It’s important for everyone to know the truth about the legal name fraud. You can help gather evidence and spread the truth by contacting people in the system.

Judges, lawyers, police, bank staff, teachers, etc. are all helping maintain the legal name fraud and need to be made aware of the roles they play. We invite you to interact with people working in the system and inform them of their role.

Below is a intro script and a list of software that can assist you in recording your interactions. We encourage you to send these recordings to GNIP so that they may be shared with everyone via the GNIP radio channel (see below for more details).

Introductory script

“Hi, I’m with GNIP investigative media following up on a story regarding legal name fraud and law enforcement/court agencies caught up in this fraud. Are you familiar with this copyright scam?

We’ve interviewed many lawyers and discussed these issues with law enforcement, and have discovered that any/all use of a legal name, that you think is you from a birth certificate, is actually fraud via copyright infringement on CROWN copyrighted material. We’re fully aware, as are the lawyers we’ve interviewed, that BAR members enjoy immunity from this fraud via their BAR member status access to all CROWN copyrights and this scam is worldwide. We’ve had judges, police and lawyers step down once they see how endangered they are to criminal prosecution by simply asking someone for a legal name at all.

We’ve had no rebuttals from any lawyers or the like when confronted with this most basic truths of law and have been met with lawyers avoiding answering, running away, ending calls abruptly when the answer is too obvious to hide from and so on. So I was wanting to get some of your thoughts on this fraud beyond any reasonable doubt.”

Call recording software

Audio editing software

If you need to edit or compress your audio clips, Audacity is a free audio editing program for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Go Nameless It’s Painless (GNIP)

Seacht Uv Ithir has put together a radio channel for people to share their stories and recordings. Contact Seacht at seachtofithir[at]

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