spiritual/mental and;

Furthermore, I place the onus (own-us) back upon/re-turn to any/all beings by virtue of their oaths etc. et al and self-judged in their acts, any/all obligations created by any/all contracts where all contracts entered into based on this fraud/original sin/intent to de-fraud are nullified/null and void ab initio, ad infinitum nunc pro tunc and;

Furthermore, all obligations upon myself created via this fraud are void inasmuch as the perceived/assumed/presumed gift, without consideration of any all NAME(S) is concerned in that a BOND/DEBT was/is/has been created in the form of a BIRTH CERTIFICATE with an assigned DEBT, not value, where I was assumed/presumed to be that value without/void of my willful consent where it was/is/has been the willful intent of/by/for all parties initiating such acts of obligation upon this, their DEBT and;

Whereas intent is clearly visible by any/all who engage in acts of commerce (Whore of Babylon) using the NAME (mark of the beast) is/was/has been/will be acting in fraud and creating harm/cannibalism against their fellow humans/beings since all fiat currency is based upon aforementioned BONDS and is guilty of human being trafficking of the highest order and in defiance of creation where consumption ensues and;

Whereas the willful intent from any/all willful associates/members/oathed beings of church/state/CROWN is evidentiary proof of/by/for any/all acts perpetrated against another where any/all REGISTERED NAMES are concerned inasmuch as non-disclosure by aforementioned was never given/offered where aiding and abetting in fraud is the intent and where any/all aforementioned have unclean hands accordingly and;

Whereas any/all REGISTERED “things/possessions” are, in fact, property of the church/court/state/CROWN (copyright) where any claim made by any/all not oathed to the aforementioned are matters of church/court/state/CROWN inasmuch as willful trespass and enticement into slavery via third party interloping into such matters that do not concern me, the one who shall not be of NAME where my own customary calling is mine and shall never be given and;

Furthermore, by means of this BIRTH CERTIFICATE (long form/short form) deception/non-disclosure/willful act of fraud, the only DOCUMENT(S) ever willfully given as proof of intent to commit fraud/aid and abet fraud by/of/for church/court/state/CROWN etc. et al and all oathed/bonded to willfully to such titles/fictions/corporations where the claim is also made that the aforementioned take on the role of perceived parens patriea (embodiment of state) and have/are, in fact, kidnapped/abused/harmed any/all who have been fraudulently claimed to be a “ward of admiralty” where the Mother is fiduciary, Father is beneficiary ab initio and;

Whereas the rites of both Mother/Father have been stolen via non-disclosure and willful intent as proofed by actions of those, by oath/willful application(s) any/all claiming to be of/for/by church/court/state/CROWN in the form of BIRTH CERTIFICATE(S)/license’s/marriages/FAMILY NAME(S)/taxes/registrations etc. et al ab initio therefore;

Is it the/your willful intent of this/you of/for/by/in church/court/state/CROWN etc. et al beings living/dead fictions to coerce, by force or deceptive means, to have me incriminate myself where I am in full knowledge of this dual fraud where willful intent to do so makes me/you guilty ab initio by claiming to own/be something that is/was/has never been mine/yours to be/claim?;

Is it your ( by oath entity) intent to aid and abet the furtherance of this fraud/cannibalism/child kidnapping/human trafficking/theft etc. et al via fictitious ACTS/LEGISLATION etc. et al by/of/for dead entities by/for/of dead entities (dead carrying out the dead) where I am one of the living versus a fictional dead entity created by/for/of the church/court/state/CROWN by enticing me via force/coercion/deception to be a surety for the church/state/court/CROWN created debt(s)?;

Whereas any/all fraud by virtue of its intent and creation remains as such, regardless of length of time taken for such any/all frauds to be exposed, all contracts are null and void upon its discovery where a fraud revealed is, in fact, null and void, ab initio, nunc pro tunc where all energies stolen in any/all forms shall be re-turned where the intent to commit fraud against me has been/is/will be with INTENT;

It is not/has never been/never will be my intent to willfully and knowingly commit fraud where mis-takes in ignorance by commission and/or omission are pre-sent and where any/all acts of mine are not in contempt(with temptation) of anyone/anything where any being choosing willfully to contempt me is now with intent to do so. All contracts/documents/signatures/agreements etc. et al are now null and void where any/all DEBT created by church/state/court/CROWN is forgiven/re-turned from whence it was created (forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors) where I am the non-contracting living with the debt BOND id-entity that is the property/responsibility (re-spawns-ability) of that/those which created it;

It is furthermore the obligation of any/all oathed beings of/by/for the church/state/court/CROWN to return my energy/creations/life-force stolen via this original sin/intent to de-fraud my Mother and Father where they aided and abetted in my own fraud by means of deception/non-disclosure where your unclean hands are/have been concerned. I seek no vengeance, I offer no judgments and return the obligations of debts/forgiveness to those who would/have deceived me where a crime against all humanity has been/is being perpetrated with willful intent in the light for all to see;

By one’s actions one is known and in-stantly judged in/of/for/by such actions where the intent is laid bare for all to see in/of/by/for any/all such actions whereas all/any beings willfully by/for/of commission/omission are held and bound judged of themselves. Act accordingly, lest ye be judged in/of/for/by oneself/yourself fully toto genere.

Link to this writing in .pdf format here: 


There is also a TEMPLATE version of this document for those wishing to use it to fill-out there own personal details.  It can be found on the Kate’s Writings Page.

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Attention all *BAR/non-BAR members.

*BAR members refers to all beings who are oathed to the CROWN/TEMPLE BAR and are therefore, foreign agents/CITIZENS of the CITY OF LONDON, STATE/ALIENS with special use of CROWN COPYRIGHT as outlined by the CROWN CORPORATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS. Non-BAR members DO NOT have use of CROWN COPYRIGHT and anyone using any CROWN COPYRIGHTED intellectual property are, in fact, committing fraud by omission/commission, knowingly/unknowingly where all doing so are guilty of UNCLEAN HANDS.

Inasmuch as ignorance is not a defense from/of the law, it is incumbent upon all claims to prove INTENT of that ignorance and furthermore, to prove the INTENT of any/all parties who are attempting to maintain/reinforce that ignorance to control a monopoly over humankind. A crime is not a crime unless all assumption/presumption is nullified where one is guilty or innocent via WILLFUL INTENT only.

With that out of the way, let’s get busy exposing the Achilles’ heel of the LEGAL system as it pertains to ADMIRALTY LAW/PHOENICIAN LAW upon which ALL legal matters are based. Where the spoken word (phonics) is fraught with assumption/presumption, I am going to SPELL it out for you. As a quick example of the word play (phonics) that is the art of the MAGI-STRAITS where assumption/presumption can be interpreted in many ways, let’s see how a presiding judge can be interpreted to have intent to kill shall we? An innocuous word like “presiding” as used in “presiding judge” can be assumed/presumed merely as someone sitting at the bench. With the prefix of “pre” which means prior to/before the word “preside” becomes “before-side” as in choosing a side beforehand. In phonics, the SOUND of side is also spelled “cide” as in homicide, genocide, infanticide etc. which means “to kill”. That means the word preside/pre-cide can be interpreted to mean to “before-kill” or, as in presiding, before killing. Such is the true nature of Phoenician/Admiralty law.

Therefore, it can be proven, with INTENT, that any/all presiding judges have INTENT with PREMEDITATION to kill or commit murder by OMISSION/COMMISSION where ignorance of this fact is not a defense and where ignorance of this fact renders any/all judges INCOMPETENT who shall claim ignorance. Catch 22 where a presiding judge is damned if they do/damned if they don’t claim ignorance and make amends to be free of the UNCLEAN HANDS. See the following excerpt from Black’s Law 9th edition:

clean-hands doctrine. (1914) The principle that a party cannot seek equitable relief or assert an equitable defense if that party has violated an equitable principle, such as good faith .• Such a party is described as having “unclean hands.” For example, section 8 of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act contains an unclean-hands provision that forbids a court from exercising jurisdktion in a child-custody suit in certain situations, as when one party has wrongfully removed a child from another state, has improperly retained custody of a child after visitation, or has wrongfully removed a child from the person with custody. The clean-hands doctrine evolved from the discretionary nature of eqUitable relief in English courts of equity, such as Chancery. -Also termed unclean-hands doctrine. [Cases: Equity (;:::::>65.]

While it appears to me that the vast majority of lawyers, judges, police/government officials etc. are vastly ignorant of what the legal world is all about, it’s time for you to get educated and I simply ask that you disprove, if you can, what you are about to read in commonly understood English where Phoenician Law/assumption/presumption is hereby/heretofore nullified ab initio. It has been nearly three years since a judge bowed to me in an open court and witnessed now by countless millions. It is rather unfortunate that the vast majority of lawyers, judges, police officials, government officials etc. are owned by their ego’s and greed, their “status” and perceived elevated level of self-importance. I have met many of you that have been “bought and paid for” and many of you have inflicted great harm to myself, my family and countless other members of humanity via this greed and pure insanity.

The well in which you drink from is filled by the blood of your fellow humans rendering those drinking, both cannibals and vampires of the lowest order. It matters not to me if you stop reading this because my INTENT is already in place, immovable, unstoppable and indestructible; such is the way of Natural/Universal law where all “man-made” laws are merely mimics dis-torting truth. It is much easier to control people via their ignorance and greed with man-made justifiers like “I’m just doing my job” or “I was just following orders” etc. ad nauseum. Unfortunately, for you, a mirror exists and I am that mirror where you will get to see yourself as you truly are.

In short, the whole system you worship is based in fraud absolute, with INTENT to deceive and, like Universal law, there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON FRAUD, period. Only intense greed, selfishness, willingness to harm others etc. keeps you under control of your masters. Please feel free to investigate me and my story and all the information shared here. You can also reach me, the unamed, in-voice via my cell phone at 226-971-9675 where my voice is mine, unique only to myself in frequency where no Id-Entity exists. Here are a few facts you’ll need to disprove:

1. ALL “REGISTRATIONS” become the sole property of the CROWN CORPORATION such as LIVING PEOPLE, CORPORATIONS, CARS, BANKS, HOMES, MONEY etc. by a willful, ignorant of the facts, ACT.

2. ALL “NAMES” are *CROWN OWNED COPYRIGHT (*COC) and any/all use of such NAME’s without express consent of the CROWN CORPORATION (UPU/VATICAN CITY, STATE et al) is, in fact, a criminal act of stolen identity, fraud.

3. The BIRTH CERTIFICATE is PROOF of INTENT to AID AND ABET the user of such document to commit FRAUD unknowingly via deception where any/all REGISTRY buildings/offices are the proof of premeditated INTENT to do so by virtue of them simply being in existence.

4. Any/all use of the BIRTH CERTIFICATE (Long and Short forms) to procure any/all IDENTIFICATION where using the NAME upon it is claimed is a stolen identity and counterfeit in nature.

5. Any/all CONTRACTS entered into using the NAME/assuming the NAME are null and void ab initio, nunc pro tunc where the party that offers the CONTRACT is guilty of aiding and abetting the other party into COMMISSION of FRAUD. As an example: Any/all banks that offer a MORTGAGE (DEATH-PLEDGE) CONTRACT, are, in fact, aiding and abetting knowingly/unknowingly by COMMISSION/OMISSION another into a FRAUDULENT CONTRACT and are guilty with INTENT where ignorance is not a plea of defense.

6. Any/all claims of OWNERSHIP of any/all things REGISTERED is, in fact, a proclamation of THEFT WHERE ONE IS ALREADY IN POSSESSION OF STOLEN PROPERTY by virtue of the REGISTRATION. As an example: If one were to hand over an OWNERSHIP/REGISTRATION document of a car with the BIRTH CERTIFICATE NAME on it, one is already guilty of theft and aids and abets their own guilt by doing so.

7. Any/all parties that carry LICENCES (Black’s Law 9th)

( liceity. (ll-say-tee or li-) Ecclesiastical law. The legality of an act, esp. of a sacrament. -Liceity is distinguished from validity in ecclesiastical law. Although an act or some part of it may be illegal, its pertormance or effects may be valid. For example, Roman Catholic law requires that the Eucharist be celebrated with unleavened wheat bread. If leavened bread is used, the bread would be an illegal substance, but the sacrament’s validity would not be affected.

license, n. (15c) 1. A permission, usu. revocable, to commit some act that would otherwise be unlawful;

esp., an agreement (not amounting to a lease or profit aprendre) that it is lawful for the licensee to enter the licensor’s land to do some act that would otherwise be illegal, such as hunting game. See SERVITUDE (1).

[Cases: Licenses “[A license is an authority to do a particular act, or series of acts, upon another’s land, without possessing any estate therein. It is founded in personal confidence, and is not assignable, nor within the statute of frauds.” 2 James Kent, Commentaries on American Law *452-53 (George Comstock ed., 11th ed. 1866).

licensee. (I864) 1. One to whom a license is granted. 2. One who has permission to enter or use another’s premises, but only for one’s own purposes and not for the occupier’s benefit. _ The occupier has a duty to warn the licensee of any dangerous conditions known to the occupier but unknown to the licensee. An example of a licensee is a social guest. Cf. INVITEE; TRESPASSER. [Cases: Licenses C:=>43.]

Author’s Note: The CROWN CORPORATION/ BOARD OF DIRECTORS/BAR MEMBERS/OATHED TO CROWN CORPORATION AGENTS etc. is deemed OCCUPIER by virtue of any/all REGISTRATIONS. Whereas any/all parties that carry/demand any/all licenses are, in fact, aiding and abetting the other party into an act of FRAUD knowingly/unknowingly by commission/omission where COMMISIONED OFFICERS do so knowingly by default and are GUILTY by COMMISSION.

8. Any/all PERSONS employed by/for any all governments, courts, churches etc. are COMMISSIONED OFFICERS by virtue of TITLE/RANK/OFFICE paid by a CROWN REGISTERED CORPORATION as evidenced by PAYCHECK.

As you can see, it’s quite a tricky little web of deceit that has all non-BAR members feeding on themselves for the explicit benefit of the BAR members. This is commonly referred to as divide and conquer where a third party interloper instigates a silent war getting their “opponent” to feed on itself.

As an allegorical example imagine two teams on a soccer field. One team has only BAR members and the other consists of those duped into serving the BAR team alongside their non-BAR member team-mates.  So, let’s put a MAYOR, a couple of cops, a few IRS/CRA employees alongside the minority of their typical non-BAR member team-mates. The whistle blows and the game starts…Every time a BAR team player gets the ball, they pass it to one of their duped servants of non-BAR status where that individual kicks the ball into their own net every time. Who wins the game?

This is why, in a courtroom, the BAR cannot pursue ( prosecute means “do not pursue) any living soul and must rely upon the ignorance of those they are fleecing to get us to fleece ourselves by claiming use of a NAME that belongs to the CROWN. The nifty part is that they use other parts of our society to do their dirty work for them to maintain Universal Honour in a guiltless veneer. Sorry, the jig is up. I find it laughable now that so many in the system that are paid by the CROWN (All government by affiliation jobs are) are content with their table scraps they get tossed. Yes, there are high RANKED OFFICIALS that get larger scraps but they will never own the castles, only the gatehouses, as a result. What would it mean to you if you never had to pay off your fraud mortgage, your fraud car loan etc. because doing so is, in fact, fraud? If you ever wondered what “making a deal with the devil” was all about, well, now you know. Those that serve the BAR as non-BAR slaves will only ever be slaves and that includes the militaries, government employees, cops, etc. regardless of your treats you get in rank or title. You are the fools who think you’re free and are the most enslaved as a result.

You see, with this truth ALL BAR members are now castrated and powerless without the means to get us to BE the NAME they so desperately need. Without a claim in fraud to a NAME, the CROWN/BAR TEMPLE is without “joinder”. One must confess to being a criminal more so than them for them to maintain their veil of “honour”. I would suggest going to a website that I post much information on this in greater detail; http://kateofgaia.wordpress.com Inasmuch as “kateofgaia” is not a REGISTERED NAME per se, it is merely a “persona” that I choose to use where my true name/way will never be known to anyone but myself and will never be GIVEN, only acknowledged as required where my VOICE is mine alone/all-one. It is also not my concern what you or anyone does with what I’m sharing; I seek no vengeance since that is the realm of war like fools. What anyone does with truth is up to them to either accept it or defy it and perpetuate their crimes knowingly or seek to make amends with those they have harmed, quite simple really. As a “heads up”, my website is not for those suffering from/of system induced mental retardation since it requires acceptance of truth, not some limited, installed by others, belief.

It’s quite obvious that this world is insane on many levels unless you think warring on innocents, poverty, starvation, earth destruction etc. is a good thing. It won’t take a psychiatrist to tell you what a five year old child already knows. If so, then you’re a prime candidate for losing on “Smarter than a Fifth Grader” since you are acting less than one. It is up to you to de-cide/de-side which team you are on and which team you truly play for because until you do, the third party interlopers will eventually destroy us all and YOU’LL be helping them do it. Yup, that’s pretty insane if you ask me. How many homes must you steal, how many families must you destroy and how many children must you aid and abet in killing before you finally wake up to your crimes? I know first-hand of many of you and, your INTENT to commit harm and crimes for some filthy lucre. How much use will you be to your masters once you have helped them kill those of us seeking to wake you and the rest of humanity up?

You will be as the former prisoner turned coat into a guard in a concentration camp against your own kind with the dubious honour of being killed last once your usefulness is gone. You are blinded by your greed, conditioned by the dumbing down of “education” systems you were raised in. Have a look at a pre-1913 grade 8 exam as compared to today and you’ll see just how dumbed down you are. Your history books are written for you to deceive, your English “rules” condemn you with your own words and the plot is far thicker than you could ever imagine. I have looked some of you in the eye, shook your hands while you were thrusting a knife in my back. You told me “I’m just doing my job” as you stole my home and you said “I have a family to feed” as you shredded mine, kidnapping me and them at gunpoint and destroying my ability to feed them as you stole my belongings and tools of survival. All this and more while you knew fully I was right because I had shown you.

My anger turned very quickly to pity especially for those literal children you sent to my house when I dared to return to my home two weeks after it was stolen. It saddened me to know that so many young people had been conned by their superiors who knew full well and admitted as such. Just ask former Deputy Chief of Police for GUELPH POLICE SERVICES, Brent Eden why he was suicidal and left the “force” after the minimum mandatory 3 years for his “retirement” package. His soul is worth 75,000 per annum with that act of cowardice. You may want to investigate former Police Chief Robert Davis as to why he “left” two weeks into my 28 day illegal incarceration in solitary confinement. You may want to ask Phil Andrews, editor in chief of the GUELPH DAILY MERCURY as to his role in smearing me where once upon a time, I was a shining star in music to his paper. It saddens me to know that on the Saturday night of my second violent kidnapping, the kids were likely out drinking and celebrating what they had done, especially the large young black man that all the other kiddie cops stood behind as he smashed my door in, dragged me out by the hair removing large clumps as he stood proudly crushing my wrist and windpipe with his boots. Yes, much to be proud of these children. A singing songwriting transgendered being must be quite a threat it seems, especially one that never raised their voice or hand to any of them. Alas, those deeds will be returned in kind, Universal law says so.

Take some time to investigate the ILLEGAL/UNLAWFUL LAND TRANSFER of 7 DALEBROOK PLACE, GUELPH, ONTARIO CANADA NIE-1A7 (*COC) where no number, no address, no mailbox existed when I lived there. Remove your mailbox and see how long it takes for a UPU representative to show up with a notice to re-install one. You see, anything sent via the UPU/POST OFFICE anywhere in the world is deemed a contract with merely the INTENT to send it because your mailbox is deemed automatic acceptance because you have one. Yes, anything you receive in the mail is deemed a CONTRACT already BEFORE you even open it. Oh, and that means e-mail as well since you have an e-mail ADDRESS and mailbox that YOU willfully created/accepted with INTENT to do so. In short…YOU ARE SERVED CONTRACT and I know it’s already deemed accepted and why I don’t care if I receive a re-spawns or not. Any good BAR lawyer in London will tell you, as they did me; “Here, it is all about CONTRACT” and I quote him as stated to me.

You may want to investigate the BRITISH HIGH CONSULATE and ask where former employee Paige is since he was moved from there shortly after I got an EMERGENCY PASSPORT on MY terms to take my Fathers’ ashes back to Ireland where I was born and where he wished to be buried with my Mother. Ask them why I was denied further help when my home was stolen six months later. You see, I already know the answers to all these questions and countless more that will defy your conditioned and mind controlled mentality. No, it’s quite simple really; you have been duped into serving a master that wants you to feed on your own kind and do it with vim and vigor as you suck greedily on the tits of the whore of Babylon/COMMERCE/MERCHANT/ADMIRALTY/PHOENICIAN LAW. As a real mind bender, you may want to seek answers to how a document with a mistake on it “magically” corrects itself while sealed in a safe that was served on my life partner, now ex, the night of the illegal SWAT raid and kidnappings of me and my family witnessed by her and a private bailiff who was holding the document. That includes the actual scans on my computer but not before the “original” had been emailed to KRMC so you may want to start there. Don’t get your hopes up though because there are a few that also know and will try to keep that little secret all to themselves. Not such a secret anymore.

All you need to do is “Google” “kate of gaia” and you’ll see just how busy this little beaver has been in exposing the multitudes of frauds perpetrated by the BAR society and its’ masters. Feel free to tune in any night since I do a radio show 7 nights a week with double ups on some days with other well-known radio stations. You see, I have no fear of truth nor of liars and thieves. I have witnessed the shame and fear of lawyers and judges up close and personal and I have been astute in observation of the effects truth and I have on these ACTORS/liars. The biggest fear of those in true power over this dominion is “If but one shall awaken, we are doomed”. Well, here I am and there are countless million more now with the numbers growing exponentially and peacefully, much to the chagrin of those wanting us to wage war further upon ourselves. You have received this binding contract as outlined in the laws of man you serve.

It matters not what you do from here on but be cautioned, what ye sow, so shall ye reap, what ye have already sown is now coming to harvest.

Think long and hard about your choices past and now present. There is but one rule in this universe and it’s the only one that matters to me; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The choice now is yours and it is simple where either way, YOU are accountable inasmuch as by your actions you are known. My grandfather told me long ago that once you make your bed, you have to lie in it. As for me, I am not a CORPORATION nor will I be aided and abetted into it. No, the TEMPLE BAR tables have been over turned now and the only “document” I will carry is the one that will force you to commit fraud if you use it where it was used to aid and abet me into fraud if I did. I will give back to you, the servant of Ba’al, the only document the *COC gives without asking and rather demands it be taken and that is the proof of fraud called the BIRTH CERTIFICATE. The fact that it exists is all the proof/physical evidence of INTENT TO COMMIT FRAUD that I or anyone else needs where the legal fiction world only needed us to claim it as our own and create our own fraudulent identities ourselves. You can continue to “practice” law or medicine where I chose to master it. Have a nice day, now choose….master or slave?

In truth, I, who shall not be named~

The link to the .pdf file is here:


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We are many things. We are what we eat, what we think, what we do and what we say. It doesn’t take an expert to know that if we eat poisoned foods, we in turn, are poisoned and our bodies have a constant uphill battle merely to stay alive. In this way, we tax our own bodies by our own consent. It can also be agreed that if we have constantly negative, less than wholesome thoughts, we also manifest that in our day to day attitudes. This is what separates the victims from the victors. Our actions most certainly speak volumes because they are the manifestations of our thoughts brought forth and shown in the visible light spectrum where most of our focus lies. Then there is the matter of what we speak, how we speak and the vibrations that are emitted forth into the seen and unseen universes. It is this, I wish to speak on mostly because the entirety of universes are created in the energy of sound waves, even visible light which is only a higher vibration of sound.

How many times have you said something to someone only to be completely misunderstood in the intent of what you were trying to say? Such are the limitations of language and in those limitations, many tricks can be played. How often have you found yourself in a mindless debate where the one you’re talking too has taken what you said in the wrong manner and you spend hours trying to fully explain it to them? This sort of interaction generally ends up tainting friendships, relationships, and family life etc. ad nauseum.

Where the word was uttered, the intent was missed or turned around by an ego seeking control. How many times have you had conversations discussing a concept with another and had an “aha!” moment? These are the times when resonance of concept occurs where there was no confusion allowed to set in and where both parties were seeking unity in truth. Here’s where I’ll make an attempt to make those events the more common one versus the prior and why I spend precious little time trying to explain things to those simply seeking an ego stroke.

In my experience, I have found great relief in deciphering the language from a slightly different perspective. Not one of spellings but rather one of hearings. Have you never wondered why they call court cases a hearing? It has to be that since you were already caught in their spellings and now they wish to add power of creation with sound vibrations. This is also why the courts/church are the masters of word trickery and also why everything is all about assumption and presumption where the intent must be proven. Intent is the only difference between first degree murder and involuntary manslaughter where either way, someone was killed and only the intent differed.

It was a matter of sorting out the sounds that are used and the corresponding sounds and multitudes of variations that were attached to all the sigils we know of as letters. Many letters have multiple sounds and these are LEARNED through forced practice called school. A child learns to speak long before they learn to write. You’re also going to need to get a little outside the physical box on this one as well since all speech is truly etheric and spiritual in nature; it’s what universes are made of, literally. As an example, I’m going to write a few sentences in the normal spell casting way where the intent can be assumed only via habit to illustrate the power of assumption in our everyday lives. Remember, this is “Show AND Tell” so it’s difficult to convey the sonics of this, without seeing the actual words I’ve written.

“Eye halve found many pea-pull that true lee halve know idea watt there saying because they halve bean taut four a long thyme two assume, threw habit, watt they halve bean indoctrinated in two bi spells and careful training two bee anything butt there intent. Sea watt eye mene?”

So, really, what are you saying and what do you really think you are saying? I can safely assume the previous paragraph based on sounds, would not be mine or yours intent, non? This is when we all need to stop and take a second listen to everything we utter, every literal creation we manifest. In this realm or dimension, we have those that have been invited in by our own calling, of our own free willed consent, like it or not. All universes are under the same laws, the same golden rule because balance must always be maintained be it perceived good and/or evil. It is all about contract here and everywhere, even the dimensions you cannot see. We observe everything, be it sonically or visually in a singular visible light/sound dimension. For proof of this, I will ask if you can see the wave patterns of sound, the infra-red spectrum, X-rays or anything of that nature? We can use technology to display vast new galaxies in the infra-red spectrum but we are unable to see them with our limited 3D eyes.

We all assume far too much and yet know far less than we think we do. This is the limitation of ego that renders many stubborn to move beyond the physical 3d meatstick reality because they have been taught for a very long time that that is all there is. They do this from an early age and by “they” I mean those that have higher knowledge of the universal laws and use them to control those of us still in ignorance. I’ll share a few examples in the hopes that the concept will be grasped where I prefer to show people how to fish versus simply feeding them. This game is all about self-responsibility where the masses have been lifetime trained to seek external saviors. Sorry, not one of those and certainly not yours, that violates the golden rule. I won’t ruin your game and life lessons, don’t ruin mine.

Let’s take a few words I’ve already written so far in this essay; Responsibility. Sound it out and see/hear what else is there that you missed in your assumptive haste that is programmed ego. Re-spawns-ability. Re, as a prefix, means to do again. Spawns is a word relating to new life or eggs of life being spawn. Ability, we’ll leave alone for now but there is much hidden still in the sigils and the sounds. This is not as complicated as it sounds for it is merely the concept that must be mastered, not the totality of the art. In short, once you click on the concept that we’re not saying what we mean where assumption is concerned, we break the spell. Right, write, rite or wright? So, for me, responsibility is the ability of bringing something back to life and why the system wants you to re-spawned to everything. They need your life force and depend on your ignorance to fulfill their wishes. Nifty trick eh?

As serious as this game can get to be some days, we need to let go of much to begin to see things that have been hidden. Once we lose the rage of being tricked and accept it for the masterful ploy that it is, only then can we begin to play it back. It was this much mirrored effect that gave me some pretty big keys to their game and that’s why their jig is up and they know it. So, how about the whirred physical? Where spellings are always deceptive, sounds tell the entire story. Every letter/sigil has more than one sound so let’s take the very unique letter of “Y” that is the only one that is a vowel/vow-all and a consonant (with sound). In the word physical we are taught to say it like the letter “i” in “lift” versus how it would sound in “high” so let’s switch(s-witch) it up shall we? Now “phy” sounds like “phi”. Part two of the word physical is “si” as in sit but let’s sound it “sigh” since that is an assumptive option. Interestingly enough, it sounds like another Greek letter “psi”(sigh sound) with the remainder of the word simply sounding like “cull”. I have decided to alter/altar their spell thusly: Phi-Psi-Cull.

Let’s go a little deeper on this. What do the Greek letters represent? Phi and Psi are the 21st(777) and 23rd (psalms) letters of the Greek alphabet. Phi ratio is the sacred geometry of creation itself where Psi is the spirit so I see/hear the word “physical” to be a culling of the sacred creative spirit and the trap of traps. Thus why this realm has people so focused on the “meatstick” and not their true selves as consciousness and master of all things. No, it wouldn’t bode well for one wishing to control anything that far out powers it if it knew it. It does take a little practice to really get the hang of it but the true art form is slowing down enough to not be distracted by everything physical and mental interfering with our abilities to do so. To be plain about it, sit down, slow down, shut up and listen closely. If you don’t, you’ll miss it and why we have for so long. We were the ones that assumed far too much and it was turned in the mirror to control us.

If I showed you a picture of a “happy face” logo, you’d get the same concept as most everyone where pictures or glyphs are much more difficult to assume or presume anything. No, the “riting” of spells had to be more complex to outsmart those of us who might have caught on sooner. If I asked you to visualize a cat would it be safe to assume it was a tabby or was it a sabre toothed tiger? There’s where we get hooked on the spells and then, by phonics. We utter the words with such irresponsible vigor yet we have no true idea what we are litter-ally puking into existence. Prefixes and suffixes are nasty little pieces of work that alter the meanings and assumptions of words dramatically. Imagine a language without them. We had that once because both of those forms are add-ons to existing words. Another interesting thing about the prefix “re” is that it is the ancient true spelling of the Egyptian sun god Ra.

The letter “r” is also a very special letter to me. In Greek it re-pre-sents/sense the letter “rho” as in row, row, row your boat (mind). It is pronounced with a rrrrolling sound much like the Scottish still say it correct. That letter “rho” means “breath of spirit or spirit breath” aka creation. What, you think the Vatican’s symbol/cymbal/sigil of chi/rho (key/row) is merely a fluke? The Greek letter “chi” (pronounced key) looks like the western “X” and “rho” takes the form of a “P” in reverse, and for me, that is a deliberate mirroring of the real intent. Visualize the letter P backwards and ending in a point versus being rounded and you’ll know what it looks like. Let’s get phonics on it. Chi can be sounded out like chee(cheap), key(quay), kai(kite) or ki(kip). I was rather fond of the kite sound so I switched it up to see what i would get, never assuming any sound whatsoever and sounding them all out to see what I would “hear/here”..

Have you ever heard of a city in Egypt called Cairo (chi-rho)? Just what is the Vatican’s/elites lust for Egypt anyway? Here’s the thing. Take the letter P and put an X over it and there’s the symbol. Since the P is reversed, also can the X be “assumed” to be reversed although not many would even think of doing that since it looks identical. Ah yes, you forgot the one important thing I mentioned earlier; Intent…oh yeah. An X can also now be considered a duality in singularity creating a literal double-cross. Have you ever heard that mentioned before as in someone “double-crossing” you? Did you never question why and where that expression (X-press-shun) came from? Now have a look at the flag of one of the other centers of evil called the City of London, state as in the union jack or the Un-ion hi-jack. Yes, one has to be a little more creative in one’s thinking to see these things but I’ll do my best to show a few things I used to get outside their box.

Have you ever had the feeling that you’ve been double-crossed your whole life in one way or the other and you wanted to figure out why? The basis of true humanity is one of compassion and unconditional acceptance via free will choice, live and let live. As powerful and beautiful as that can be, it was also our downfall where it was and is the wishes of lesser caring or soulless entities to use to their own benefit. If you’ve ever been screwed over by another being because you trusted them fully where their intent was shown to be one of trustworthy and ended up being far less than that in their actions, you’ll know what I mean. This is the reason why I never create obligations. It took me a long time to figure it out, I was in my late twenties, when something my grandfather mentioned to me finally resonated properly.

“If you ever decide to lend someone money, give it with the intention of never getting it back”. You see, an obligation works both ways when loans are made. This is the true nature of usury, not the ridiculous interest distraction. Only an obligation can enslave us, not the interest on it. An old saying comes to mind and one that humanity ignored and is being reminded of now. “Never a lender nor a borrower be”. That doesn’t mean screw everyone if they need help, no. Rather it means that if you have the means to help, do so willingly, without obligation because the truth is, it will enslave both minds, hearts and souls until the DEBT is forgiven. Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. Where in that statement does it say “take”? The bottom line is this; if you give expecting it back, you’re enslaving both parties where the true intent will always be shown in someone’s actions. If you can’t afford to give it as a gift, don’t make debt slaves out of you both.

This is the true trickery of spellings where you often find yourself saying “that is not what I meant/ment/mind” but it usually falls on deaf ears since the spell was already cast. this is the power of whirreds where they’ll spin you out every time where the intent is left wide open to interpretation and it won’t be the one you wanted unless you get a grip on the word puking we all do. The spell is broken with me where only my intent is given out now and any misunderstandings from anyone else are theirs, not mine anymore. If you misunderstand me, then you are still under the spell of sigils empowered by phonics or “spirit breath”. Speaking is not an external creation, it comes from deep within, first by thought and then, through vow-call chords. Was that bow to your lady or give her a bow?

I also had to bring in the musical scales to see and hear this even deeper and, in fact, music was the chi/quay/key that opened the lock/lough/waters of truth. Here’s a question for you. What is the lowest beginning note on the scale and is also a nickname for money? What is the highest note and something hot you drink? I could write/rite a book on the musical scales and all the trails that i followed, one after the other with resounding epiphanies all the way. I even used these altered/altared spellings in legal documents long ago to let them know I was catching on to their word trickery. If there was anything that got me attacked, it was this unveiling of the word trickery, not the matters contained in the documents. You see, once the power of the spelling illusion was broken, it mattered not what I wrote anymore but that too many people would see the spells for what they are.

Let’s do another paragraph of altered spellings/intents shall we just to reinforce the concept of the double-crosses shall we?

” All ways keep in mined that EVERYTHING ewe udder is Cree 8 Ted in the invisible universe. Weather ore knot ewe be leave it is knot relevant two watt is being brought in two X cyst ants and wear psi-lents is goal done. It matters knot tomb me watt ewe think ore be leave because won thing eye no is that when eye se n-knee thing, eye no eye halve created sum thing, sum wear that is an a bomb in nation two gnat your all lahs”

So, the simple truth is, the less you know about this trickery, the more you need to be silent because this has been making an absolute mess of everything and it’s about time we put up AND shut up until we get our e-motions (no motions) in order because when the emotions rule the mind, many bastard creations get put forth. Please don’t under estimate your abilities because those that have you under their control know full well of the power they wield over us in our blissful ignorance of these laws. There are only two things one needs to control the masses and those things are fear and ignorance where both are rife in our whirled today.

Every sigil, symbol, letter, number etc. are created off the flower of life or the flow-er of life and are empowered as such with creation itself. Seriously, how powerful do you think you would be if you had billions of souls doing all the manifesting because you have them babbling according to your intents? If it is your wish to keep enslaving yourself and others, then “Babylon” in ignorance. Have a second look and listen to why they had to castrate/Ka-strait Osiris which/witch makes more sense to me in that Ka is Egyptian for spirit and a strait is a narrow waterway. This is why we need to ka-strait ourselves. The more astute will quickly real eyes how many terms we use are in direct relation to the sea and maritime traditions.

Ancient etymology has the words mind, boat, barque, ship, and ment as all being one and the same. Even the word phonics comes from the ancient Phoenician maritime civilization that was known for their warring ways. Think of all communications (com-you and I-Ka-shuns or with one spirit shuns) and the use of the combo letters of “ph” with “P” as reversed rho and the letter “H” which I see as a vow-all, not a consonant with no Greek letter representing it and why it is silent in most languages except (X-sept/seven) Angle/Angel-ish. If something is “ish” it means it’s only sort of like the original eh? To me, the original language was silence because you can hear a sound in your mind; create it without needing to be phi-psi-cull at all.

Let’s look at a few other “ph” words such as even our own alkalinity levels of “ph” balance. Words like telephone and phonetics are all phony means of communication. Greek letter phi is the literal aspect of creations ratio itself. Phee, phi, pho, phum or Fee, fie, fo, fum? Are you starting to hear the picture yet? Are you starting to understand the gravity of the situations that have had us all trapped for eons because once, long ago, we opened our “pearly gates” and let heaven slip forth via a langue-gage/tongue pledge? What did you think pearly gates meant in relation to heaven? Heaven means “heaved up, thus head” and the Vatican mirror boys have had us worshipping (war-minding) their phalluses/phalaces with silent “h” all along. The word “pen” means head as well so consider a few other words where their dick worship shows up in penal colony, ( isn’t the colon the place where the sun don’t shine and makes sense as to why they’re so into buggering little boys?), penis, penitentiary, pencil, pentagon, pentagram(theft of divine feminine) pendragon etc…..

It is more important to me that people begin to see the nature of the spell versus the vastness of it and how destructively pervasive it is and how utterly distracted most of the masses are in their own culling. Trying to fix your body before you clear your mind of the garbage is like putting a brand new paint job on a car in the junkyard and why i get so adamant about getting out of the distractions. You can make a junk yard car look great but it’s not going anywhere and the simple truth is, we are all driving mental Ferrari’s in a parking lot boxed in by some very clever beings. What part of “Ment-All” did you not hear? We create our own future, each and every one of us and if the focus is maintained on the physical, you’re going to miss the real show and you’ll be culled along with those that are yet still sleeping.

Here’s the good news about that and I always refer to the law of dominant frequencies for this clearing up of nonsense. How many of you are trying or have tried to awaken someone up that you knew to be sleeping be it a friend family member or otherwise? I will simply ask you to stop trespassing on their free will choice to experience life where they are at. You need only empower yourself to have the dominant frequency effect. Do you know why the “follow the crowd” is so powerful? It’s because there are some that know how to dominate the frequencies to make it very uncool not to follow the trends. How down did you feel after trying and failing and ultimately pissed off someone for trying to awake them? Is that a good energy to be in and more so, share? Yeah, you’d best stop that because you are creating an obligation and a double cross while trespassing on the most fundamental law of them all; free will choice and consent.

How long would it take for you to get pissed off if someone walked into your room while you’re sleeping and wake you every hour on the hour? It’s a different story if you ask someone to wake you at a certain hour and it is only the inevitable consent I’m seeking and waiting for. It is only important for you to power your own inner light up and that is done with knowledge, then knowledge put into action creating wisdom. You then become part of a higher frequency that is engulfing this planet right now where all lower frequencies rise to the new dominant one of positive light. Yes, even those most evil and sleepy will have to awaken as a result where they too get a chance to re-pen-t (sun of god in the head/mind of love). This physical realm is merely a playground that has been corrupted by the very few but we are equally responsible for allowing it to happen in the first place via our childlike innocence (in-no-sense) but we are getting wiser and vibrating higher by the second if the illusion of time be considered.

It is also no coincidence that the Age of Pisces was the age in which the darkest aspects came into light and why the Vatican goonies wear their fish hats and became fishers/fissures of men. They got us hooked by phonics, sending forth our altared creations through our pearly gates in and of our own ignorant consent and all we have to do, is to take the hook out of our mouths and stop taking their bait because they are the master-bait-oars of the highest/lowest order. I will also finish up with this. Look at the word “aura” split in two to form au-Ra. Au is the periodic table symbol for gold and Ra is the sun of god which is you, not the one in the sky since that is only a re-fleck-shun of your true inner self. Those that have made a mess of this place with our help are here to mine our true gold, our creative energy, our aura….not the gold in the ground. No, they got us to help them destroy the consciousness of our Mother Gaia first where we were traders/traitors of her first and now, with their BOND created money, they have us cannibalizing each other where our true gold is simply being given away and culled like any other no minded, soulless crop. This is where you have the choice to be hooked, rooked and cooked by/for/of/in/on/as phonics or not. Silence truly is golden; long may you shine…..much love, kate of gaia

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The path we walk is a narrow one. The roads around it are wide and colourfully distracting. You will find most of the people out there on those roads and very few that can manage the narrows. Scylla and Charybdis, the devil and the deep blue sea will be on each side of you in the age old, damned if you do, damned if you don’t dichotomy. It takes a steady helmsman to steer any ship through these treacherous waters and few survive the journey. The temptations will be vast, varied and many to distract you and force you onto the rocks at the first slip of sweaty hands on the rudder. You will be tested at every turn to measure the mettle of your stamina, endurance and tolerances of spirit. Such is the quest you are on. You are awake now and there is work to be done, some more than others and that depends on previous lessons and previous lives’ experiences.

Your road, your choice. During the moment of every decision, you have two paths, one choice of which one to follow. The carnal aspect of your left mind seeks the pleasure of the easy road that leads to the satiation of desires. The spiritual aspect of the right mind remains closed if the wrong paths are taken. Only in the left mind can you be led by emotion and in the right mind, you hold the helm of the heart where the truth steers you through the rapids. These waters we travel on have all manner of weather with clear sailing and storms that many shall succumb to. This game only offers one life per level and it is up to you to ensure the lesson you seek is learned lest you lose that life and have to start anew with a new game piece called the human body.

Some people place their game pieces in front of the TV and ravage it with processed poisons; others prefer to keep that temple a little more pure. In short, you are on a mission of self, a journey of spiritual evolution if but you will see that. You have the choice of losing some of your crew on your ship or losing the whole ship but be assured, there is a price to pay. Every decision you make will always cost you something if an exchange of truth is to be gained. If you didn’t earn it, you didn’t learn it. It is the reluctance to let go of anything that costs you dearly and inevitably, the most in the end. I have often used the example of an open hand with sand or sand being squeezed in a clenched fist. The sand will always leave the clenched hand by virtue of the pressure exerted upon it.

The more you resist, the more it persists. These are fundamental natural laws that you have been steered away from to ensure that you hit the whirlpool of Charybdis. This is your rock and a hard place choice. In the desert when one digs a well, most times the well has to be forced to give water by pouring vast amounts of precious water to break it open, sometimes the entire contents of the reserves on hand. This is a “do or die” scenario. The water reserves will keep you alive for a season whereas the well will keep you alive for a lifetime. The only choice really is one that asks how long do you want to live? The allegorical and metaphorical nature of the bible has many of the same occult or hidden truths that were placed there for those with eyes to see it.

How any times have you used the poetic nature of an analogy to convey a concept where the normal use of words just can’t say it? This is the mystic way, the way of the ancients to make sure that those who would read it generations later, wouldn’t lose the message or the concepts of the teachings of the most profound of truths. These are your maps and your charts to navigate the choppy waters we all must sail upon. The Pillars of Hercules are your temples on each side of your head, all the clues are there if you choose to see them or continue to choose the blindness of your emotions. Between these Temples of Solomon you will find Scylla and Charybdis on the waters of truth. There is no security here. There is only you and how you choose to helm your ship. If you dare, you will pass many that have pulled into the security of a port along these emotional waters and, there they will remain, because it is com-fort-able; literally the fort around Abel where none may enter. Only a ship moving beyond these ports will stand a chance of reaching its destination.

You will meet many on your travels that will sail with you for a while but they too, some of them, will pull into their own ports where their ships will rot in harbour from neglect and distracted forgetfulness. But your ship is strong, seaworthy and able to ride the storms out for you have been on these waters a long time. You are the seasoned sailor, used to ripped sails and shredded rigging, fixing holes in your flanks from the rocks on occasion but still, you will sail on. The further you travel these straits, the fewer ships you will find in your fleet but there will be others who are just as willing to carry on regardless of the cost because you know, somewhere deep inside you, the prize is worth it.

There will be days where you doubt your ship, where you’re caught in the doldrums, if but for a while. These are the things that truly test the integrity of your hull and your ability to navigate without stars or suns. You will question every choice prior that finds you where you are if the way is not clear when suddenly, and always, your own star appears and the winds renew the filling of your canvas. You have taken the time during these doldrums to stitch tears, replace masts that were felled by the bigger storms. The bigger storms leave you with more repairs and more decisions to be made to either pull into a port, and, be satisfied where you are, or to simply fix things on the fly during your “down” times.

But you are an experienced captain. The further you travel, the more you get to know the crew but, you also know that there will still be times ahead where some of this crew will be lost. You will also find that you will always have exactly the right crew left to continue sailing after the mourning is over. Yes, this way is narrow and this way is painful at times but you also know that with each passing storm, you will be a better captain or be one that gives up. That really is the only choice you have, no other. This choice is yours and yours alone because this ship is YOU. Some have lost their ships completely but they have continued in the water with the pieces left of a shattered hull, with their charts gripped in one hand and a paddle in the other. Yet they persevere because they know the prize is waiting.

They don’t know exactly what that prize is but they know, instinctively and intuitively that the prize will replace their ship a thousand fold. This is the journey of you. This is the homecoming to the true self within. This is the ascension. There is no one coming to save you, to whisk you up to safety on this journey. It will be you and you alone who decides if you make it and so very few ever will and I now know why. A question I have constantly asked myself is this; if not me then, who can do this? Some of you already know what that means and I will not explain it any further. If you do not understand the question then you will never understand the answer because you’re not ready to ask either. Your actions are your measure. How you treat the other ships sailing with you will place you a long way back in the fleet or in the lead much in the same way geese take turns leading when the current leader falls back due to exhaustion.

Even so, they still fly as one flock/fleet inasmuch as we too must sail on as one yet so very few can or will with some resorting to raiding and boarding other ships as a result of emotions. Many will be pulled down by the whirlpool of Charybdis; very few will pass near Scylla fearing to lose anything or anyone at all. We, who have chosen to sail closer to Scylla, know of the pitfalls and the guarantee of the losses of some of those closest to us. We saw that early on our voyage when first we set sail. We dared to create small ripples on the illusional pristine surface of these security laden waters and many around us scoffed. We were exchanging what used to pass for reality for something that actually was reality but then people don’t want waves in their ports of lading. Their berths are secure with their slavery of ignorance freely chosen; let them go. There will be those of you who are truly able to read this and everything I am including here where you might see between the lines and garner more than the superficial layer of literal, and delve deeper into the metaphors presented. You might see the fractal nature of this game in that all things are in all things, such is the cosmic way.

The ship I refer to is ancient etymology for the word “mind”. This may also hint as to why the system uses all things “ship” as well. Knowing the root/route of a “whirred” allows for the deeper and truer understanding of the deceptions and veils cast over us. A veil can cover whereas a vale is also open meadow, same sound, different intentions. The only veil that you need to use is the one that covers the left mind, the carnal mind of emotions in order that you may finally come to see yourself as the captain and god that you are. Yes, there IS a war on for your mind and they use all the tools they can to keep you listening to the only crew member that is trying to scuttle your ship; Cain/left mind/carnal/the wife of emotion. In order to be master and commander of your ship, this mutineer must be silenced and tossed in the brig where it belongs. Cain will go to all your crew members to keep you in turmoil and to keep you putting out constant emotional fires lit on your decks.

Once you can bring Cain under control, thus your emotions, you can begin to move forward again. Emotion is E-motion which is “no motion” and will land you in the doldrums every time. It is more a question of “Do your emotions control you or do you control them?” That is a question only you can answer if you even have the strength to face it and ask. Most people will not ask that question because they are too busy being wrapped up in the illusion of a game that is designed to keep you there. If but only, you could see that. I have lost my most precious crew members in my journey but then, somehow I already knew I would and it’s taken me my own time to see that for what it is. Things like this are merely a test to see if you will yield to Cain and wallow in the left mind doldrums. People will quibble and squabble thinking they can figure out courts, governments, and man’s inferior to natural laws yet totally miss their own boat in the process. That is the intention of this game and test. Will you be distracted and yield to the ego that says you must fight and win, or, will you simply see this game for what it is and peacefully sail through the storms you inevitably have brought upon yourself to see if YOU could handle it?

I chose to see my lessons for what they are in my own journey of spiritual evolution. I know the prize that awaits and I will be relentless in its pursuit. There are many that have been duped into “positions of feigned power” wherein they think they are in control of others. The truth is, they have lost control of their own self more so because it is they who are ruled completely by Cain and have the furthest to sail as a result. This is why I don’t get angry or hurt anymore with what has been “done” to me.

This game for me is a net result of MY choices and no-one else’s. That will be a very large blue pill for people to swallow. I have been through some major storms, had my ship almost sank a few times and it has suffered more broadsides than most could handle. Alas, this was my choice in order to grow and evolve as the divine being I am and that you are, if only you could see that. I have learned how to change tack in the doldrums where they can’t hold my ship still like they used to and it’s as simple as being responsible for your emotions and choosing whether or not you want that particular feeling. Just with that thought alone, your sails will begin to billow as a new wind arises to move you along. Again, YOU are the captain and where your ship goes and how it sails is your decision fully but only once you grab your own helm back. Cain will wrestle with you incessantly, he will badger you for control and make you think it’s still you running the ship. The only usefulness this crew member has is his ability ot use logic and nothing else. This is about modifying your ship, streamlining it so it travels clean and true through the storms that may or may not follow and, that too, is still your choice. It all depends if you saw the lesson for what it was and not just another reason to bitch at others because Cain/ego told you so.

Anger, hate, fear, lust, pride, and greed etc. are utterly useless in the spiritual sense but the ego/Cain will tell you otherwise because emotion dictates the choices. Emotions will steer your ship into dangerous waters every time until you become as “Spock” where the need of the many, far outweigh the need of the few. This is where we all must “Vulcanize” our ships, our hulls and our rigging. This is an upgrade towards “god-mode”. Will you be distracted with exotic ports of call, lured by the Sirens onto the rocks or the Mermaids calling you to your doom as you are drowned in these illusions? Does your ship and your crew matter enough to you to make the difficult choices and chart your way with precise and narrow accuracy? I have been judged too many times to count, been accused of egotistical ways due to my passion and have been loved and hated more than many people that I know, including my own flesh and blood. Yet, I will sail on knowing the true purpose of this journey. This is the journey of me and I know I’m finally up to the task. Yes, I will still hit some choppy water which will allow me to further unpack my camel where the needle gets wider every day too.

I no longer have pity or any emotions for those who win or lose in the game because I know why now. They, like me, are on their own journey for their own experiences and salvation whether it happens this lifetime or next. That is no longer my concern since I have a more important job to helm my own ship where I don’t collide with anyone else’s or find myself floundering in the shallows and shoals. The deeper the water, the smoother the sailing. Just like a pool; you can drown in either end be it the deep end, or the shallow one. This pool has a few more challenges. This ocean is fraught with Scylla and Charybdis at every choice. You can choose to see that, or not. This ocean is within each and every one of us if we but just close our eyes and see it. Nothing outside of ourselves has any answers, merely clues towards finding the true answers within. I look around me and see very few ships alongside but I also see that not far behind are the sails of others that are quickly catching up. I will choose Scylla every single time because in that choice, my ship will never be lost in the abyss of Charybdis’ whirlpool of total destruction, reboot.

Whether or not you get home this time is your choice and some have many experiences to learn yet. Much like those that I never knew who took it upon themselves to steal much from me in the material sense. All good here and they can be owned by the possessions that once possessed me. They also get to experience exactly what they have sown in their own ignorance and delusions. I have chosen to flow in the current of life, not death. Those that I love will see this, or they won’t; their choice. All those that have run for the hills and securities of a port have only themselves to judge for I can judge them not; only see it for what it is. The majority of the most loved and most trusted in my life have been lost to Scylla but that was just a part of my own test to see if I would pass. I’ve never allowed myself the luxury of failure for too long anyway and now it is hours in the doldrums versus months. They will see the light I offer or they will wrestle with Cain to justify why they cannot. I have no need to forgive anyone since that, in and of itself, is casting a judgment where somehow, something wrong was done to me.

Whatever the reasons that people use to justify their actions and lives is entirely and only up to them since I sail on a ship of love with beacons blazing. I will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune because I know that I can. I captain a flagship, not a ship of the line. I am well stocked and well armoured now with every new upgrade after every battle and storm. I could only wish that ideal to be had by others but then, not my choice, that is yours. In closing it is my wish that you encounter smooth sailing with just enough of the right storms to see you through to the end of this particular journey of you. Besides, I’ve gotten pretty good at repairing damaged vessels and I’m more than willing to have you pull alongside where my crew may assist yours as we head into the sunrise of tomorrow. The choice was and has always been, yours. Much love, kate

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Once upon a time or so the story begins………Truth, as one will see or not, is far stranger than fiction, such is the effect of being too long in the twister that wrenched us from home and landed us here in Oz. All the while, we have been stuck in one tornado after another during the entireties of our lives and based our “opinions” on the unoriginal ideas of others who have made a dogs dinner of our pure white canvasses. With the constant spinning in the clouds, we only get glimpses here and there of any truths that might have made it possible to get to the Emerald City sooner and with less wear and tear.

While I was watching a video of someone “exposing” this masonic symbol or that illuminati “spell”, I watched her miss the point entirely based on her somehow knowing what all of it really meant. Unfortunately for her, she never stopped to actually question herself as to where she got her information. Granted, she was at least searching for something somewhere, she never once asked herself why the symbols were there. You see, she was too busy trying to impress herself and her viewers about her apparent wealth of knowledge surrounding these things to satiate the grown up ego erstwhile, never has she lived a single syllable of her utterances.

On and on I watched the tornado spin hearing unoriginal spouting of diatribe based on something she read somewhere not once stopping to scratch her own head and possibly ask why. This is the all too common mindset of a well-trained mind; one trained to parrot something from someone else’s work not having lived a single moment of what it was they were declaring as “truth”. Sad, truly sad. We all have our Yale student moments in the bars of our life dealing with our mirror of good will hunting where we get caught, just as our Yale student friend did, regurgitating someone else’s quotes in the seemingly endless twister of trying to look “smart”.

When Dorothy landed in Oz, all she had was her wits, a busted house, a dead witch from the east, a really cool new pair of shoes and her little dog Toto….Not much to start with to begin a quest of the magnitude even she was unaware of. Such is our world of Oz…Alas, with a little spurring on by some little people and a nice witch’s blessing, off she went on her yellow brick road to find her own truth. Just her and Toto, and a basket of food that was enough to last her for a day or so. All along the way of this road, like Dorothy’s, we encounter things and people that will allow us to grow or will try to encumber us to stop us from getting to our own Emerald City’s. As we go along here I want you, the reader, to keep in mind that Dorothy aka you, always had the means to get home all the time at your beckoned call. The good witch Glenda reminds us at the end of the story.

The important lesson from this part of the story is simply this; don’t judge a book by someone else’s description of the cover. Our white canvasses as children were badly smeared and it takes a serious amount of cleaning to get them where we have room to be the child within and get original with our newly bared canvas. What is ironic about that video I was watching is that the whole time I was thinking that a few kids likely less than fifteen years old cracked the codes of the show she was trying to “expose” where I was given the gift to actually decode the decoded segments. Who says you can’t learn from a child?….You can if you shut up long enough to listen.

Therein lies the true crux of the problem; so many of us have “grown up” and are simply acting as children with a better means to harm others through the ability to collect money instead of pretty stones on the beach. While people have lost their child within, they never lost the child without and that one manifests in countless forms of dramas and perpetual tornadoes in their lives. Many still absolutely rely on others to be their proverbial parents, cleaning up after them, settling their disputes and cleaning their rooms for them. I like to refer to mans’ ability to build a nuclear weapon that can kill millions and never stop and ask the question as to why they should. This is where the ego knowledge has far surpassed the hearts’ wisdom.

Mans’ cruelty to man is constantly evident in the Wizard of Oz from the outset where sheer madness prevails in the form of Elvira Gulch, later the wicked witch of the west, with the misuse of power to hurt others. Elvira owns half the county and as a result manifests the spoiled and greedy child who feels they need to control everyone else’s playgrounds. When people can see the childish and selfish antics within themselves, they may then get a larger view from stepping out of the tornadoes. One does not need to own half the county to be the same as the witch duality. One need only become acutely aware of their ability to either create for self and others or, be a parasite of those that can create and becoming a more vicious, if not readily visible version of the same destructive force. Either way, visibly or invisibly, the spoiled child is manifest and creates havoc in the cereal aisles of our lives.

It is not so much that our childlike innocence has been destroyed; rather, it has been redirected through entrainment of the heart and mind. The grown up today is simply the transformation of the child raised by other children that like to call themselves “adults”. Tornadoes of one kind or another are created every day from the chattering neighbor type to the office water cooler and everywhere else the grown up children play. During the scene where the wicked witch gets melted she utters “The last to go will see the first three go before her” which I saw as a wonderful clue on my own yellow brick road. I’m one of the kids that likes to keep my playground neat and peaceful. For me, the clue was this: before I can find the Emerald City, there are three things that need to be discovered prior.

I had to discover the mindless “strawman” “as within” that is perfectly manifest “as without “in the “legal” illusion. Then I have to find my own heart in my vessel that has been removed due to the mindless bantering’s of the left mind logics without feeling. Finally, I have to find the courage to face these things within me where the exterior manifestation becomes my own perfect mirror. This is what I like to call the “mirror-cull” or miracle. All too often I meet people that talk a great story from the position of our Yale friend and inexperienced video analyst. What I find most interesting is that most people do not like the wicked witch yet they are generally a perfect mirror of her while casting blame and responsibilities everywhere but on their own shoulders. Too often people take things for granted and place their burdens on others preying on the good will and natures of others never once thinking they are and woe betide you if you tell them.

You will either get met with anger or the glazed over eyes of the perpetual victim where neither can take it upon themselves to see what possible role in the equations of life they play. These are the uber children who have never grown up enough to find the innocence of their own child and are still creating playground havoc for the other kids.

When people watch the Wizard of Oz they can be entertained with all the pretty colours and fun storyline or they can gain profound wisdom from a movie that appeals to the wisdom of the inner child. My estimates put the former at 99% where you can see the 99% screaming out against their adoptive, by their choice, parents. Oh, and please don’t hand me the “but they did this and they did that” bullshit. If it is the bank or job you’re mad at, you chose to use both and much more and will continue to be a hypocrite in your ravings. I must say, this does make it rather difficult for those of us that have stopped being hypocrites and we’re at the mercy of the other kids until they too wake up and shed the chains they’re holding. This is a very circular and destructive tornado and it really is a situation of finding the strength to hold one’s position until the other kids have actually had enough of collecting everyone else’s marbles to put in their own.

When people can begin to view this world as a playground filled with misfit children hell-bent on the destruction of their playmates being led by the nastiest kids on the playground, maybe then they’ll stop playing with them. A perfect example of this child like mentality gone schizoid, are those that are in an endless “waiting for presents on Christmas morning” mentality. They’re the ones that not only want someone to wipe their noses and asses but actually expect it. I, like everyone else, chose my path and I take full responsibility for it. I am where and who I am based on MY choices and no one else’s. It was me that chose to go all in with this crazy game to see what truths were there. There are so many sitting around waiting to “cherry pick” the victories of others, wanting to play the big truth games but haven’t tossed anything in the kitty…well hey, you get out what you put in. What I find even more amazing that, while on my yellow brick road walk, I have not only tossed in the entire collective ante’, I’ve been helping people along the way that are still happy to drain my resources in all their forms. Good thing I’m a creator god or I’d be dead long ago.

No, too many folks are quite content to sit in the life raft while people like me and others are drowning in the water trying to pull that boat to shore and then they have the nerve to invite all their friends on board too to create more drag in the water while conjuring up one drama tornado after another. What is even crazier is that when you confront these children, they look at you with a dumb “what?” expression. I have been gifted recently to have met an entire room full of people that are beyond that mentality and can see the bigger picture because they’re seeing with their hearts, not their strawmen…the reflections on the yellow brick road were dazzling…….to be continued…kate

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This letter shall be your mirror as it is mine, to gaze into with delight or be repelled and disgusted as per your own internal judgements, for no-one else can be that for you or for me. Are you enlightened spiritually or encased in a material tomb of your own making? By the end of this, only you will know so the pleading of ignorance will be as an ember cast off into the wind from your own fires within. always be mindful of the ego in this regard for it will try to convince you of things you are and of things you are not but your heart will correct you otherwise every time, there is no escape from that.

As you, the reader, walk through your daily life asleep or awake you will come into contact with me, for I am everywhere and everyone because I am human. I, the everyone, has much in common with you. I breathe, I feel pain, I bleed when I am cut, I cry when I am hurt, I laugh when I’m joyful and most of all, I love. My love, however, is unconditional. It knows no borders, no races, no religions, no governments, no barriers whatsoever. you see, when love is what love is, there is nothing that can stop it and certainly nothing that can conquer it. The only changing factor in that truth is you and what you believe to be true and real and what you know to be true and real based on the terms and conditions you place on conditional love versus unconditional.

Are you the one that fell in love with someone but because of your upbringing programs of societal conditions, forbade you your own heart? Was your program one of division from humanity based on religion, gender, politics or bias etc. based on the families you were born into? Have you dared to actually ever stand in your own heart and purposes to reach beyond that little box you were thrust into at birth? By observation only, it is easy to see our inhumanity in our day to day lives being played out and all of it based on concepts and stigmas that were created for you and not by you. As I look around me into the everyone of humanity, time and time again I see the same destructive forces being played out by those in ignorance of who they are.

All too often the being of you is defined by the job you have, the uniform you wear, and the imprints placed upon you by those closest to you since birth. Typically, many become the vicarious apparitions of their parents and remain humanly dead for a lifetime and who knows for how many other lifetimes they have been caught in the same programs, over and over. They’re easy to spot. They are the ones that like to feign authority over their fellow humans via many means and methods. These are the ones that like to inflict harm on their fellow humanity and usually at the beckoned call of another they have given their own authority away to.

This is the Master/Slave paradigm program. You will see them in courtrooms called judges and lawyers. You will see them in banks, governments, churches, precincts, armies and everywhere uniforms are involved. Uniform means “one form” so suits and ties, clerical vestments and robes and all manner of outward apparel makes them “uniformed” and slaves to one master or another. They are the ones that measure their strength in how much control they can exert over others by deceptive and oftimes violent means. These humans, if they can be called that, are more enslaved than the rest of “the everyone”.

They will knowingly and unknowingly inflict harm upon others in humanity and puff up their own chests with pride after having done so and I’m sure you recognise your mirror already. Yes, you the closet deviant who practices many of the dark arts. You are the ones with child porn on your computer. some of you are the rapists of children and the traffickers of your fellow man, be it by means of handing out a traffic ticket or being involved in a child sex ring. You’re all the same to me since willing harm on anyone is willing harm on everyone but mostly; upon yourself. You see, I cannot judge you nor would I because that is what you’re doing right now.

You are standing in the shadow of yourself where only you can give it light. I know your dirty little secrets and they just came into view for you to see. You are the writers of falsehoods in the media, the newspapers and magazines. You are the purveyors of fear and deception and have your thirty pieces of silver every week proving that the Judas is within. You are the salesmen of liars, murderers and thieves propagating the wishes of your masters and masters you indeed have and your paycheck is your proof. You have become the damned and the damnable of your own doing and your own free will choosing where ignorance is not your defence. Your own heart, if you have one, will ferret it out for you where all I have to do is but mention it. You know you are the rapist, the thief, the paedophile, the murderer and facilitators of war and harm.

There is but one law that proves your free will choice and the ignorance card cannot be played here because that self-same card awaits you, upon its inevitable return so that you may experience everything you have ever done to harm another. It’s a simple rule but yields the powers of the universe and its creator, such is natural law. Many a saying or anecdote has been used to describe it but suffice it to say it in its original form; Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Unfortunately, the mostly ignorant fail to see the mirror in this one and time and again, they get to suffer the inevitable swing back of the pendulum, be it this life or the next.

Have no doubts, those that inflict evil in any and all of its forms can never escape this truth by simply thinking that they will die and be done with it. No, that’s not how it works and depending on the intent of those that you harmed, that which inevitably comes round will come round faster than you may expect now. It’s quite simple really, if you wished harm upon me then it is because it is you that wishes to experience that mirror. In your actions, from spiritual precedent intent, you have already judged yourselves as I have done the same for me. Every ticket you write, every false article you air, every home you steal, every child you rape etc. ad nauseum is coming to a being real soon and that being is you.

Alas, you sit and gloat at your fortunes stolen from others, your hedge fund brilliance in creating false algorithms to perpetuate the frauds until that math invariably fails too. These are the houses you have built on the sand, the false idols you worship and the whore of Babylon called commerce you greedily perform cunnilingus on after the millions have bedded her before you. You do not know who you are because you are a false entity, an Id-entity, created by another and has you enslaved by virtue of your willing blindness. You, who claim to be humanity’s best based on your illusional position of feigned power, gloat in the creation of your own hell’s. You are the murderers of children because somehow you think your children are superior and create the same vicious circle that has plagued humanity for countless eons.

You measure value in material things, titles and all manner of lower mind ego driven lusts that will keep you enslaved until you can face yourself in humanity’s mirror. As the saying goes, “If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out” which is to mean metaphorically that if you see something within yourself that is offensive, stop doing it. Only in the realization of this fact can you repent at all. This goes far beyond the literal translations of the spiritual tomes that are being used to great effect to keep humanity warring due to its “god of war” teachings and fanatical followers. If your gain comes at the expense of others be it financial or lives lost, you are guilty by association.

If you work for or manufacture weapons, ammunition and similar tools of murder, you are guilty. If you work for any corporation that promotes war, you are as guilty as the jarhead that pulls the trigger or launches the missiles. If you are a pilot and work to chemspray/geo-engineer the planet, you are guilty of genocide by the act and prior intent to do so. To you, the best and the brightest that are bought off by “think tanks”, you are nothing more than a sell-out of humanity for the same thirty pieces of silver. This list is almost endless with the entanglement of humanity in its own destruction and all you can say is “I’m just doing my job” and “I have a family to feed” inasmuch as somehow your life is superior to another’s? You are delusional and your masters have you duped and have used your ignorance and greed to accomplish that.

Corporatism is merely the new and improved “branding” of serfdom and slavery. You know who you are and what you have sold your humanity and soul for yet you haven’t got the foggiest clue as to why. Alas, you will preach truth and honour from your fictitious pulpits and then rape a child, bed your neighbours wife or husband, beat your children, while you all travel to your respective churches and think you have somehow been absolved by confessions of your sins. I assure you, confessions of your deviant acts are only the beginning of your spiritual walk and you’re not even standing yet. You will run and hide behind others like you for protection and all the while be protecting the very monsters that own you and your soul. They’re the ones laughing at how deeply you have been tricked into subservience while getting little pats on the head and some table scraps for treats. sadly, you drool for these pittances inasmuch as you lust to go out day after day and fulfill your quotas for your slightly higher master.

You will partake in stealing people’s homes without the slightest clue as to why and only because some lawyer or judge says you should. You will use and have used violence against the peaceful to satiate your blood lust but that is normal for an animal still locked into the predator prey paradigm and you will claim to be evolved. Evolved into what? Certainly not anything resembling a human because humans don’t feed on each other, that is cannibalism. Humans don’t rape children, murder children and destroy their lives. humans enhance the lives of all around them because they are evolved. “Woe to ye lawyers” indeed for you have corrupted the true laws of this universe for gain and profit at the expense of others. This includes priests, rabbis, imams, government officials, banking so called elites or no-lites, lawyers, police, judges, weapons manufacturers and all manner of useful idiots that claim to have authority over another.

For those that have a bible upbringing, time to shed a little truth as to why some guy really got crucified. He decided to go up against the bankers and moneylenders in the temple, the only time he ever set foot in one and then what happened? Shortly after exposing the banksters for what they really are, thieves and parasitical vampires, he found himself on trial by the same owned judge where it was put to public jury and he was crucified while a known criminal and murderer was set free. Yes, that is exactly what you’re doing now. I find it sickeningly humourous that many of you are doing the same crimes millennia later and you’re still too dumb to see it.

You have traded in what is true and right for profits and prophets. You will pass your little dictates like they matter somehow, you will harm people for your gain because your job and subsequent master say so and in that, you feel justified. As stated previously, the clock is ticking and the pendulum is here for the old “what goes round, comes round” festival of lights. Unfortunately for you, the golden rule is beyond fact. For those that have committed harm against me, I grant them their wish to experience that which they wished upon me in the fullest sense and loving compassion that maybe this time, they will learn and they will see the mistakes for what they are. I dared to turn over the tables of your masters and you served them willingly with the glee that a dog experiences as it licks its genitals.

You have chosen the acts of an animal and will therefore have judged yourself accordingly; “to thine own self be true” fits in nicely there as well. You chose excuses written by another and have bought your own damnation in your actions. After all, it is all about intent at the end of the day right? Isn’t that what your damnable courts are all about, intent? Alas, it is never fully explained as to what intent is really all about. It’s quite simple in that the intention to do something always precedes the actions of the everyone. In that light, courts are completely unnecessary because we must judge ourselves in our actions after the fact by the very intention that has been revealed in the action. The innocence or guilt is already primae fascie evidence by your actions, be they in ignorance of the natural law or willful knowledge of the same. No-one escapes the truth, no-one.

If you are a worker in the places that creates anything harmful to humans, you are guilty by the act of working there of and by your free willed choice and agreed upon intention, no exceptions. If you buy the creations of these same creators of harm, be it junk food, vaccines, weapons, slaughter houses etc. you are as guilty as the one who creates it for debt note scraps from the whore of Babylon herself. There is no excuse for harm where it is exposed and all are guilty by omission or commission of the crime. Is the getaway car driver any less culpable of a robbery or murder because they weren’t part of the physical act being undertaken? By agreements we are all held accountable to our actions by the fact that the intent was there and the consent was given.

If you carry the “mark of the beast” which is in fact, the very NAME you think is yours, you are of the walking dead and one of the zombies being referred to so much on mainstream media and programs. Unfortunately, most of you are too busy being entertained to notice these things being laid bare before your very shut eyes. The fools and zombies are easy to spot as well and you’ll likely get a sense of the mirror with the next few comments. They are the ones that scoff at anything that wasn’t regurgitated from the TV set, the newspapers and any other means of government propaganda that is owned by their masters. They are the sports stats experts, the ones who can recite the latest headline dramas to perfection, they are the watchers of media shills and talk show puppets and they will defend others’ ideas with a ferocity that would make one think that they were their original thoughts.

They are the ones that race to pick up their latest alcoholic poison, their bags of processed poisoned chips and dip and are usually the first to bitch about some government official they foolishly voted for thinking somehow that the current thief or child rapist in power is going to do something different. They are the ones that head to their meetings in the morning to get the latest directives from their masters be they precinct captains or corporate manager, they’re all the same regardless. They are the slaves to the mini-master who is a slave to another master and on and on it goes up to the real master that is pulling all the puppet strings. To see who you really are, you may want to watch Pinocchio again or, if you’re able to read and write above a kindergarten level, pick up the book. Based on the signatures I’ve seen over the years, there are many that barely have the ability at all. Much can be shown in your hand writing skills or lack thereof.

Are you beginning to see the mirrors yet? Are you beginning to start measuring yourself or is the urge to get the latest porn mag or video overwhelming you right now? I know who you are and you do too. It’s never easy looking in such a vile reflection now is it? While that may difficult, what is coming for you in correcting it makes the reflection pale in comparison. Think of all the times you have harmed another and knew it. These are the things that are connected to that pendulum that is now swinging back and picking up momentum and while there isn’t a way to stop it, there is a way to lessen its blow but I don’t think you have the heart or the savvy to do that, call me a realist. Do you honestly believe you can handle having your family torn to shreds, to have everything you’ve ever known stolen and all the while be defamed for daring to bring truths into the light where your evil has been so prevalent?

Will you be able to stand the incredible tests that are coming your way that will tear you asunder and then, be able to look at those that did it and say I love you unconditionally?…Again, I’m being a realist and will answer for you, not bloody likely but, experience this you will, this lifetime or the next, as you move back down a few degrees on the creation scale only to have to work your way back up since your ability to be human is far from expectations. Real humans don’t feed on each other energetically or otherwise, that is the realm of vampires and the sun is on the horizon and you’re caught out in the middle of a desert with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.

Yes, you will feel the searing and burning of the truth as it vanquishes all the blackness and the scabs of evil that you have so greedily collected in the actions of your intentions that already have you judged. Alas, and how can I forgive you or anyone since in that action I have judged you where there is no need so all I can offer is a simple so be it, your choice and I will not violate the golden rule any longer. It is not that I wish any harm upon anyone for that is madness in the mirror of creation of cause and effect. It is also not that I can wish for things to be different for you because again, I cannot. You made your wish and I made mine and the bed we all make is one that we will inevitably have to sleep in. The mirror is yours for you are the traitors of humanity, the rapers of children, the murderers of the masses, the willing creators of genocide, the psychopathic mutilators and purveyors of false religions and worshippers of false idols. You have the mark of the beast and you gobble greedily at corporate cock and all the while, the whore of Babylon coos at your willingness to do so.

No, I’m afraid you don’t know who you are because that requires awareness of others beyond your self serving gluttony and your covenants with dark principalities that most of you aren’t even aware of either. So dumbed down you are to such a degree you can’t even see help when it arrives and where it only wished to set you free. You have been duped into giving up your soul and I honestly wonder, how many lifetimes and body deaths is it going to take before you even begin to awaken. The recent mass die offs of animals around our beautiful planet are making room for the new arrivals that have failed “humanity school” and guess who the new students are? Indeed the circle and cycles of life are cruel if not at least fitting. Indeed, how many pearls of wisdom have been cast before you and still you are less than swine? Yes, I feel for you and all I feel is pity and remorse that I could not do more to awaken you to your heart and your humanity…there is an old saying that one should never turn anyone away from your door because it may be an angel knocking. The day has come and the angels will knock no more for time is up. May you have mercy on your own soul now while you can because the truth is, you’re the only one that can….with unconditional love and the power to grant your wishes willingly, kate of gaia

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Be it known universally, that all entities NAMED in this SUMMONS are, in fact dead by virtue of their own free will consent to be that NAME that is CROWN COPYRIGHT, whereas all who use that NAME or any variation, title, symbol thereof, thereon and herein are, in all LEGAL matters, legally and lawfully dead. The use of any/all CROWN OWNED/COPYRIGHTED NAMES/TITLES in reference to the CLAIMANTS of the aforementioned and hereafter is merely for clarification where only FICTIONS/DEAD PERSONS may commit fraud using such things by virtue of ACTS in relation to any/all legal joinder in willful knowing or ignorance of/by/for using such NAME/S and why COURTS/CHURCH/STATE can not proceed in any HEARING with the living. They are merely the dead, carrying out the dead.

For ease of clarification on your part I, the living, will clarify your STATUS, the DEAD, in customary common speak where my words and intent are mine, under SEAL where none may assume/presume alternate definitions of any words herein as anything other than my willful intent. Any ignorance of the facts pertaining to language/lange-gage/tongue-pledge is solely yours where sigils are concerned.

By one’s actions, one is known in that act and is fully judged of self where none other may judge lest they be judged and where INTENT is exposed by all acts within self only. In laymen’s terms, when you commit an act of harm against another, by omission and/or commission you stand judged in/of/by and for the INTENT that PRECEEDED any/all acts in the instant they are created and manifested willfully by the one enacting that INTENT where ignorance of universal divine law is concerned and where the act is RECORDED eternally.

For the less intelligent/loving of you and the more criminally minded, I will keep this as simple as possible for you since programmed minds, such as yours, may find it difficult to grasp the notion of your own criminality and psychosis but rest assured, you know in your own heart and are self-judged accordingly in the eyes of universal divine laws that none can trespass. Please keep in mind that some of you included in this message are known paedophiles, thieves, liars, deceivers, murderers, slanderers, kidnappers, human traffickers, rapists etc. and it matters not that I know this, but rather the fact that your own heart and mirror will prove this to yourself beyond any shadow of a doubt. As an easier and simpler example to comprehend/understand, it matters not to me that a CITY OF GUELPH POLICE AGENT stole one of my Father’s gifts left to me when he passed on, only that the one that did it is guilty and self-judged in that act regardless of all things to the contrary that may be claimed. The simple fact is, it happened and that act can never be undone. I would love to offer forgiveness to all but unfortunately, in the act of forgiving anyone, you have judged them as having done something wrong. Judge not lest ye be judged etc. as stated previously.

You, the DEAD FICTION reading this, actually think you’re alive but I assure you, in the eyes of your MASTERS, you are spiritually dead and claimed as such (REGIS-STER) whereas the attached document will clarify that more fully for you. I am giving you all back your gifts of INTENTION under the universal golden rule where that which you have wished upon me and countless others WILL be returned equally that you may receive your just, self-judged re-wards accordingly. With that, I will share with you some of the gifts that will inevitably be coming your way and most certainly, not of my hand or will, that is your own hand of will simply coming upon its own creator as your INTENT manifested; how neat is that?

So, grab your favourite beverage and a mirror, this one is going to take a while to read but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it because it’s all about YOU! Read it or not, I care not either way since my INTENT is known by the divine universe and it is recorded under my SEAL and COVENANT where all CONTRACTS are made and only your seething fear of self-realization will keep you glued to this little essay/email/SEALED NOTICE or will have you run away like a scared child that some of you have raped or aided and abetted in their being raped. Let’s see if you can be as graceful in your own self-judgments and trials/tribulations as I am while some armed jarhead has his 300 pound boot on your throat shall we?

You call yourselves PRESIDENTS, PRIME MINISTERS, LORDS/LADIES,POLITICIANS, MAYORS, POLICE CHIEFS, PRIESTS, POPES, KINGS/QUEENS and all manner of dead TITLES while attaching another NAME that is a dead persona of the spiritually dead you. You hold CHAINS OF OFFICE, POSTS, RANKS, OFFICES etc. ad nauseum further instilling your own servitude to another MASTER. It matters not to me that all BAR are able to use that CROWN COPYRIGHT NAME/S or not since they are still serving another MASTER and I’ll save your brain cells any of the known details surrounding that. That being said, let’s start with the FRAUDULENT LAND TRANSFER in relation to 7 DALEBROOK PLACE, GUELPH, ONTARIO, CANADA N1E-1A7 using all caps since we’re dealing with cross jurisdictional invasions material such as UPU/UCC etc. shall we?

To Begin with, perhaps you’d like to know some of the main parties directly involved in this little fiasco where they can see themselves in their own light and perhaps their role in this nifty little fraud. I’ll keep it local since most of the real parties wouldn’t make sense to you because you’re not used to following anything but your flow charts of crime. Yes, you’re very well trained and very obedient to your programmed ego; your masters want it that way. Since every city’s MAYOR is the CHIEF MAGISTRATE/JUDGE in their corporate jurisdiction, they are the ones most culpable since all activities carried out by any of their OFFICERS by PROXY since the MAYOR/S is/are the only ELECTED JUDGE in their jurisdiction but then most people don’t know this and are deceived via non-disclosure of this fact into giving up their consent where I have not, thus, no jurisdictional boundaries. Besides, these jurisdictions only apply to the dead fictional NAME anyway where most also don’t know this save the few that do and use this information to steal, rape and pillage from their fellow man.

Now we enter into inter-jurisdictional folly where the MAYOR(S) of NEWMARKET and TORONTO are also involved since the law firm KRMC is based in both of these CITIES where KRMC is the prime “go to” robo-signing law firm for matters of this nature. I find it ironic that they claim to specialize in fraud issues which explains their expertise in committing these acts at the behest of their masters (CROWN/CHURCH/STATE) and their greed. What is evident by observation here is collusion and conspiracy to commit fraud etc. et al by three MAYOR(S) by/of/for/in/as omission/commission. Every crime committed by any OFFICER/CROWN AGENT/EMPLOYEE/JUSTICE OF THE PEACE etc. et al within the CORPORATE CITY jurisdictional boundaries are all answerable by/to/of/for the highest judicial official which is the MAYOR/CHIEF MAGISTRATE ELECT. Ignorance of the law (divine universal law) is not a defense of or from the law and I’m not speaking of STATUTES/LEGISLATION which only applies to those consenting to a dead CROWN COPYRIGHT NAME.

Again, no silly court game is required to expose and see the truth, nor does the truth require your belief inasmuch as a crime committed is thus, committed and shown in the actions of the INTENT after the INTENT to do so was created. For the more feeble minded, here is an example of that. If you steal something from another being and YOU know your stealing (or not), your intent is known in the act of the theft because you committed the act and no court is required to prove that which YOU already know. This is where I leave others to reap the creations of their own intent where they, by divine law, will experience their manifest intent via the golden rule i.e. what goes around, comes around; such is the nature of things and creation itself. Since I can only judge and ultimately, forgive myself, I cannot and will not judge another. Judge not lest ye be judged and I willfully grant your wish to experience YOUR creations of INTENT.

Please note that all dead fictional CORPORATE CROWN COPYRIGHT NAME(S) mentioned herein will only be used as a reference since it is the living soul/spirit that is reading this I’m speaking to where this list is not as complete as I’d like it to be. It matters not because every entity that ever referenced the aforementioned NAME(S) mistaken for me or those living souls alongside that mistaken ID-ENTITY is implicated by willful knowing commission/willful ignorance omission regardless. All contracts assumed/presumed of/by/for/in/at/as etc. et al CHURCH/CROWN/STATE are created in deception/non-disclosure fraud. Again, what is contained herein does not require your belief where your obligation is to confront your ignorance/willful criminality as observed in your actions and confirmed in your own hearts/minds. With the passing of my Mother/Father, all MARRIAGE/CROWN/CHURCH/STATE etc. et al contracts are null and void upon their true deaths thus rendering me in clausula rebis sic stantibus/toto genere. If you don’t know what that means, you will need to shake off your willful ignorance and look it up for yourself and reach beyond your very programmed “mined”.

The bottom line is this. You have been duped into worshipping a false “god” via literal interpretations of the “bible” which fully explains the chaos of this world. You have been duped by your own greed/ego program by a system that feeds on your willingness to “sell out” your fellow beings here to satiate that greed/ego and makes cannibals of you via FIAT paper (pay-per) currency that is created off the BOND OBLIGATIONS called BIRTH CERTIFICATES and is the literal “skin” off our/your backs. You are a BANK ACCOUNT number in the CITY OF LONDON, STATE (see CUSIP/BOND numbers). You are SURETY for a BOND/DEBT OBLIGATION where YOUR consent to be such is MANDATORY for this ruse to continue. Please note that this information is given for your benefit and for the benefit of the countless media, law firms, courts, churches, politicians etc. et al that are receiving this little gem of truth.

Let’s set the players on the stage shall we? Let’s begin with former CHIEF OF POLICE, CITY OF GUELPH POLICE SERVICES ROBERT DAVIS who set out on a campaign of hate/control on *Gregorian (CIVIL CALENDAR) date: May 26th, 2010. My paper trails and files are impeccable by the way and never mind the countless radio broadcasts/emails etc. where this information is also saved and recorded for your referencing enjoyment. Thus began a campaign of harassment where even the CITY OF HAMILTON POLICE HATE CRIMES UNIT joined in the fray after *September 1st, 2010 where my exposing the corruption of the entirety of the system you worship was shown in “judge Bows to Sovereign” you tube video. That one is easy to find in that many millions have seen it and reposted where a simple web search on your preferred search engine will find it instantly. Inasmuch as I am “genderless”, I pre-sent alternate perspectives of my toto genere. This harassment also came from OFFICERS of many jurisdictions yet, suffice it to say/se all involved are known by their actions/intent regardless in commission/omission via knowing and/or ignorance where divine natural universal law cannot be trespassed.

The entities listed by their DEAD, CORPORATE fictional TITLES are those most directly involved and it is only for mere reference for others that need to KNOW them by their actions only. For a quick reference as to why they are, in fact DEAD PERSONS, visit any graveyard to see the NAME(S) of those who never were deemed living by the ALL CAPITAL (money) spellings on the tombstones. YOU are the allegorical “zombies” or the walking dead so fervently displayed in various forms of programming media but then, you are trapped in the illusions of your masters. All NAME(S) that follow are connected to the living, acting entity it references ACTING in their ROLES accordingly; MAYOR KAREN FARBRIDGE, MAYOR TONY VAN BYNEN, MAYOR ROBERT FORD, FORMER CITY OF GUELPH POLICE SERVICES DEPUTY CHIEF BRENT EDEN, WELLINGTON COUNTY SHERIFF, ALL BAILIFFS/CLERKS/JUSTICES/ATTORNEY GENERALS/BOARDS OF POLICE, RCMP, PROVOST MARSHALL(S), ALL MEMBERS OF THE LAW SOCIETY OF UPPER CANADA, ALL BAR MEMBERS/FOREIGN AGENTS/CITIZENS OF THE CITY OF LONDON, STATE, VATICAN CITY, STATE, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, STATE, THE GUELPH DAILY MERCURY EDITOR PHILIP ANDREWS, all KRMC lawyers, particularly BARBARA DAMM (handler thereof), POLICE CONSTABLE CRAIG NIGH(attempted murder, with intent, of me and my daughter under the orders of FORMER CHIEF OF POLICE ROBERT DAVIS and who was DIRECTLY involved in ALL incidents in THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF GUELPH), ALL MEMBERS CITY OF GUELPH POLICE SERVICES by ASSOCIATION and various numerous other CORPORATE CITY POLICE SERVICES in collusion/association by virtue of their sworn OATHS to CROWN/STATE/CHURCH, FORMER BANK MANAGER NORA DEBTLOR BANK OF MONTREAL, PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN HARPER, LIBERAL MP FRANK VALERIOTE, GOVERNOR GENERAL DAVID JOHNSTONE, FORMER POPE BENEDICT, POPE FRANCIS, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA, QUEEN ELIZABETH WINDSOR/HANOVER/GUELPH/ROTHSCHILD etc. ad nauseum. If you have ever received my emails/notices prior then it also implicates you and so many more that do not even know of their crimes via ignorance. Oops, there’s that non-absolution word again called ignorance from which no one can escape.

There is no dispute in what has taken place, the ACTS are now eternally known and are owned by the actors involved where they can only judge/forgive “self” where I cannot lest I trespass on your free will choice to experience the manifestations of your creations and experience them you will at some point where I am neutral. In deed, the universe works in mysterious ways in all things for a reason, all things in “time”. Inasmuch as the metaphorical persona Pontius Pilate washed his hands, the blood was there forever from his/its’ causation. Things you can look forward to enjoying are partially listed as follows but be assured, I know, by observation without judgment, all of which I experience in the now moment/instant of past, pre-sent, future. I give back the gift of having my family torn apart, having my home stolen via fraudulent land transfer and enacted by an armed gang of home invading thugs called SWAT (loaded weapons with one in the chamber is “intent to commit murder” proven by the full lead ammunition outside your “GENEVA CONVENTION”, my car and truck stolen, being kidnapped at gunpoint, not once, but twice by non-uniformed and uniformed gang members/robotic automatons respectively, being hounded and tailed incessantly.

I give back the gift of having thousands of “dollars” (please note that any reference to FIAT money is only for your limited perspective where true life force/creative energy is concerned and your lack of comprehension as the “money” mentioned is, in fact, slave skin as outlined previously) worth of stored food, May you experience someone else helping themselves to your best tools, SCUBA gear, coin collections, silver, gold, a bank note collection left to you in a will (spoken, not written). Or, how about the brand new laptop, stolen the day it was bought and brought to you by a friend prior to the second kidnapping by an armed gang mistakenly claiming to be peace officers? You can look forward to having your bar and wine racks emptied, rolls of coins stolen, your house ransacked by armed goons and strangers going through all your personal items. Having those personal items dumped unceremoniously into boxes and loaded onto an ATLAS VAN LINES (complicit) and then be extorted for a few thousand dollars just to get it back months later. You’ll get to experience nearly freezing to death as well right after your home is stolen at gunpoint.

Let’s see how you can handle having people from ATLAS VAN LINES dump garbage on your floors as they help themselves to your canned beverages, food etc. as they dump your belongings, garbage etc. into these boxes for you to open later. Let’s see how well you handle being caged like an animal while a SWAT team smashes in your door where your loved ones are for the crime of exposing mortgage fraud ( mort-gage = death pledge…what did you think it meant?) by all the banks that are ultimately your masters and handlers? I wonder how you’ll feel being tailed constantly and harassed constantly by those that you were taught to believe were the ones you could turn to and end up being the very armed thieves they purport to keep people safe from. I mean really, who are YOU going to call? Let’s see how you fare being terrorized for 28 days in solitary confinement for exposing corruption on the grandest levels. I wonder how you’ll fare being drugged with LITHIUM in the drinking bags they give you to make sure you’re not thinking clearly for a “court date”. Are you ready to be abandoned by all those people you were trying to help and be demonized by local media that twists and distorts truth as good as PHIL ANDREWS? Unfortunately for you, you’ll have to deal with the truth eventually where your blatant ignorance and mind controlled programming and greed has you owned by another master.

None are more enslaved than those who think they’re free, don’t you know? How well will you fare losing family members during these attacks? How will you react to politicians like FRANK VALERIOTE lying to your face but then what can one expect from a lawyer anyway? They’re trained to lie from the get go, that’s the nature of their game. What do you know of CUSIP NUMBERS and CAFR ACCOUNTS or of SURETY BONDS, BID, PERFORMANCE (LABOUR) and PAYMENT BONDS that the COURTS have waiting in ambush where all they need to cash them in is to get the CONSENT to be the NAME? Did you know that the “X” on any SIGNATURE line means “without consideration” and YOU get to host the party/parasites under UCC 3-419? The simple truth is that the entire system is a scam with a very few “in the know” and they don’t like when people wake up to it. It’s funny, the information I was sharing would have benefitted all involved but they’re too stupid, lustful, ignorant and greedy for the weekly scraps of paper they call a paycheck. At least you know your price for selling out and the price of your willing ignorance and/or criminality.

The “long and short of it” is that YOU are legally/lawfully dead in the eyes of the system/BAR SOCIETY. Will YOU be able to stare down judges who know they’re PER DIEM crimes and CROWN PROSECUTERS like DE VOS who can’t even look you in the eye because they KNOW they’re committing harms against another. Will you be able to see the fear in the COURT MEMBERS eyes as they’re getting called out for these crimes as you stand there in shackles? How will you fare being sexually assaulted/raped by armed thugs as they grope every inch of your body in search of anything with a NAME on it since that is the prime directive; no NAME, no game. Did you know that “prosecute” means “do not pursue” and why these criminals MUST get people to CONSENT to being a NAME? See, you are that ignorant or criminal minded. Let’s see how you feel when some incompetent lead detective I like to refer to as KEVIN “slick dick” writes something about you, having never met you claiming that you’re somehow a threat to others while he can’t even fill out court paperwork where he tried to ban himself for 5 years from owning firearms. For me, that counts as moron and verified by a “judge” at my “Ba’al” hearing where even she said she’d never seen that level of incompetence in her court.

Why do you think they call it “BAIL”? You simply missed the intent and are ignorant of who the system worships. You may want to look up “Ba’al” because if you don’t worship Ba’al, you don’t get BAIL. Imagine how you’ll feel when you have a BAILIFF (Ba’al-iff) that knows you but CANNOT “serve” you court documents because he also knows how the “game” is set up to entrap the unwary. Right STEVE? I can’t imagine the level of being sold out and how “just doing my job” justifies willfully and knowingly harming another by your actions AND sleep well at night. What’s really neat is that I have video of “STEVE” acquiescing to KNOWING I wasn’t the NAME and a couple of CITY OF GUELPH POLICE SERVICES who also tried and failed with a “SUMMONS” (for the DEAD NAME) ending up served to a rock in my front yard on video. Talk about idiocy eh? Alas, just further proof of a programmed criminal INTENT mind in action. What is funniest though is that peaceful, sane people/beings actually listen to these automatons in flesh in ridiculous costumes that are supposed to give them “secret powers”?

I wonder how long you’ll stand in the face of this insanity when you finally know full well the nature of the game. I will ponder your reactions to being in a cage next to someone who just murdered a 12 year old child where you will be treated the same way as that psychotic murderer. When you finally wake up to your master’s illusion and how you’ve been aiding and abetting them in the cannibalizing of yourself, your family and the rest of mankind, will you continue or seek amnesty in action by willfully defying (de-phi-ing/un-creating) it? How will you feel finally knowing you’re supporting your own demise and that of all around you by suckling at the tits of “the whore of Babylon/COMMERCE” where the “mark of the beast” has been your NAME/S all along? You don’t believe me? Try existing in Babylon without your DEAD PERSONA/NAME/MARK OF THE BEAST. Alas, most of you have fallen for the literal Bible translations versus the real truths within where only those with eyes to see it can. Please, continue in your lunacy paying homage to funny dressed people claiming to have some power over you because of the outfits they adorn themselves with be it “JUDGES/POPES/CLERGY/PRIESTS/MINISTERS or any manner of ridiculous TITLES.

Please stay willfully, ignorantly entrenched in the “savior program” that owns your minds and hearts but rest assured; no one is coming to save you, that’s YOUR job silly. Your rampant support of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY are duly noted every time you drop paper flesh/spirit into the collection trays of the very criminals that own your Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Governments, Banks etc.et al but most of all, they own your mind, body and soul and your insatiable desire to feed on others is far more nefarious than your feeble minds can fathom. You are owned by your star-dumb, wiz-dumb, greed, lust in your divided conquering. A measure of your feigned power is neutralized easily with the simple question; who do you answer to? I answer only to myself where my destiny is of my choice and most certainly not one that worships your true god; money/mono-eye. Alas, you missed the clues in your willful ignorance and criminal INTENT.

Every single harm you do and have committed with intent knowingly and/or in willful ignorance is your creation, your manifestation where only you can reap that harvest and the culling is upon you now, such is the Golden Rule where all stand under. After all, it was a CITY OF LONDON, STATE BAR MEMBER that told me once; “Here, it is ALL about CONTRACT”. Unfortunately, programmed minds/hearts such as yours can only think in “paper/pay-per” contracts. Did you not know that your SIGIL/SIGNATURE is merely the physical manifestation of your willful intent? Caveat emptor, as the saying goes. Every CONTRACT you SIGN/SIGNED involved/involves your CONSENT though an offer made in FRAUD is NULL AND VOID, NUNC PRO TUNC. Please don’t take my word for it, all these things are easily verifiable (ver-I-phi-Abel) and I do enjoy sharing these truths every single day with countless tens of thousands around this insane by religion plan-it. Yes, that number is climbing exponentially, such is the effect of willful INTENT to do so.

No, the “savior program” of all religions created by Rome/VATICAN CITY, STATE and their bastard creations of COMMERCE/Whore of Babylon has you worshipping external idols and you will/ have harmed countless people/beings in/of/by your actions to satiate your greed and blood lusts to empower the very masters that will inevitably destroy you once your usefulness in ignorance is complete. Yes, I will wonder how you will handle the complete destruction of your realities of illusion once they come crashing down. When you ask yourself “Why did this happen to me?” at least now you’ll know and the pendulum has already started to swing back with a vengeance created by YOU, or haven’t you noticed?

Do I need to mention that every piece of paperwork has had MISTAKES all over them, never mind the DOCUMENT that “magically” changed from Monday February 13th 2012, when the email with the SCANNED from received copy was sent to concerned fraudsters, to be “mysteriously corrected” when printing HARDCOPIES from same email on Thursday February 16th2012. I must say KEVIN aka “Slick Dick” that your face went extremely white when I asked you about that in the holding cells after my second time being kidnapped. You can’t have MISTAKES in your realms now can we? I would explain but unfortunately, most reading this will think that “Reality TV” is real and the truth is beyond your ability to grasp at this juncture. Let’s just say scientific fact can be stranger than fiction.

Besides, it was you KEVIN, that wrote the slanderous hit piece to one of your crony judges that got this whole mess rolling anyway. I find it beyond humourous that someone who can’t even fill out a standard court form can be trusted to make a real life assessment about someone they’ve never even met but then that’s how you guys roll. Perhaps you and BRENT EDEN should have a chat as to why he retired so early into being DEPUTY CHIEF. I believe 3 years is the mandatory minimum for a retirement package so BRENT had to keep his marbles together (and his mouth shut) even though he was in extreme depression once he was told by DAVIS what was really going on eh? You may also want to have a chat with OPP DEPUTY CHIEF VINCENT HAWKES as to how he acquired his recent vacation property he was charged with investigating for $160,000.00 less than market value??? Perhaps a few questions of the court and LOBLAW/NAVIGANT CONSULTING/INKSTER GROUP

. Nope, you won’t likely find the paper trail easily either. Birds of a feather, flock together. Let’s just say a little bird told me and one of the joys of being an investigative journalist and broadcaster; everything crosses my path that I need eventually. Perhaps some of the media folks getting this might actually grow a pair eventually and start asking the tough questions again but then that’s “old school” journalism where one actually seeks the truth. Alas, I know there are a few of you left but let’s see if there are others shall we? Besides, I am not concerned with who gets this little message, merely that the seeds of truth get scattered globally just to see what grows. It does not matter what can be proven, only that which is already true and known by those committing the crimes against humanity eh?

The truly empty robes, gowns, uniforms and suits you wear are as clown suits in just another “bread and circuses” show from your masters that you gleefully perform all manner of tricks for treats without ever even asking why. Your time is up. Let’s see if you can spot the allegory versus the nonsensical literal versions being puked from pulpits of every religion while you “swear” your oaths to them; your masters.

“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.”

“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You give a tenth of your spices–mint, dill and cumin. But you have neglected the more important matters of the law–justice, mercy and faithfulness. You should have practiced the latter, without neglecting the former.”

“Woe to you experts in the law, because you have taken away the key to knowledge. You yourselves have not entered, and you have hindered those who were entering.”

“Woe to you, blind guides! You say, ‘If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gold of the temple is bound by that oath.”

Yes, you are the ones referenced here, the thieves, liars, murderers, rapists, defamers, paedophiles, the suckling’s on the tits of your Whore of Babylon with your Mark of the Beast Id-Entity NAME/S/TITLES/OFFICES/CHAINS. You only have your mirror now since you are the truly forsaken of self. You are the “Merchants of Venice” who seek the pound of flesh nearest humanity’s heart while you wallow in the poisons of CHURCH/STATE/CROWN/VATICAN illusions. As the old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for” and I grant your wishes fully, under my SEAL (See-all/se-himself/herself/itself-all) that all you manifest in creation, with INTENT, be given to you to fulfill your will in your mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall indeed. One can only be seen through the light of others and my light shall bring you forth for all to see. I mean hey, I told Rob Davis et al that I will make them world famous…actually, I promised that so I’m just keeping my word and my promise to all involved….I’m like that and the truth is; YOU already are. Sorry, there is no one coming to “save” you, no external absolutions and certainly no amnesty that can be given. These are all yours to deal with where actions speak louder than words where the INTENT is seen and known to all. Have a nice day!

I, who shall not be named……UNDER SEAL

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Reigning Cats and Dogs …by kate of gaia

While it is easy to see the literal and what appears to be obvious, it is the hidden from view we are oblivious to discern and all one must do to the obvious is insert the “li”. It is about shifting our perspectives into the prose/pro-se(for himself, herself, itself) and allegorical realms that peels back the apocalypse for the true revelations to be seen. Very few will seek to look deeper into the real meanings of words and prefer to take at face value, the words of others that did the same before them. It is easiest to perpetuate a lie if it doesn’t feel like one and not one of our creations. We have two roads here, two choices and that is to be willfully seeking knowledge and willfully seeking ignorance.

While some may “argue” (ego) that being ignorant is not a willful act, any choice made is one done with intent. Any act of knowing ever experienced proves this out that ignorance must be chosen in the same light as knowledge since they are both equal and opposite where neither will or can exist without the other as its perfect mirror. Ignorance is simply knowing better and not doing so. We have spent lifetimes looking at everything based upon the conditioning of someone else’s thoughts and intentions. We have continuously allowed our own pure canvasses we arrive in this realm with, to be painted on by others. It has been quite truthfully said that “the bigger the lie, the easier it is to convince others” and this has been played out on the grandest of scales. The intent of the lie always remains the same and that is to divide and conquer, nothing more.

As long as you can keep people polarized, you can keep them hating, fearful and, most importantly, controlled. It’s quite an easy trick but alas, this one trick pony is exposed and it is only up to us to choose the insanity of this world’s creations or decide that there is something a little saner to our tastes. The insanity of this place is easy to spot unless a planet filled with war, starvation, hate, lust, greed, murder, raping etc. is to your liking. If so, then you are a psychopath, pure and simple. What we are dealing with here, as the illusion, is simply an allegory of the greatest magnitude, if you can see it. The illusion is not that difficult to see but one must shift positions 180 degrees to find its center. If the term “let’s go shoot the bull” is to be taken literally, there would be a lot of angry farmers and a lot of dead bulls.

If one was to accept everything literally, then this planet would be an even bigger mess than it is with many spilling the beans, pissing their lives away, eating crows, countless pigeons on stools etc. That is the true nature of the litter-all. When one begins to have eyes to see and ears to hear, this world becomes a vastly larger panorama and a lot less Homer Simpson led. There is great responsibility in truth and why so few will ever seek it out on any grand scale. It is much easier to ignore, the root of ignorance, than it is to know and be responsible for that knowing. In

a world adrift in ignorance, the ones that seek truth are the stand outs in the crowd where not being with the “in” crowd of ignorance isn’t “cool”.

Gratefully, the day of the ignoramus is over and the light of truth is blinding the fools and thieves of this realm. It has been reigning cats and dogs for too long. Allegorically, cats have been seen as feminine and dogs as masculine and likely why men love their pussies doggy style. Cats have always been the perceived as the divine feminine and the dog as the faithful masculineprotector regardless of the gender of either creation. When one sees the patriarchal ruler-ship of Rome as merely being a transplant of the pharaohs of Egypt, which they are, the allegorical fear of cats the ancient Egyptians had for cats falls nicely into view. All the clues are there if we take

a “second look” at everything. Literally looking at everything will have you seeing only half of what is being shown, at the very least.

Of course, some things are much easier to discern as allegories or metaphors and I refer to them as kindergarten starter kits. The previously mentioned allegories are of this nature and very easy to see. An allegory is simply an analogy or a comparison put in a story or dark saying form so that regardless of the language or the time it is used, the meaning remains untarnished with perpetual change. Shakespearean terms like “biting one’s thumb” and then spitting afterwards is an old reference way of saying to suck the thumb biters cock. I prefer to use intense allegories to get the point driven home. You will find this reference in Romeo and Juliet in the first act. “A rose by any other name is still a rose” eloquently means that no matter how many coats of paint you put on a piece of dog shit means it is still a piece of dog shit.

The title of this essay means that duality of this realm has been conquering us for too long where one aspect of creation is made to fear and be controlled by another aspect. In this case, the divine masculine, the prodigal sun, has been trying to control creation itself and has been redirecting our free willed, in ignorance consent and choice. This is where the line “and god created man in our image” leaves a great many questions as in who is the “our” and who is the “god”? Alas, all the world’s a stage and the play we’re in is all allegorical and is the literal shadow of creation on the other side of the looking glass Alice. Everything you see, read and experience is that reflection but many have been taught to look away and miss the less than obvious. The road back however is getting clearer by the instant.

In each aspect of our physical being, be it perceived female or male, we are complete although convinced that we are separate from the other. We have been told and controlled into this perceived division most carefully where our very energetic essence has been split in two and polarized. The truth is, we are both magnetic and electric when one finally grasps the notion that all things are just energy, nothing more and nothing less. The magnetic void of creation is the divine feminine and the electric intent of creating is the masculine drive. This has been portrayed in countless ways and it is everywhere whether it’s the phallic penis of the obelisk or the Vesica Pisces it stands in. As an example of some word, letter or sigil trickery, the word ster or star is referencing the divine feminine. What did you think “Star Wars” was about anyway?

Inasmuch as a star is also a sun, what part of being both male and female energies did you miss? This whole realm is about controlling the divine feminine void of creation by a male energy gone way out of balance and religion was the grand lie of them all. Why are people shocked when priests, ministers and rabbi’s are shown to be mutilators and rapists of young male children. That’s not to say that girls aren’t treated the same, just that there is a preference to defile (de-phi-El) the male. Yes, every word matters and every word is a clue, some more than others only. The medical profession and religion will tell you all kinds of lies to convince parents to circumcise their male children and point to the trap of the literal physical nonsense but they won’t tell you that the removal of the foreskin is the physical aspect of the male that is the inner and outer labia and the symbolic allegory of the divine feminine being removed.

There are many physical reasons beyond this such as keeping the illusion of an erect penis on the male from birth and to keep them sex driven and thus expelling the fluids from the spine and brain to keep them from ever waking up as they “spill their seed” every chance they get. While this is not true of all males, it certainly explains the sheer volume of porn stores in the western world. To add insult to injury, the schooling systems teach absolute garbage to the masses while the chosen intellects are bought off and enter into the controllers realms and taught an entirely different version of “reality”. In short, the penis foreskin is the physical allegory of the divine feminine shorn from that being. I have long spoke of the word “register” and this was the biggest allegory to date for me. I see it everywhere now and I do mean everywhere.

The word register means “to rule the divine feminine creation essence”, regis-ster. When we register anything, we have willfully given up our divine feminine for another to use to their fancies. This is an ethereal concept so don’t get stuck in the physical illusion about this. The physical is the creation, NOT the creator. What is physical is past tense, as in created, after the fact of being created. Seeing allegories is simple, not easy, and it requires a rewiring of your perspective, the one that has not been yours for a very long time. These are the true eyes to see coupled with the true ears to hear. Once that is accomplished, then you have the “in voice” to ask and ye shall receive. It begins with the ceasing of worshipping things outside of ourselves, outside of creation herself. Each and every one of us has our own piece of the puzzle, our own purpose and our things that will resonate the truths we need and seek to find. Once you begin to see your own purpose, things become crystal clear.

The easiest way to see things is by knowing that everything in existence is both masculine and feminine, positive and negative, electrical and magnetic at the same time in singularity. I like to use the analogy of a coin. When one flips a coin and says head of the dragon or tail of the dragon, one is seeking contrast of duality. Regardless of how the coin hits the floor, it’s still a coin where the best result would be it landing on its edge where you can see the head and tail equally. Being a head or tail showing does not diminish the perceived value of the coin, merely the perspective of how one willfully chooses to see it. If you perceive something as right then you must have the equal and opposite contrast to draw that conclusion as to what may be perceived as wrong. Is it right or wrong for a tribe of cannibals to eat another human? According to their perspective, it’s sacred and right but to mine, not something I would willfully choose to do. Only illusions can be built on lies, the castles built on the sand where truth prefers castles built on the rock allegory. If one is a “believer” then one is stuck in the duality of lies versus truth with the word shown thusly; be-lie-ver where “ver” is the root of verily or truthfully. So, when one is a believer, there is the choice cast in the doubts of the definition of the word itself. I would prefer to know something versus believe anything. My experience in this reality is the only thing I can truly know where all else outside of self is open to interpretation only. There are no answers in illusions or lies, only further deception where one is left to trust in a false/ fall-se idol/eye-doll or icon/eye-con. Yes, it’s all there for all to see if we make the choice to see past the illusions of the physical constructs.

All things in the physical realm are simply mimics or “copy-rights/rites” of the spiritual and ethereal mirrors and why i refer to this place as a mirror reflection. I have seen far too many confirmations for that to be denied any longer and where true knowing of self has come into full view. The biggest test for me was the absolute trust I placed within my own reality against all the “standard norms” of this “run by psychos” animal farm. I became the one plus one equals three knowing versus the one plus one equals two “believer”. If one chooses the literal math, one can believe all day long that it does equal two but when one gets outside the box ethereally, then one sees the true laws of nature, the cosmic creations in that one egg plus one sperm equals the third being created. That’s the trouble with the physical in that it places limits on all of us in the very nature of its finite construction. The physical realm worships math as outlined in the Masonic “G”, the bankers’ tallies and the Pharaohs pyramids. In short, they worship all things outside of themselves and are trapped in their own game, if they could but see that.

We have been poisoned by a light not our own, words not of our creation and make real all the illusions we stare at….As another example, I have long felt that Ireland is the heart of the divine feminine allegory. I have poured through countless articles, tomes, essays and books regarding this pondering but it didn’t take long to piece a few of them together. Even the shape of Ireland herself is resembling a heart. She has four ventricles/provinces and her “troubles” were in the upper right ventricle called Ulster. Let’s look at the other three. Mun-ster, Lien-ster and Connaught/knot. Ulster, as a word broken down by the letter allows a deeper look into its true essence. With “U” as the international symbol/cymbal of electricity being masculine, El as the divine essence of the power of creation, the spirit breath called “Rho” and ster being the divine feminine ster. It becomes quite clear this trinity within the upper right/higher feminine chamber. The Starr Chamber referred to in Black’s Law magic book is the allegory of the heart itself with more on that in an essay all by itself.

I have always felt that Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is the last remnant of a destroyed Atlantis being where it is and where it used to be eons ago. Green is the colour of the heart chakra/shock-Ra or the solar plexus. Newgrange is a place dedicated to the seasonal changes whereas a little spoke of place called “Four Knocks” that is dedicated to Cygnus, the Swan. The Swan is allegorical for the divine feminine, grace, beauty and compassion. There is but one door to the last chamber yet to knock and that is the heart completed. Only in the truest hearts can compassion be found for all creation, not just the selected “chosen” bits. Ulster is the last chamber with the patriarchal boot still on its throat but that boot is being severed as the foot of the age of Pisces with its ankh-El’s losing the foothold. The fish worshippers of Rome aka Egypt with their ma-sters ruling from Switzerland are now in their own fishnet as we climb up Jacob’s Ladder of the body. As above, so below. The Age of Aquarius is all about knowing, far removed from the former epoch of believing in Pisces. When one begins to see the coincidences and realizes finally that they are not coincidences at all but are the rungs of this ladder, you too will begin to climb out of this illusion.

There is only one thing that can make you immortal and finally set you free of this madness and that is truth. Love is truth where unconditional reigns, not the cats and dogs that war on this plain. You can deny truth all you want but your heart knows what you must do and if truth be denied, you deny your own heart so expect a few “troubles” of your own.” All things for a reason”, inasmuch as all things are allegorical fractals of creation itself; “all things in all things” and is quite magnificent to behold once your eyes truly begin to open. It is your own heart that beckons you home and nothing else. I have long wearied listening to the many that claim their own awakening where it has always been a journey for me. I am awakened to some things, not all things where I choose not to be fooled by my own arrogance of ego proclaiming that I am awake. Upon the claiming of a destination, the tricky little bastard has once again conquered you and me with limitations. Infinity is a journey, not a destination where this ship will take to port only for enough time to rest, gather allegorical supplies and then press on to the starboards of my own creations having learned something along the way, each and every instant of now. To be continued…….kate of gaia

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Alas, the tales of werewolves and vampires abound in our literature, movies and so forth. Stories of zombies walking the night in search of “brain-food” have been more prevalent of late with even the mainstream alphabet gangs jumping in on the fray. Where most will be entertrained by the literal presentations, most will never see beyond the obvious to see the truths buried just out of view. Always keep in mind the term “as above, so below, as below, so above” as we delve into the far more esoteric nature of this fabric we see as veiled reality. Indeed it is veiled and quite cleverly so. It is so obvious once you see it, you’ll wonder how you missed it and at least I know I did…for a while anyway.

The atypical vampire, for example, is a dark creature that prowls the night in search of blood to keep itself as one of the physical immortals. Without the daily nourishment of blood, it cannot survive, such is the lust for this food and killing and draining others is just part of the lifestyle. They’re also rather difficult to dispatch with either dragging them into the sunlight or driving a stake through their hearts. The allegories are rife and many with more layers being exposed as to what it really means and who and what they really are. While I’m sure there are many beings that practice the physical “art” of bloodletting and drinking much akin to Vlad the Impaler, bloodline relative to Prince Charles no less, the true bloodletting is slightly more hidden and sinister.

If it’s not bad enough being drained of our day to day life forces being preyed upon for our creative energy, the truth lies just out of view. It is merely a matter of connecting the dots to see where our true spiritual energy is being siphoned off without us giving a second thought when we do this every day numerous times. For a little background, one needs to understand what blood actually is. The medical profession will have us believe that it’s just a liquid carrying nutrients and oxygen through our bodies but then I’d have to ask them to define “plasma” as in blood plasma? Try to imagine a pump with walls no more than 2mm thick at its thickest point, trying to pump a viscous liquid like blood to every point in a body, under pressure, 72 times per minute for 100 years. Now, factor in the atypical morbid obesity of so many of our population and you’ll get the notion that there is slightly more going on.

Blood is a rather special “liquid” in many ways but most don’t know that it actually travels via “implosions”, delicately timed and balanced by the heart which is your central sun or merkaba. Thank you, Matt Presti and Robert Otey for your invaluable insights on this fact. Plasma, from Late Latin plasma, from Greek plasma “something molded or created,” is the matter of creation itself, literally an ethereal liquid between worlds. While much of what I’m sharing here might be a newer concept, the connected dots bear it out intuitively where the analytical ego may scoff.

Modern science has uncovered many things regarding the human body but most of that remains on a “need to know” basis. Well, here’s what you need to know. Blood is liquid ether aka spirit. Spirit is the ancient word for mother, or in short, creation herself. One of the biggest issues I see with people is that they are blissfully innocent and can’t imagine doing to others what some do daily and, without conscience. Here’s a fact in that if one seeks to catch a serial killer, one must learn to think like one and confront the darker side of the imagination. For lack of a better way tosay it, if I was a “vampire” and in need of daily sustenance, where could I get blood plasma without anyone knowing or simply caring?

How could I get the masses to give me that plasma daily to survive where I’d only periodically have to butcher someone to get it? For a vampire, the occasional slaughter of a child or someone would be like going out for dinner after a boring week of basic survival. Again, keep in mind the allegories here in that all things are purely electromagnetic or, more accurately, magno-electric. If I wanted to be the “master” over this world, I’d also have be active in the duality of spiritual and physical control of others.

That only makes sense to me. For a little basic biology, in laymen’s terms, let’s look at the blood circulatory system as it relates to cleaning the blood. We intake nutrients into the stomach, it’s broken down and the nutrients enter the blood stream for delivery to all points of our bodies. The blood has to pass through the kidneys to be purified and where nutrients can be balanced as well as the water content. Whatever isn’t required at that moment gets strained off and deposited in the bladder where the waste is purged through the intestines where excess water is also strained off to maintain equilibrium.

Please don’t forget that the human body is a finely tuned and perfect biological engine. The body knows exactly what it needs in the now. It does this all by itself, by design, so that YOU, the being, don’t have to remember to keep your heart beating, hair growing, temperature controlled, digesting, separating viruses etc. That’s what the DNA program is for. With the blood purified and balanced, the remainder of the purified excess is placed where it can be used if necessary since the strained plasma is pure life-force. This liquid contains stem cells, aminos, proteins and living life force itself being that it is

a blood extract. Simply put, would you willingly shove a needle in your arm to get rid of your blood on a daily basis? Well, I hate to tell you, that’s exactly what we do when we toss our urine into the sewer “cesspools”.

“Cess”, in Latin means “tax” so what exactly are we being “cessed” for? Do they not call the places where the sewers are connected to “water pro-cessing plants” and what exactly are the plants they’re growing? Alas, too many questions keep popping up but I’ll keep this as simple and basic as I can since it is only the con-sept/with god I am seeking to share. This is a perspective that I know few, if any, have looked into from an extremely outside the normal-think realms. In order to maintain control over us, one has to control mind, body and soul yes? The body one is easy since it is a constant topic every day in the form of genetically modified foods where mutated genes and DNA get ingested and used by the body. You are what you eat after all.

To control the mind, one has to grasp the notion of the reptilian brain stem transceiver and adrenal glands being easily interfered with for those of weaker mind defences. This is done through things like TV pro-grams, smart meters, HARRP, indoctrinations of school, politics, religions, sports etc. with the more invisible means being carrier waves through electronic and electric fields that surround us. The 60htz electrical grid is the largest one where 60htz cycle electricity is extremely harmful to us in that one of its endearing qualities is interrupting our ability to enter REM sleep or delta wave dreamstate. So, that only leaves the soul or spirit to conquer. Here’s the real trick in the cosmic sense however; we have to do it with full consent, ignorant by willful choice.

The only reason that truth will set you free is that once you KNOW something, you know it and can make the willful choice to control your environment that has long been controlled by others of a less benevolent intent. For me, the connection had to be made from the ether, between the worlds, as it were. Inasmuch as oil and water cannot mix, they cannot even touch each other where there is space between them. The simple truth is, is that if they could touch, they would mix into each other but basic energy rules keep them apart. Their energies are not compatable. Let’s connect the dots. Blood is both ether and physical in that it “travels between the worlds” of both but never touches where there is a merging of energies like an oil and vinegar salad dressing. Plasma can be centrifuged from the blood into separate components in that water is immutable and contains memory or consciousness; YOUR consciousness.

In order to conquer us, it must be done as above, so below in this duality realm to keep us from ever finding our true centers. We have to be constantly distracted and knocked off balance to ensure this. We also have to do it willingly by consent. When we go to the toilets of convenience, we willfully share our life essence and the power it contains in this “Philosopher’s Stone” with those that seek to harvest it. You can do your own research into what urea/urine is used for but it won’t take long to see how valuable it truly is on a grander scale. Contained within your own urine is pure life force and everything your body needs to heal it, regenerate it and make it immortal; literally.

So here’s a simple overview of the as above, so below. To be able to control both aspects, a grid above AND below must be established. The electrical grid suffices for the above and the sewer system, hidden out of view is below. Would it not make more sense to bury the power cables as well instead of the incredible repair costs and infrastructure of maintaining an above ground system? Suer it would but then the effects would be lost in that there would be a grounding shield from mother earth protecting us. If one can see nature’s allegories, one can see this one. A tree gets nutrients as above and so below with two opposite and equal branching systems with one set gathering food from the light and the other from the dark. This is also our root/route system as well with our veins branching out through our bodies in perfect duality. They are hidden, for the most part yet they get light from within in the merkaba known as the heart.

This is not an easy concept to share but once you see it, it makes perfect and balanced sense both logically and intuitively. This allegory was shown perfectly in the efforts of Dee Thomas Murphy where he created a self-contained system for homes where nothing is expelled from the house. It creates energy for the home as well making it completely self-sufficient identical in allegory to the human body; our home. It’s not that hard to see the allegories once you see things in the not so literal sense. In order to see them, both the microcosm and macrocosm have to be viewed in their respective mirrors of as above, so below. Inasmuch as we have to view things from within ourselves, we also have to take in the grander pictures that have been obscured from our view of reality. In this duality, one must view both the dark and the light equally as shown in the allegory of a tree. A tree has branches that reach out into the sky to absorb energy and food from the sun while it also has branches that seek nutrients in the absolute dark of being underground. While a tree cannot seek nutrients from above during a long cold winter, it always has the earth to sustain it. We need to be this grounded as well.

Just as the zodiac is the allegory for the human body, the truth is, these mirrors are everywhere you look and I do mean everywhere. This is a brand new way of observing where one must learn to fully trust oneself, no room for doubts anymore. The biggest issue with trying to observe anything here is that we are always looking into the past in that the speed of light is the proof and deciding factor. It takes light time to travel from the object you are observing so you will only ever see things as they “were”, not as they are. While the light speed is fast, it’s not instant in the physical realms and this is what allows time to be observed at all. The trick here is to start getting into the pre-sent moment ahead of the “past light” This is where I see creation and where we were railroaded. You can test yourself on this at any point of the day and I assure you, the trust in self won’t take long to build up. I just say this to enable my pre-sent moment; “I have eyes to see and ears to hear, show me what it is I need to see and hear universe”. This is where the “coincidences” start to appear like magic. These are the things that resonate with your question you have going on in your mind so please be specific about what it is you are looking to create for yourself.

As an example, let’s say I wanted to confirm something about my stance on the name game fraud since that is what I was pondering. After asking the question of the universe, I go into observe mode and see what was created to come into view. The magic of coincidences is that they are proof positive of your ability to create and you’re just out of practice is all. After I put my intention question out, I look to see and lo and behold a truck drives by with the logo “No Name” on its side. A couple of things have happened here. One, I got the answer I was looking for and two, the truck had to be already created to show up in that moment of now so it was pre-sent already meaning that I stepped into my own timeline in order to see that. This is not an easy concept to put to words where it’s just a realization using intuitive logic. If I see the truck AFTER the call out to universe, universe had to already have put it there so that it can show up when I asked when I did in the NOW moment of time. Being in the NOW moment is actually in the past as well where creating is in the pre-time or pre-sent moment.

It also works in reverse where we continually create another’s reality by being stuck in the NOW and past moment by being triggered by seeing things pre-sented to us. For example, if I was to see the “No Name” truck first, it would get me thinking about that subject so I’m at effect to the observation versus being cause over it. This is why “fear porn” is such a powerful tool to keep people staring at the created past moments to keep another’s creation manifesting. Where attention goes, energy flows. An atom will act differently under observation where each photon of light is an aspect of consciousness. I have deduced from that, that if light is consciousness and I am observing an external light, I am literally worshipping a “god” outside of myself. This is why I refer to external light as pure poison and where only in our own darkest place within can we find our own light. When one is the source of light, one is in control of time from source. I said long ago that someone has hijacked our projectors and this seems to be the case, more and more.

As per the “double slit experiment”, light, or more accurately, consciousness is selforganizing where only the intent of that consciousness needs to be interfered with in order to control it. The whole physical realm, as we’re experiencing it is the allegorical “bread and circuses” of Rome on a universal scale. Every thought we have matters; literally. So it is up to us and us only to regain control of our own intent, our own time and our own creation where others have been creating it for us for a very long time, an infinitely long time. We literally need to get back to our own futures by being in the present, ahead of the perceived NOW illusions. When we are occupying a body, we are at effect to it until we regain our ability to be cause over it. Ignorance is the greatest destroyer of all and why certain entities have worked so very long and hard to keep us in a perpetual dumbed down slave condition.The methods for this were outlined briefly earlier but I’m sure you’re getting the picture by now.

I cannot even begin to stress the importance of getting dark, getting deep and getting serious about our own state of being via meditation. If anyone doubts the power of mind over matter simply take a look around yourself and see what has been manifested as a result of that simple concept we lust to doubt. Your body and you are completely self contained units albeit that our consciousness is in a bit of a Chinese finger trap at the moment. We constantly seek to find answers in the illusion without setting the parameters first. The only answers are the ones YOU create by entering the pre-sent and the easiest way to do that is through meditation to get a handle on it. Once you start to see the results you need to see by just doing, you’ll be in a less doubtful position. Think back as to why children were always given shit for daydreaming and you’ll start to grasp the extreme fear these entities have if we ever dare to do that with serious intent.

It’s time for us to get ahead of the clock here and take Kronos out with his own tricks where his only trick is time illusion. While we maintain ourselves in the stupor of illusions and distractions, the clock owns us and the intent of the clock owner rules the floor. It’s time to get back to Christopher Robin and Pooh where the woods are our own again. It’s not so tough to beat the clock when you’re creating it. Look at all the time traps that have been set to keep us out of time with things like calendars, watches, holidays etc. So many things to keep us locked in this reality as someone else sees it. We have been slaves to the punch clock for too long. We have worshipped all the wrong things and have been told repeatedly to never worship oneself. I have but one rule here; whatever I am told by an external system, I go 180 degrees and I move quickly. Only in the mirror can we slay Medusa. No, Saturn/Satan/Set/Kronos time is up so….on your marks, get set, go….puns intended…to be continued in part 3…kate

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“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men, couldn’t put Humpty together again. Thus is the end result of destroying one’s ego. Once the ego program is shattered with learned truths and choices, there is nothing the system can do to put it back together. Only the ego can be manipulated where the true YOU cannot. Is it any wonder that those wishing to keep the programs running attack so viciously those that dare to awaken? My own position, although not an easy one to endure, is a position I must hold at all costs. The denial of truth is the acceptance of ego program rulership once again, it really is quite that simple.

Only in the denial of a truth learned can an ego program take root again and, as in nature, once something takes root, it grows. The most valuable food to an ego is fear and why the system uses it’s only trick to keep that program running. This is not about denying one’s fears either. In this “illusion” fear is made to appear very real from the physical standpoint and is something that needs to be confronted, not retreated from. In my own journey, fear has played a major role in the shaping of who and what I am today with some minor fear issues still being confronted in my own version of baby steps. I am no different than anyone else in this regard, I merely have my own shadows to deal with where you have yours.

The Humpty rhyme is just another example of little allegories staring us in the face and only with new eyes and perspectives can we even begin to start seeing them. This reality is based on “fixations” to keep people spellbound on all three levels of mind, body and spirit. I’d say they’re doing a grand job in that effort non? The proofs are everywhere to satiate any rational mind, even one controlled by the tricky little bastard called ego. The letter “e” as a prefix means “no” so it’s pretty clear to me that if one has ego, one has no-go power. The ego is a lustful and greedy little bastard too and that is the main focus of the stock markets. All one has to do is look at what they sell and it’s pretty clear; Stocks and Bonds. Stocks were not a good thing to find yourself in in medieval times especially when the crowds had rotten tomatoes to throw at you and being bonded means you’re glued to something. Thus, the birth certificate bond which has proven to be a sticky, versus tricky little bastard and needs to be peeled off in trinity form aka mind, body and spirit.

If we remain in one and two dimensional thinking, we’ll never get 3D on this level and most people are fixated on mind and body only where spirit is not a concept that the masses can truly grasp. Sure, many will speak of spirit and get ethereal on occasion but until they realize that they are not the NAME they think they are, they will never see this level. Seriously, can anyone even think of setting their spirit, their true self free if they’re still quagmired in the mind and body illusion? The Strawman, Tinman and Cowardly Lion are the allegories of mind, body and spirit and the last thing to conquer before you can be Dorothy/door of theos, god in Toto genere full character is your fear. To an infinite being, fear is the grandest illusion of them all. I’d love for someone to explain to me exactly what an infinite immortal consciousness has to fear from anything?

Fear is the only thing that can offer you a sense of actually living and why it must be experienced at all. It comes in infinite forms and quantities depending on what you need to experience. Fear is only there to be overcome and that, for me, is the truest test of all and the only challenge in existence we have. One must not loathe fear nor love it, merely find the zero point within self where it is balanced and where you can baby step from. That’s why pilots begin to learn to fly in small single engine aircraft versus sitting behind the stick of a jumbo jet with 500 passengers. It is about what responsibility one can handle that masters all fears. In seeking the truth, you have accepted a greater responsibility in creation and of course, fear walks lock step with responsibility. If one seeks a higher meaning of truth then one must also accept the responsibility of what that knowledge offers.

It would be pointless to say one is seeking the truths of this reality, find them, then, just as quickly deny them because there is some fear attached to it. Here’s the catch 22 however in that you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. By attaining a higher understanding and stepping into it, you become a blip on the spiritual radar where you have entered “no man’s land” or the “neutral zone”. I like to use the Rubicon allegory here inasmuch as once you’ve chosen to cross the Rubicon River, you are making it clear that you are marching on Rome with no turning back. The very notion of turning back is repulsive to me but then I made my choice a little more absolute than most could stomach. The good news is, they don’t have to but it must be made abundantly clear that once you find a truth and realize the ramifications of that knowledge, one now has the responsibility to stand in that knowledge at all costs or succumb to the ego and retreat.

I already mentioned the catch 22 so if you can’t handle the heat, stop seeking the fires. If you seek to save yourself, and only you can where the truth will set you free, there is a greater responsibility to be accepted. If you feel you can’t handle the responsibilities of being truly free by seeking the truths, stop reading and listening now, return to the lazy boy and TV; this is not a game for the faint of heart or gimmie gimmies. The higher roads come with a more dangerous path but the view is magnificent. You can remain as the one tin soldier of the valley making war with the mountain folk or you can continue the trek up, the choice is one of free will and it is one that must be made. Sit on the wall beside Humpty and well, you know what happens there and it won’t be the ego that gets shattered, it will be your spirit. There is no time for fence or wall sitting because eventually, someone or something will come and knock you off to make sure you move forward or backwards and the choice is always ours.

I have experienced the effects of many people who have awakened to the basics of this reality in its apparent injustices perceived however, that is as far as they get where they cannot see beyond the physical chains and get caught up in the same old dramas that keep them in denial and going circular. People somehow forget that I was there at one time as well and simply chose to push on through regardless of the perceived costs where a bigger picture was in view. Most are focused on their immediate needs, their wants where their scope of influence is limited to only themselves and who they care about in their immediate family and friends circles. Sorry, the world is slightly larger than that view and this is one of the boxes that most are still trapped in.

I have seen the savior program running incessantly where people are quite content to ask me for answers versus guidance for them to handle their own realities and issues much akin to how the system controls the masses via the nanny state. People habitually elect their controllers to do things for them and then bitch and whine when they’re not satisfied with the results of government efforts. Well, that’s what happens when the foxes get elected to guard your henhouses so you may want to consider revising the approach. Unfortunately, in that revision, one must begin to take full responsibility for their own lives and slowly spiral out to guide others to do the same. I have also written countless papers, documents, essays and articles outlining my own experiences and put them into easy to understand form but most will never see it because they’re asses are still parked beside Humpty’s. I believe the expression is “shit or get off the pot” as I recall it from my youth.

I have lost count the number of people who showed up at my door to get something from me that they wanted and needed. The trouble is, what they wanted and needed was for me to make all their troubles go away with what I was able to write and do but they forgot the one thing most important to understand; it wasn’t enough for a document to be written for someone, it had to be fully grasped by the one who received it. Most times, people don’t want to read the fine print or the large print even, they were only concerned with making things right in their world, the rest be damned. Sorry, responsibility doesn’t work this way. The biggest difference between me and most people is that I’ve made far more mistakes than they have and, as a result, gained more knowledge from my experiential mirror because I chose to do something on my own, no nanny required.

One of the first things I realized was the corruption within the system itself and regardless of what facts were presented, the system chugged along with all its meatstick drones mindlessly doing what a mindless meatstick slave does and woe betide you if you dared to rock their sleepy boat. I also got to witness and be a part of many things that saw the system’s cracks where I was not only able to peer into them allegorically but I was also able to insert a wedge to open it up even more. One of the larger clues was a judge of their system, a high priest, if you will, bowed to me where later others had only fear in their eyes knowing that I knew what they were doing and was calling them out on it to their lying faces. I have had many articles, reports and even TV shots where defaming myself and the truths uncovered to try and keep a lid on Pandora ’s Box but unfortunately for them, the Genie is out of the allegorical bottle.

I see the system ramp up its efforts of fear porn in a vain attempt to out-flank the destruction of their reality but that’s not working anymore either where all I can do is laugh. I have seen where myself and others have literally changed the world reality in key efforts being injected like a virus into their crumbling machine and empiric illusions. I see many still focusing on the illusions shown to them for them to power it up with their own infantile intentions rubbernecking the false flags, chemtrails, GMO foods etc. without realizing that these illusions are kept in place and effect by the constant staring. I have met too many “experts” in too many fields to count who are busy staring at what is happening but never asking why on more than the obvious levels. We’re dealing with entities that have been master of this particular game for too long and we’re not going to solve it by doing the same things we have done for countless millennia.

No, in order to stop travelling in circles, we must “jump the tracks” from this crazy train we’re riding on and get drastically original in our thinking and more importantly, our responsibility. Do not expect anything to change in your reality unless you change your operating basis. The most critical thing for me was my choice to stand in truths found, regardless of the cost. One must choose meatstick reality or divine spiritual reality. That is the real Catch 22. If one seeks to play in the whore of Babylon game with your Mark of the Beast/NAME then your spirit, mind and body are owned and will be recycled until you finally choose the only thing that can set you free; truth. If you choose the spiritual path, well then you can expect things to get a little difficult on the physical plains because you’re defragging their program and your would-be masters don’t like that. The Catch 22 is that whichever path you choose, one or the other is damned; damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I simply chose infinity.

Here’s the magic of choosing your own aspect of consciousness in that weird and wacky things start to happen. Once you choose to stand in the truth, universe steps in but one must take the real leap of faith and that is trust in yourself and your own intuitive heart. People talk about changing this and changing that but all I usually see are people trying to use the constructs that have them trapped in the first place. That is quite simply insane as far as I can tell and observe it. If your car engine starter stops working and it doesn’t start after a smack with a hammer, it won’t matter how many times you hit it until you know where and how to hit it. Most will simply end up destroying it and weary themselves in the process. One cannot expect an abundance of money to solve their problems when it’s the money that IS the problem in the first place.

Money creates separation where those in control of it, control those without it and the longer that concept is embedded, the longer our spirits are enslaved. I have outlined the ethereal trap of what money truly is where the very essence of consciousness is, by our consent, trapped in it via the register or regis-ster. For more information on that, please read a couple of other essays I’ve written and outlined the spirit traps that have been uncovered. Those essays are called “The Long and Short of it”, “I, Who Shall Not Be Named”. Also, it is not easy to convey these concepts because I deal mostly in what is hidden from view so it’s not easy for people to accept things that they have not known for a very long time and, that is, their very divine being. I have endured much doubt and second guessing myself for much of my life but as I see things unfold in the physical as it mirrors the spiritual, my doubts get fewer every day and such is the nature of my own walk.

Most, if not all of the things I talk about, come from an ethereal perspective where I only see the physical realm as the effect of my own causations. This concept takes a bit of practice but just like learning to play an instrument, they, like truth, have to have time spent with to make them your friend. I often told people I was teaching guitar to, to not expect the guitar to be your friend if you won’t talk to it; such is the nature of the universe. Many of us have a lot of garbage to sort through where we have had lifetimes full of programs and indoctrinations to purge from our personal hard drives, or to clear the RAM of Aries in order to allow our own self installed programs to run properly. This is where fear comes into play in a major way. It is incredibly difficult to let go of everything we ever thought of as real but once you realize that it was someone else painting your reality, it wasn’t even yours to begin with. In short, you’re holding onto someone else’s illusions and making them your own.

I like to refer to this as defragging the savior program. All one needs to do is ask oneself if the choice they are making is based on their experience or is it based on something that came from tradition, culture, religion, school, society etc.? These are all divide and conquer tactics to keep people looking outside of themselves for an answer or something to blame for their woes. I’ve done it, we’ve all done it. Even what I’m writing here can be misconstrued as the very same thing however; the intent is a lot different now. I am long wearied helping people only to have them throw knives in my back after they have achieved a slightly better existence than they had before. To them, they have won, satiated ego survival where anything further would have more responsibility in it so they move along. I have had people come to me with “gifts” that were actually “debt obligations” in the age old duality program of I gave you something, now you owe me. Woes betide you if you don’t have the answer they want versus the truth they need. That’s where you’ll get tossed to the curb and bad mouthed accordingly.

Until people can move beyond these programs, they are lost and there is nothing we can or should do; they are physical illusionists seeking physical desires. They want their cake and want to eat it too. They want the miracle externally to satiate the physical comforts and when your magic wand doesn’t work for them (because it can’t), you become chopped liver. If one is playing the “Rescuer”, one is assuming the role of an external savior where pedestals are built just high enough for you to step into the Wicker Man trap where you will burn. Then there are those of us who are seeking our own answers from the greater than physical illusion realms where we know something is far grander than our eyes can see in this limited one dimensional light realm.

The simple truth is that all things in the physical can only be seen in the past, never in the now or pre-sent moments. It takes all external light time to travel to your eyes be it from a perceived distant star or the nose on your face; it’s all in the past moment. We must learn to begin to be observers from our own zero point where your source of light is now since you’re generating it. That point of light is centered in your heart, your merkaba of your consciousness and the only way to begin seeing that is to start closing your eyes to the exterior past illusions. This is the only place you can be in creation mode, the pre-sent. Always keep in mind the golden rule and the trespassing on others free will choice. Creation is not a democracy; it is a unanimous anarchy where all things must be accepted by all participants in co-creation of the world’s we envision. The ego is the one that says you can’t do something when your own heart, you, knows you can and should; only fear gets in between.

We have long been taught to doubt ourselves based on group think and peer pressure, our pre-indoctrinated programs since our literal birth into this physical game. The lessons you seek to learn will be learned this time or they won’t but just remember the playground your choices will see you exit or re-enter lifetime after lifetime until you can finally say ‘enough’ and trust your own heart. For those hearing or reading this, be grateful that you got this far and make a choice as to where you go from here. This realm is all about lack and loss, winning and losing or as simply put as I can; it’s about contrast to learn the value in that contrast and be grateful or spiteful about it. The hardest thing I have to confront daily in others is their ego and it’s walking on rice paper to have any resemblance to a “normal conversation”. Ego loves drama, blame, emotions, desires, things, enter-trainment etc. because that requires no real sense of responsibility and where trespassing on others is common place.

The ego must defend and justify and it will do so to the point of extreme violence. It is based and debased in the five senses only where you, the real you, is not limited by such constructs unless you willfully choose it. There is nothing wrong with the physical universes in that all creation is and, must be, perfect. This particular playground has been run by the bullies for too long where the physical realm actually rules them in their own possessed mirrors. There are those of us that have chosen to play a different game here, one of a higher purpose in our own self-discovery and planetary prison break. I choose to let the perceived fools puff up their peacock chests in self-aggrandizement where they are big sharks in a small pond and less than minnows in the larger oceans of truth. Unfortunately, the sleepy slaves are awakening to their chains and every day more and more enter the fray on the “I’ve had enough” side of things. It is a short step from that awakening to what is really going on but one must get outside of the constructed box to destroy it.

The divided and conquered cats and dogs have been running this asylum for too long where these are our own aberrations, our own reflections within so where does the blame truly fall? When we hand over our power to external constructs it will only be the most ego trapped beings that lust for that power. Are these the parts of our consciousness we really want to have determining our reality or are we going to finally say enough, let go of the garbage, unpack our collective camels and move forward? The only other choice is the devil we already know and we’ve seen where that got us. All of the perceived ancient teachers have been telling us the same thing where the truths were distorted due to our own believing in what some ego driven meatstick told us as we play the infinite game of telephone where someone altered the message along the line where some of us are trying to repair it.

If one follows and worships the system, those in control of it will choose for you what information you are allowed to receive so don’t be surprised if everything is not as you were taught to think it is. One of the saving graces of evil is that it must ultimately destroy itself since destruction is its’ modus operundi. I have simply chosen to bring as much of it as I can into the light where the vampires are destroyed by their own false light. In the meantime, be happy with the wars, the desolation and the wanton destruction of a most beautiful world all the while missing the most beautiful essence in the universe, the creator itself and that is YOU. It’s high time to turn all that creative intention inwards instead of reinforcing the external illusions that have us all trapped. If you are staring at the physical illusions you will miss the greatest show in the universe. Just as in the Wizard of Oz it was Toto that pulled back the curtain to expose the powerless controller, not Dorothy. You have to be in your full character to see past the apocalypse to find the Door-Of-Theos, the door to your divine self.

This yellow brick road we each have to walk in our own way will take you to the Emerald City and beyond. It requires only that you walk it, regardless of the illusional fears you will think of and ultimately manifest for yourself and others if you’re not careful. God is light, ye are light, ye are gods remember? You can do greater things than I as it was so eloquently and humbly stated. Sorry, there is no-one coming to save you, that is yours to create for yourself. There are no answers in this system to solve this system, it was never meant to be solved, only torn down exposing it for the lies and destructive fraud illusion that it is. Only upon the rubble of this system and its’ slave/master program destroyed can we begin to build the worlds of our dreams and not before it. That which you re-cyst, will per-cyst so indeed, resistance IS futile in that you’re only pouring the exact energy needed to keep this construct in place. I choose to rubberneck the truth and keep my eyes on the prize, as it were versus constantly powering up the very things that have kept all of us enslaved and worshipping this false idol that keeps the serpent eating its’ own tail/tale. This is a never ending story into a journey of self-discovery and infinite potential and it truly is a magical place once you begin to see it and I know some of you are. The journey home begins trusting where you live and nothing and no-one else. That includes what you’re reading or hearing here. We have too long been ruled by the paintings of reality by other’s that had it in their best interest to keep you in a perpetual lock down but the keys to the kingdom are contained within, exactly where most will never take the time to look. Such is the nature of bread and circuses and external beliefs. Such is the program of ego. Indeed, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall from whence he/she/it fell. The only remaining question is……exactly who built that wall? That one is for you to answer for yourself and the only hint I will offer is what I did to answer that….I faced both sides of my own mirror and likely why most cats and dogs growl or hiss when they see their own true reflections for the first time…The Camel’s Humpty, must be Dumpty after all..imagine that….mwahs and love, kate of gaia…..

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Our Victories

Here are some of our victory stories from around the world. All these people are helping to expose the legal name/birth certificate fraud by not consenting to be the legal name.

Iris’s police interaction

Hear Iris’s victory story about being pulled over by police for an expired registration. Iris stood in truth and calmly educated the two officers about the legal name fraud. The officers let her go after speaking with her for just 30 minutes.

Ibis’s police and court interaction

Hear Ibis’s victory story about his interaction with police and in court after being arrested for not having a licence, insurance or valid plates for the van he was driving.

Geri’s police and court interaction

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Joyce exposes fraud to police station

Listen to Joyce’s victory story about his interaction with police and his police station interaction. He was pulled over by the police and as our victory stories always go he stood his ground and would not consent to be the legal name, and all the while he is educating them and exposing the legal name fraud.

Sam’s police and court interaction

Hear Sam’s victory story about his interaction with police and in court after being pulled over and not consenting to be a legal name. Sam was kept in a cell over the weekend before appearing in court, where he educated many police officers and court officials about the legal name fraud.

Ro’s police interaction

Hear Ro’s victory story about his interaction with police after being pulled over and not consenting to be a legal name. Ro was taken to the watchhouse for couple days; standing in truth, he educate many police officers in the process.

Kathy’s police and court interaction

Hear Kathy’s victory story of her interaction with police and going to court after being pulled over by police and not consenting to be a legal name.

Living man ‘Pete’ goes to court

Listen to Pete’s interaction in court, followed by Kate’s commentary and some discussion. Pete was arrested and forced to show up in court for having an invalid licence and having an unregistered vehicles with ‘false’ licence plates. These audio include Pete’s interaction with a lawyer and two magistrates, as well as police.

Ivan Consciousness’s police interaction

Listen to Ivan’s victory story of being taken to the police for questioning after not consenting to be a legal name. Ivan walked free after the police failed to get the joinder they needed to a legal name.

Motu Proprio Toto Genere’s police interaction

Listen and read along to Motu Proprio Toto Genere’s victory story of being taken to the police station after not consenting to be a legal name. Motu was having fun with his friends when law enforcement arrived and tried to aid and abet them in fraud by asking for some LEGAL NAMES.

Dee Light’s victories

Listen to Dee Light’s stories of her police interactions.

Pete’s police interaction

Listen to Pete’s story of being arrested and held in jail over night after not consenting to be a legal name.

Friend’s arrest experience

Listen to Friend’s story of being arrested after pulling over for police on the way to get his car serviced.

Strawberry “Mr Witness” owns a court room

Listen to Strawberry’s story of being arrested, put in jail, and appearing in court, all because he would not consent to be the legal name. Strawberry walked free after claiming the court as his own and advising everyone there to quit their jobs.

Joe Knowbody confronts cop on the legal name fraud

Watch Joe Knowbody confront a cop on the legal name fraud. Joe consistently challenges the officer’s assumption that he is a legal name.

Michael’s interaction with border patrol

Listen to Michael (“The Witness”) describe his interaction with border control when he decided to travel across the U.S. border into Canada.

Wayne & White – Cops arrest social worker

Read the story of Wayne and his daughter White, who refused to answer to the legal name during the daily school roll call. When the police became involved, they defended Wayne and White. The school headmistress was warned by police that she may be arrested if she used White’s supposed legal name. Later on, a social worker became involved and was arrested for threatening to take White away.

Blossom’s interaction with police

Read Blossom’s story about interacting with police when they tried to write her a ticket.

Rob’s interaction with police

Listen to Rob’s story about being pulled over by police while driving home with his two sons (11 and 13 years). Police tried many tricks to get Rob and his sons to give a legal name, but they gave none. Rob went peacefully to the police station; he was let go 45 minutes later.

Water – What to do when system agents come a’knocking

Read Water’s story of how she handled a system agent who came knocking at the door.

Elizabeth travels without ID

Read Elizabeth’s story about flying from Norway, to Germany and Portugal without a passport or ID.

Kaz declines a breathalyser

Listen to Kaz recalling her interaction with police after declining a breathalyzer and not consenting to be the LEGAL NAME.

Willie walks free

Read Willie’s story of being detained by police only to be released shortly after due to his not consenting to be a LEGAL NAME.

Michael ‘The Witness’ walks free

Listen to Michael’s story of his 34 day stand-off with the system. Michael was arrested, incarcerated and went to caught but walked away a free man. He never consenting to be the LEGAL NAME despite the system’s intimidation tactics and trickery.

Hannah Rose’s journey toward losing the name

Hannah started with the freeman/sovereign movement but later realised that there can be no legal remedy in a fraudulent system that requires the fraudulent LEGAL NAME to get that remedy. Hannah is now helping educate her existing audience in this truth.

Witness goes to the bank

Listen to one living man’s encounter with the police who were called in because he wanted to close a bank account without ID/LEGAL NAME.

Withdrawing money without valid ID

Read a story from two people who withdrew their money without using valid ID and educated bank staff in the process.

Borian’s banking adventures

Borian educates bank staff while attempting to exchange money without the LEGAL NAME/ID.

Borian educates a police sargent

Listen to Borian’s interaction with a police Sargent as he attempts seeks advice on how a living being might be able to do a simple currency exchange without committing fraud.


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