Kaz – declines a breathalyser test

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A story from the land commonly referred to as ‘Australia’.

Listen to Kate of Gaia interview Kaz about her interaction with police. Kaz chose to drive through a random breathalyser checkpoint and decline the breathalyser. When the police asked, she did not consent to be the LEGAL NAME and proceeded to educate them about how things really are.

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  1. tanya

    HI Kate and Kaz, I didn’t quite understand what happened to the truck. Katz sounded like she had a massive win, but still had to walk home, somehow pick up the kids and get the truck back?? This to me sounds like the cops got tired of getting nowhere and decided to just let Katz go. I also thought Las had a valid licence and the truck WAS actually registered?? Where have I gone wrong?? This story stuck a chord with me as I also am from Noosa, Sunrise to be more precise. I would love clarity as I am heading down this road also.
    Many thanks for your ongoing work guys. t

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