Living man ‘Pete’ goes to court

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Listen to Pete’s interaction in court, followed by Kate’s commentary and some discussion. Pete was arrested and forced to show up in court for having an invalid licence and having a unregistered vehicles with ‘false’ licence plates. These audios include Pete’s interaction with a laywer and two magistrates, as well as police.

The first court hearing resulted in Pete’s decision to remain in police custody for two days and wait for a second court hearing. The second hearing resulted in the charges being dismissed and Pete being set free.

These clips originally aired on Outside The Box With Kate Of Gaia on Wednesday October 15 and Thursday October 16.

Listen to the radio clips

October 15th: Court hearing one, plus discussion

The first 29 minutes of this audio is the same as the first YouTube video below.

» Download audio (MP3, 14.7 MB)


October 16th: Court hearing two (part one), plus discussion

The first 22 minutes of this audio is the same as the third YouTube video below.

» Download audio (MP3, 9.82 MB)

Listen to Pete’s original recordings

6 Comments on “Living man ‘Pete’ goes to court”

  1. brad ley

    Hi all, I have been over both recording twice now and I noticed on the first one A question was asked about health and being on medication. Why was this ask I wonder? Also Jane Doe-755 was mentioned but not in the second recording, it was never bought up the second time in court. So there are two points Id like to bring up. (1) Why being healthy and not on medication is important. (2) The name Jane Doe-577, and why it was never mention in the court the second time.

  2. joe

    (1) Why being healthy and not on medication is important.

    judge ask Q
    A deterrent if Pete is mentally unwell, or Crazy !!

    (2) The name Jane Doe-577, and why it was never mention.

    Court is on Notice

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  4. Whitney

    So what happened in the end? I couldn’t hear. This was really intense, I was nervous for Pete but he stayed so calm and collected, great job!

    Question, in the second court hearing, after he explained to the judge why the legal name could not be used and that he was not that legal name, could he have continued with: therefore your jurisdiction has no legal authority over my will and rights as a living man. I choose none of the options you are presenting me. You can go ahead and charge whatever fictional name you wish too but you will be committing fraud in doing so which in turn means any and all contracts used with that legal name are automatically null and void and cannot be carried out in any way shape or form. This case is now closed and just turn around and walk out? I mean what could they possibly do at that point? Break their own laws and forcefully throw him back in jail?

    One more question, how long are they allowed to detain you when you refuse to accept the legal name as yourself? It sounded like they could only do that for so long before they have to release you.

  5. Pete

    Hello all, I will address the first questions as best I can Mentally Ill issue is just one of their tricks, this was also asked during my find arrest, twice and also at the Cop shop during the interview, I think I asked the question to the Prosecute-er regarding me saying I had a BAD back, to which if you listen to the audio, I augured with him about me using the phrase!
    Since found out he was actually helping me, with my description. I was asked constantly about my health and well being, through the entire encounter.
    As for the Jane Doe -755 either the Lady Maji was not aware of what I was saying or as usual they will not respond or show any emotion when questioned by a tricky subject.
    If you were not aware, I did hand in Kate’s Papers to the Court 2 weeks previous under the Legal Name of Jane Doe-755.
    I know it is hard to hear the end of the second Case, the Maji just felt there was no more he could do with ME, so he quickly and quietly said, “YOUR FREE TO GO!”
    As far as holding you I am not sure, but I think it is a max of 30 days without any concrete evidence! I think Mike McClain and Kate may have been some of the longest at 34 Days.
    Hope that helps, however my Knowledge has increased 10 fold since this experience, and was arranged by Creation to help me understand and experience, so for that I am grateful and more at peace with Myself and Everything else with the Knowledge I now possess.
    Please keep any questions you have coming am only to happy to help! Cheers and Love from Pete. xxxxx

  6. Troy

    Hey Pete,

    Do you know of or who has collapsed a Cestui Qui trust in court in australia? Also Are you still driving without paying rego and a licence?

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