Lose The Name Completes A Cycle

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Its been a year since the creation of LoseTheName.com with over 400 thousand hits, almost making half a million , this is celebration to some, but not for all, this should be a time for reflection, to go within and really see where you are at now, compared to where you were at before. Have you learned anything, do you … Read More

Ninja & Stare Stand In Truth

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This is the true power that we all wield, if you can only put aside the ego and fear, doubt and illusions, you will come to a time where this experience is fully possible in your reality. The only thing you have to do is lose the idea of a legal name completely and see the truth that reveals itself … Read More

Demon Poem

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I had a demon, and it was driving me mad it turned my emotions from happy to sad. It was with me my whole life through the ups and the downs everywhere I went from the villages and towns. It was with me at birth and even while I sleep, it would always be there, and make no sounds, not … Read More

What Will You Do ?

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If I told you it was illegal to use a legal name, and If you found out the news companies, music industry and petroleum industry, the government, is all manipulated to show you a reality that is not even real. Would you accept this information or would you just brush it off and live your day to day and think … Read More

The Realization

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The grey area of the decent reclusive fractures call forward the open ears. The years of abuse. The wasted time feeling sorry. They crack when faced head on. Grab up the taking, when real in the waking of the fake in their misuse. Can you look the mirror in it’s face, when the face staring back is you? Will you … Read More

Legal Remedy? Sovereign? Freeman? Common Law? No Way!

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Source The choice is yours, either to remain in the legal and physical matrix or to deny it entirely, all law is fiction, concepts of mind, binding you mentally, physically, spiritually and thus in soul to the concept you choose to believe in, this is why everything here on this planet is a “soul” contract, making you a sole trader, … Read More

Take back your power and stand

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It’s been said that we are the fractured factions of the human race. Some would say, “the walking dead”. We won’t be whole until we learn to come together as one . On many aspects. Now this is not to say to come together as one, under one, for that further breaks us down into even more minute numbers. There is a … Read More

Two brothers witness the legal name fraud

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Two brothers witness the legal name fraud The following first hand account was provided by one of the witnesses to the legal name fraud. This experience initiated around 8:45 PM Friday January 30th 2015 and concluded the following Monday ( For Arrest Audio). The conceptual location of this experience can be described as a legal delusion known as Halifax Nova … Read More