Joyce Exposes Fraud To Police Station

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Original air date November 14th 2014.

Listen to Joyce take a stand against police enforcement in this Audio clip. Joyce began his day driving through the country roads and while he was  driving through a school zone being careful and aware. He was pulled over by the police and as our victory stories always go he stood his ground and would not consent to be the legal name. They forced him to the police station to pull their usual tactics and he would not budge, and all the while he is educating them and exposing the legal name fraud.

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3 Comments on “Joyce Exposes Fraud To Police Station”

  1. philip of the family marcus

    Although I admire Joyce’s Stand on not submitting to the fraud that is the Legal Name / Legal Fiction, I became somewhat frustrated with the unwillingness of the Tax enforcers to even try to understand what Joyce was trying (and very politely) to explain to them, why he would NOT STAND in Fraud, and they tried so hard to make him admit that he was the Legal Person, and therefore create Joinder.
    This is a problem all over the world where the Human beings are awakening. but the problem is, is that the Police services are given just enough Brainwashing / Legal fodder to be dangerous in that they either are so trained to ignore FACT or just dont want to for fear of the “Light Bulb” going on over their collective heads, I would expect a combination of the two.
    Regardless my hats off to Joyce for standing in truth and not being intimidated by the local Tax enforcer’s /Henchmen of the B.A.R.

    1. kennywally

      They’re not there to be fair, but to get you to cave, to submit, and many people do just that !!!
      Not likely they’ll ever be “fair” ! Don’t hold your breath !

  2. Nefeli

    he did well – the right amount of calmness – dont be frustrated by what they do or say – each time we hear our own truth deployed – they react to it with ever increasing degrees of unease – we will get lounder – sterner with this message – the obsuridy of bearing false witness against the living will be come so apparant no one will carry it on – the full de-frock is comming – i can attest to that – salute to you bro – being the god you are – and trying to save our own brothers from the disgrace of thugary and theft – even as they flail at your own soul – one love ( Cloudwalker)

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