Journey Of Hannah Rose

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Hannah Rose started with the Freeman/sovereign movement, learning everything she now knows on her journey of becoming a real “Free women” the full true spirit that she really is. She has grown a huge audience during her journey and helped many see the light and has recorded videos all along the way. Hannah discovered that the Freeman/ sovereign movement was not the proper way of going about things, she realised that there can be no Legal Remedy in a fraudulent system that requires the fraudulent Legal Name to actually have any sort of legal remedy, in turn making the remedy fraud as well. This page will have important videos of Hannah Rose for viewing. In order of the time she finally found out the Freeman/sovereign was not the correct way to go about her freedom. Watch and enjoy her story !!

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Hannah reads “As Per Your Fraud” in the first video.





8 Comments on “Journey Of Hannah Rose”

  1. Mel

    Hi Hannah, I think all your video’s are well presented and your way of thinking is amazing. I can relate to so much of what you have to say, hopefully these video’s will help lead people to the light and to wake them up as to what is really happening on this planet… cheers and keep up the great work…

  2. derek

    Hi Hannah

    Great work!

    Did you get a reply from GRO regarding whether or no the copyright pertains to the name or just the document?

  3. Pete of Bristol

    Dear Hannah,
    Just watched your story. Having only recently discovered your work from the brilliant “You_are_God” vid. I have to say that you are without doubt a truly amazing spiritual being for whom we are blessed to have passing on these hidden truths and wisdoms in the fight against true “injustice”.
    Love & Light

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  5. Ylva

    Does anyone here know what happened after this for Hannah? It’s been what, 1-2 years since she published anything online? It leaves alot for the imagination to fill out but some actual info would have been nice. I hope she’s keeping up this work of hers.

  6. Aspect

    Watching these recordings of you Hannah reminds me of who I am. Thank you for posting! Babylon distracts me and brings me down, but hearing the voices of likeminded souls boosts me back up.

    Whay is your next step? Any new encounters?

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