Ibis’s police & court interaction

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Original air date November 19th 2014.

Listen to Ibis’s story of being arrested and taken to court after pulling over for a police breathalyser. Ibis was travelling in a van with his own plates and the police officer asked about these. Ibis told the officer the van wasn’t registered,that he had no legal name and gave the officer the documents ‘Attention: All police agents‘ and ‘Attention: Law enforcement‘. Ibis explained the legal name fraud to them and the officers threatened to arrest him if he didn’t give a legal name. Ibis told them he did have a legal name he could use in full honour and gave them a Jane Doe-755 card and told them he was transgender. The police put Ibis in handcuffs without touching his physical body and was taken to the police station where he was put in a cell. Ibis was photographed and finger-printed, and educated all the officers about the legal name fraud.

After spending the night in a cell, Ibis was taken to court where he interacted with many more people and educated them about the legal name fraud. When Ibis mentioned ‘Jane Doe-755’ to the magistrate had him sent back to the cells. Later, Ibis was taken back to a different court where the magistrate read out charges to a legal name – the police were able to find a legal name via the remaining VIN on the van Ibis had beeen driving. Ibis told them he was not this legal name and used Jane Doe-755 instead. Ibis said he was an honourable citizen of the City of London they needed to protect him and provide him safe passage out of the court. The magistrate ruled on $300 worth of fines to the legal name and Ibis was allowed to leave.

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