Kathy’s police & court interaction

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Original air date October 22nd 2014

Listen to this story when Kathy and her daughter set out to go to the store with no I.D in a vehicle with her husband’s name with tags on it. Along two cop cars on each side of the road, the female cop waved Kathy over to inspect the vehicle, noticed the tags and let her go. On her way back from the store, a male cop waved Kathy down for the second time but this time he asked where she was going and she replied, “What do you mean? I don’t have to answer that.” The police asked Kathy for identification and a LEGAL NAME, and standing in her truth, Kathy would not give up that information. The police proceeded to arrest Kathy taking her to the station, and later on to court. Listen to this amazing audio clip of Kathy explaining her story on Outside The Box with Kate Of Gaia.

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4 Comments on “Kathy’s police & court interaction”

  1. cloudwalker

    So much courage shown here cathy – it is what is needed – kate also gave some cutting insights and responsess to this sort of abduction – from these sort of times we gain the most – and no time is ever wasted – one love –

  2. philip of the family marcus

    It takes such courage to stand in the pure truth , and to throw light on an evil that has been running unabated for centuries.
    Kathy they tried to humiliate you and beat you down out of pure desperation, because the jig is up and many of the players in this fraud are just beginning to realize it. You stood up against Ba’al you stood against all that is false and told your truth and they laughed ,not because you were wrong but because they know you are right, and out of their futility tried to break you ,BUT COULDN’T!!

    One Dean Clifford is still in jail as I type this because he would NOT play the Name Game with these evil doer’s . He will have been in a Brandon Manitoba Lock up for a year next month, all because he would not sign a single document with this fraudulent name, which belongs to the “Crown”.

    So you are a shining light in this illusion, there are no words to express my admiration for your stead fastness ,your courage, and your heart, truly an inspiration to all of us that are, or are becoming awake.

  3. Mike

    Kathy more than earned a heaping of respect.
    There are an infinite number of solutions to any problem. Some may or may not be better than others. The following is another possibility.

    There is LAW which has been around for 10,000+ years (it’s also far above any Act, Code, Rule, etc.):

    — INFLICT no damage/harm on others or their property; you are (you’re) responsible for your actions. —

    Examples of enforcing this LAW were dramatically obvious at the Nuremberg Trials 1945-1947.

    Thus, when forced by criminal bureaucrats into playing their ‘game,’ remind them who is really breaking THE LAW…
    Also, psych evaluations, or any order, are very easy to thwart or fend off. Simply ask the bureaucrat ordering you around, “are you giving me an order?”

    When they answer yes then, state that slavery is UNLAWFUL and that you REQUIRE (require = by right and authority) compensation….BEFORE carrying out the order (or notify them they will be receiving a substantial bill for their order).
    Judge: “This court orders a psychological examination of _________…”
    You: “…Are -YOU- giving me an order?”
    Judge: “…Yes…” [If the Black-Robed-One gives any other answer – they are lying and circumventing due process. — Call them on it – remind them about unlawful orders. Above all STAND YOUR GROUND. – see THE LAW above]
    You: “As slavery is UNLAWFUL, I require compensation. I require $2.2 million be paid to me, in cash, in advance, to carry out this order. Do you have the ability to pay my fee – now?”

    The $2.2 million is a figure pulled from random thoughts. You can use ANY amount you like. They make stuff up all the time. It’s time to turn the tables on them. This can be used on police, deputies, district attorneys, or any other bureaucratic/corporate bully attempting to order you around.

    – See Karl Lentz, Dean Clifford, and others on the Internet, i.e. YouTube, for further information.

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