Geri’s police & court interaction

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Original air date November 18th 2014.

Listen to Geri’s story of being arrested and taken to court after she went to the bank to cash a money order. Geri pulled into the bank parking lot where the police noticed the ‘live free or die’ plates on her jeep. Geri told the officers she had no licence, insurance or name; she gave them ‘Babylon is Fallen’ and educated them about the legal name fraud. The officers were receptive to the information, but insisted they needed to do their job and took Geri to the police station where she was finger-printed and given the name ‘Jane Doe’.

After spending the night in a cell, Geri was taken to court where she interacted with many more people and educated them about the legal name fraud; they were also very welcoming to the information. By this stage, the police had found the bankcard that Geri had hidden in her jeep, and now had a legal name. The court ruled that if the legal name was not found driving without a licence, insurance and ‘improper’ plates again, the issue would be dismissed from the record. After that, Geri walked free, minus the jeep which police had stolen.

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22 Comments on “Geri’s police & court interaction”

  1. mare

    Hardly a “victory”! In fact, it was a HUGE LOSS. I have yet to see one success story on this website. If I missed it, please let me know. An arrest or a court appearance is proof that “lose the name” does NOT work.

    1. Brand Newman

      Then by all means go to court and walk away by spitting legal babble, then come back and tell us how it went. Oh thats right, you wont be able to come back and tell us how it went, you will still be locked up.

    2. kimdot

      Your sentence needs to end with the quotes(“) if you’re gonna use them.

      My success story is I don’t pay insurance, registration, or income tax and save a boatload on auto insurance…more then Geico! Sheriff and CHP have been behind me reading the words on my fake plate and so far I drive away and we are both better men for it. Doing the right thing takes us to the front of the line in the spotlight. We don’t submit to kidnapping, extortion, racketeering, or murder by the Vatican.


      1. Douglas

        I have been “driving” my unregistered truck without registration, without insurance and without a chassis number (VIN) OR a driver’s license for over 10 years and never once have I been pulled over. I registered that (COLB) Certificate of Live Birth name by filing an Assumed Name Certificate with the State of Minnesota Secretary of State and took the numbered plates off. I replaced the plates with a sign I made using MS Word that reads: TAX EXEMPT – NO LICENSE OR REGISTRATION REQUIRED and below that reads in bold print, PRIVATE PROPERTY.

        There is a law that REQUIRES “Any name used in commerce for a profit MUST be filed with the Secretary of State. and EVERY state has this requirement. I filed in Minnesota because you do NOT have to have a Minnesota address to file and it can be done online in less than 5 minutes. Just the label of that form…Assumed Name Certificate should be your first clue. They tricked everyone into believing the name they created by flipping your REAL name 180 degrees is you when in fact it is the “business entity” you simply utilize to operate in commerce lawfully. I opened a business chacking account using the ANC as my founding business documents and the taxation authorities can’t touch it. I stopped filing income taxes 20 years ago btw. We are doing this to ourselves but that COLB is not evil, in fact it is the ONLY way to actually LIVE rather than survive. I will help anyone to file properly and do not want compensation. I only ask that you spread the word and help others. There is also a way of getting back what was taken from you…it’s called “restitution for unjust enrichment”. I am simply a messenger…but I was born to live, not just survive.

        1. Barb L Fox

          I’m interested in getting help with regard to straw man birth certificate scam! Please let me know how difficult or easy this is to do.

        2. greg

          Sure would like to here more , I haven’t filed in 3 years and decided to quit altogether and sure like to try and get the IRS off my back so I can keep a job for more than a year or two without them showing up. It would be nice to get some restitution to. I’m game. Been researching this for 10 or twelve years, time to action. I’ll spread it like a virus if it’s successful. Warning: I live in the communist STATE of GEORGIA, U.S. Got some really Gung Ho idiots on patrol down here, They know what I stand for in the county I inhabit. They start talking and pointing when I showed in court for friends a couple times. Really like to put them in their place. “The pig pen” I’ll take all the info and help I can get, I ain’t scaaaarred. you know how to get rid of property taxes on my land?

        3. Danny

          You said you will help in any way you can, I would like some help. Please get back to me when you can.

          Thanks, Danny

      2. Mike

        You are 100 % right, we need to stand up for our rights.

        Remember, God, Man, Government
        not God, Government then Man
        We the people have more power than they do,

        1. Brand Newman

          Stopped paying. There are no steps to it, do you want to pay them yes or no ?, then choose, its that simple. Dont go thinking you can stop paying taxes if you still think your a legal name though.

  2. Alex

    Worked for me by refusing to come aboard their vessel. If you don’t know who you are or they will tell you what to do.

    1. Douglas

      That is correct, if you don’t know who you are it is a huge disadvantage. If you do however, you can freely operate in commerce outside of their reach. The cops actually respect me and I chat with them in the coffee shop parking lot showing them my plates and telling them I have no Driver’s license of insurance either. I TRY to get pulled over by peeling rubber in front of these same cops and they won’t pull me over. They say “it is our discretion”. Ha! I am not kidding folks, this is what we all should be doing. I am the nameholder and my Surname ALWAYS comes first (family is always first, right?) which is then followed by a comma and then my Given Name. The Assumed Name Certificate is EASY to complete and then I also got what is referred to as a “Certificate of Existence and Registration” which has an official look to it. I realize their realm is all fake but this proves I am NOT that “person” named on the COLB, but rather, I am the nameholder who possesses (not owns) the name used in commerce. My business entity operates in commerce FOR me, so you see, I am free. Love and light to all.

      1. Afreeca

        Please assist me with losing the name. I am completely new to this and would to learn how to navigate through without harassment.

        I thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

      2. Rodney

        Be not deceived by the Douglas’s!!

        “For there will arise many false prophets…”

        In reality, by assuming joinder with a legal fiction you are propping yourself right back into the system of Babylon!!!!

        Forget ownership!!!! You never owned it!
        I don’t even go into court claiming I own it!

        It belongs to BABYLON!!!!

        Do not create an assumed name, or more fictions lest you find yourself sucked straight back into Babylon!

        Just drive without a license period, with a card that uses no SSN and read the law for right of travel and make sure it is a PRINTED decal on your car.

  3. Ruby

    Loosing her jeep is not much of a real victory. I am not sure thinking that you have “educated” someone is a victory either. They are not really getting educated except learning from their experience on how to deal with this kind of movement. Educating the cogs in the machine is not going to happen. Nothing you can say to them makes any sense to them. Just because they pretend to politely listen to you does not mean they are learning anything or believing a word you are saying. They are happy to have your jeep.

  4. cynthia

    I wish more kin and men would self educate on what ‘commerce’ technically is.
    Commerce is straight product mark-up above and beyond labor wa g es, overhead, etc rather pure profit combined with mass production vs made by ones own hand.
    I refuse to be associated with commerce, period.
    I also self express all “money” as lawful in legal form with cause.

  5. Dave

    Doug, are you there? Im from nation state Iowa and their Fictitous Name Resolution is a joke, Its my understanding I can use Minnesota’s Assumed name cert?? not sure how to use both names??

  6. Chase

    Ok so I have one concern. When I jump over board and essentially give the Vatican the universal salute. Will I still be able to work? I have a family and need to work. Because let’s face it even though money is fake we can’t live without it! Would I be operating in fraud if I continue to work under my current name? Is there a way around this?

  7. Nay me

    ‘ity’: that which is written by (by ‘whorld’ or whorling of scribe tool) world upon area (length by width) 2 dimensional leaf or sheet of paper, thence the saying: if it is not written then it does not exist in the world.
    authority: author-ity is consent of the author by writ, therefore any claim something is by the authority (author-ity) of god or God or GOD is crap. HuMan-ity is 2 dimensional script. University: UniVers-ity, the reason why each Ex-Am is by writ. Name: na-me or nay-me or not-me, note 1st commandment: I am thy lord thy god do not place false gods before me; the instruction to all concerned that ‘me’ is superior thence we have Supreme Sup-re-me court to place or position me again to superior status relative to STATUTES or statues.

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