Joe Knowbody confronts cop on the legal name fraud

Kara RhoxsterFraud, Video7 Comments

Watch Joe Knowbody confront a cop on the legal name fraud. Joe consistently challenges the officer’s assumption that he is a legal name.

It is interesting to observe the policeman’s attempts to take control of the situation by giving orders and spouting off the titles of various legal acts. Joe challenges each one of these attempts nicely.

7 Comments on “Joe Knowbody confronts cop on the legal name fraud”

  1. pat farrell

    I would prefer to pull out a gun and shoot this fat bastard right in the balls.But hey I’m Irish

  2. Cornelious Devaunch

    He should not have submitted to the breath test, that was a fail. Still a victory though being able to drive away. Anyone doing this should back it up by getting the Crown in a contract by tacit consent, where you would have a fee schedule so when you get violated, you can begin charging them and the crown will be bound to pay because of the contract. If you have rid yourself of your berth contract or even all contracts, you cant just do what you want and expect freedom. You now have to give notice of your rights, this you also would win by tacit consent cause you know they wont agree with you in writing. So, if you get fucked with and or taken to court, you make money off them and you have documents that will get you an administrative judgement when you go to court, the case wont be heard because you have shown up in honor of the court by giving notice of your rights and they agreed by tacit consent under the law. 🙂

  3. Jay

    He should not have described his car as a vehicle nor should he have taken the breath test…these cops have no idea of the fraud the legal name holds! LOL they have no idea what to do without a crown name haha

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