Dead Men Walking Series

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Watch the ‘Dead Men Walking’ video series by Shieena Living Waters for a literal explanation of the legal name and why Babylon is fallen.

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14 Comments on “Dead Men Walking Series”

  1. Deb

    Wow, what a trip! I have some questions, I’ve doing watching reading, etc. want to know how and what do I do with my mother who is in a nursing home. I am POA for her, two of my daughters recently moved to my home with their children. I have income, damn I slaved working for the govt for 38 yrs. been retired 2 and this money helps me to take care of my family.
    I want to do this, I was just wondering what to do about govt oath, pension, etc, I have to give it all up. ok, so what order is best? Do I not make Dec house payment? Not sure if it matters the steps? Thank you for all you have done.

  2. Henry

    I just read the “attention all police agents” and “attention law enforcement” PDF files. They contain a lot of bluster along the lines of that officers “CAN and WILL be held liable in a living court… yada yada yada…” but those threats seem to be totally empty. What court will you turn to for redress of grievances when the only courts available are operated by THEM (TPTB)? The court of public opinion will do you no good because most people are caught up in their own little worlds and have no time or inclination to understand these things, much less help you get redress for violations of your rights as a living being.
    Some of your writings seem to give a nod to a biblical perspective, but at the same time you totally disavow having a name, whereas in the bible a person’s name is important. Jesus, as the shepherd of his sheep, said he calls each of his sheep BY NAME. (John 10:3)The bible also says we are to obey the governing authorities because they have been set up by God. (Romans 13:1-6) How do you square these two biblical notions with your interpretation of the legal situation?
    I’d like to be free from oppressive and unjust governmental interference in my life, but I’m not sure if you’ve got the correct answers for that. Do you have a body of successful court-cases and other anecdotes of interaction with government officials where your point of view has prevailed? I’d love to study those.

    1. Carolina G.

      Oh my God you hit every single nail right on the head, I had been feeling a want in me, to ask this group the same exact and state those exact things about God’s will and calling upon the name of the Lord. I feel God is calling us all together to be shown what has been going on and it is that we are to forgive them, and put a halt on the wrong things we see but still staying connected to the people because we do help them by participating in the cash game. I’m still waiting for the Lord Jesus to reveal the next to me because I know I will not to practice lies and deceit or anything in connection thereof, if it includes the government than we will have to leave them alone after giving them all their instruments of interacting with this machine we call society, back.

      If it is true that the documents such as birth certificates, and all is a horrible thing, why does the majority if people find themselves functioning well??

      I just tuned in live, to this blog talk radio and the host guy starts off by saying if you want to clear your pineal gland, go do a bunch of DMT…… yea. Definitely not of God.

      Done here. Take care. Trust in the Lord thy God with all your mind, soul and heart……

    2. Mark

      Hi Henry, that is quite a pickle with the biblical verse references; I comprehend where you’re coming from as I used to be a follower too. Is it not obvious, they are the God! The all knowing, all seeing, all omnipresent; they have your birth certificate registration, they give you a tax file number to monitor your taxable income, assets etc, they monitor every aspect of your life by any means including video/audio surveillance. Didn’t God also say to Moses to survey over the lands of Judea and all that he surveys, that belongs to Israel? Where are the survey markers in your neighborhood, he in Australia they are on top of the high mountains, does this not also designate the high water line & hence their jurisdiction for commercial UCC law? I don’t know for sure, I just ask a lot of questions as well, no one seems to be able to give me answers also! But I will keep searching! By the way, Baron Karl von Riechenbach was a German Judaic Scientist who studied chemical & magnetic reactions back in the 17th century, that is some 400 years ago, he was the first Man to coin the Word God; look in the Oxford dictionary what God is, then look at what od means in the same dictionary; od is what it really is or as Edison referred to it as ‘the super sub conscience’. Additionally, it is not the Christian bible, it is the Judeao Christian Bible, the scribes wrote or scribed all the religious text; however, Judaism is not a religion, it is a way of life [that is something different] just as Buddhism is not a religion but a way of life & the only thing they didn’t scribe! Read ‘The Master Game’ for perspective of the real sadistic Christians & their treatment of the Cathars, Paulianites etc! Hope this was helpful in your journey!

  3. Jack tarr

    Henry the Bi-ble is a book of duality. Both good and evil, slavery and freedom can be found within it’s pages. Its your perspective to choose.

  4. Ian

    Well done! It is all very true.
    The greatest threat to any government is the WORD of GOD. Why? Because there is only one true GOD and any other competing god is illegitimate. You do not think of your country and government as a god but it is in fact exactly that.
    When you become a countryman, which is the meaning of the word pagan, you perform an act of religion, an act of unbinding yourself away from the true GOD and HIS Christ and rebinding yourself to a new god, which is your country and government. There are only two possible acts of religion, one is when you turn away from GOD and bind yourself to a false god and one where you leave the false god and rebind yourself to GOD again, that’s it, there is no other kind of religion. The word religion means to rebind or bind anew.
    You have been trained not to think of your country and government as gods but in fact that is just what they are. If you claim to be a countryman you have committed treason against GOD and Christ.
    This is what your religions do not want you to get an understanding of in any way because the WORD of GOD is the greatest threat to any country and it’s government. It reveals that they are purely Satanic in every way shape and form.
    You cannot serve two masters! You cannot serve GOD and serve a false god at the same time! You cannot be a countryman, a pagan, and claim to serve the real GOD and HIS Christ. It simply is not possible to be two things at one time. A child of GOD is a man, a child of a country is a person, which is a manufactured and completely fictional identity. Are you real or do you actually believe that you are a fiction of law?

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