Iris’s police interaction

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Original air date November 21st 2014.

Listen to Iris’s story about being pulled over by police for an expired registration. When police questioned Iris, she told them it was her friend’s car, and when they asked her for a licence, she told them she was not a legal name. Iris stood in truth and calmly educated the two officers about the legal name fraud. While the police threatened her with jail and fingerprinting, they decided to let her go after 30 minutes.

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8 Comments on “Iris’s police interaction”

  1. Mark

    Hello, I tried to find some means of e-mailing either Kate or Shieena Living Waters for information. Over the years I have been hearing a lot of talk about the exemption process & have been listening & watching & reading all the concepts & ideas from all over about law, life, liberty, truth/lies but I prefer FACTS as I am a factualist; however, no one really seems to know how to access this value purported to be established with a child’s birth. There are a lot of sites out there stating all sorts of things and you can buy their DVD, however if they have fulfilled this process [and I’m not referring to the spiritual side, I am well on the way there, I’m talking the documented – system can not argue side]. Now I have ordered the Life birth registration which precedes the birth certificate, can anyone give specific detail of what I require and which documents need be drafted [is there a template] & to whom do these documents get delivered & whom is contacted or instructed when accessing the value from the fraud source? Can anyone help me?
    Mark W

  2. Iris

    Much love to Mark as well as to Humanity the Heart of Creation.

    Brothers and Sisters… This is for everybody… “Once a FRAUD is Revealed it becomes Nun Pro Tunt! (A term used in BLACKS LAW dictionary and that has its origins in Egyptology.)

    In other words – it becomes Null and Void. Or NOW FOR THEN=NOW that the Fraud has been revealed – All is Erased!

    An absolute Truth! It is Finished! Done! No paperwork required. Otherwise, you will be stuck repeating the vicious cycle/psycho of what the Buddhist call “Left Brain Monkey Chatter”. Lol

    This is a matter of THE HEART and in KNOWING The TRUTH in who You are from Your OWN HEART!

    You will KNOW its TRUTH because Your OWN HEART will attest to it Being The Truth. You FEEL it and therefor You KNOW IT!

    As far as “paperwork also known as the written written word with (carbon-666) pencil or ink on 2-D Flat Earth=PAPER – is The Mark of THE BEAST also known as “LEGAL NAME FRAUD”!


    When you/me/Humanity takes the time to READ All of Kate of Gaia’s writings that were electrically Created online and FREE from pieces of papers or 2-D Flat Earth (Carbon-666)… In taking the time to READ the story of YOU/ME/HU-MAN-Kind we all will come to an understanding of Our True Living Love Story in connection another.

    Pure Conciseness! Purity of HEART!

    It’s BE-YOU-T-Full!!! Be You Full of The TRUTH of Himself, Herself, Itself – You The True HEART of All CREATION!

    Love to ALL!

    1. kennywally

      Actually the specific TERM is, Nunc pro tunc ! and don’t forget Blacks may be legal defintions but only from their side of the ledger. It’s a huge game being run on us, and we need to get up to speed with the terms.

  3. Rodney

    Unfortunately, you cannot just ignore this and then suddenly joinder back with the name.

    It says you have to have your name written in the Book of Life to be saved, it actually even says it in the Bible itself.

    What is it speaking of?
    To write your name in the Book of Life means to eject your NAME from the beast system!!

    Exit the entire financial system of Babylon, or else you are not in the Book of Life!

    Which unfortunately means you need to deny all incorporation all together, and permanently reject the NAME.

    The reality is those with the NAME will be given a mark on their right hand and will be forced to worship the Beast, right into the end times.

    The only conclusion can be, you have to rid yourself of the name permanently and get NO more ID numbers as well!!

  4. Rob

    You know, I once had a judge issue a court order to provide fingerprints to the Police.

    So I went to the police station to let them fingerprint me. They fingerprinted me, and then pointed to a spot on the form and said “Sign here”. I refused.

    The cop told me I must sign the form. I said no thanks, my signature is valuable.

    The cop said I have to sign it. I politely refused and said he might want to go talk to his superior, because he could force me to fingerprint the form, but he couldn’t force me to sign it.

    “Come with me!” he says, and he puts me into a cell.

    I said I was not going to sign the form unless he could produce a law that said I have to sign something on the demand of a police officer or government agent.

    I sat in the cell wondering if I maybe had made a mistake.

    Ten minutes later, the cell door opens, “Ok, you’re free to go.”

    1. kennywally

      Rob, Good for you brother, you stood your ground!! A great lesson for anyone whom the system messes with !!

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