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BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD; CLAUSULA REBUS SIC STANTIBUS by kate of kaea “ATTENTION: Lawyer, Judge, Government Agent/employee, Police, Common Man etc. et al/any/all who serve as a fictional LEGAL NAME/TITLE/I.D.-ENTITY (pronounced phonetically example: “leg-all enemy”((N-AM-E), “tit-El”/Luciferian)) character in the legal world reality; Author’s note where the “author” is defined as anyone who uses these words as their’s where truth cannot be … Read More

Phone Call Madness

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This is a list of phone calls, is from a being who knows exactly who he is, and decided to make phone calls to make others aware, while at the same time he proves without a doubt how truth will always overcome the lies. These great phone calls to Vital statistics, police sheriffs, commissioners all have on thing in common, … Read More

Lose The Name Completes A Cycle

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Its been a year since the creation of LoseTheName.com with over 400 thousand hits, almost making half a million , this is celebration to some, but not for all, this should be a time for reflection, to go within and really see where you are at now, compared to where you were at before. Have you learned anything, do you … Read More

Share the Truth

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Once we stand in truth, know who we are, and we share this truth, in whichever way we choose, this truth will travel far and wide.   In these current moments of now, more and more of us are standing tall and standing in our truth, showing to all that it really IS illegal to use a Legal Name.  More and … Read More

Know You Are Powerful Beyond Measure!

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Two pieces of wisdom from my big self linked together provide much food for ponderment!! In this moment of NOW Yes, it is now. In this moment, it is vital to acknowledge that only this moment exists in time. Past is gone. Future may never exist, it is only a figment of imagination. The only time that is real – … Read More

Twelve Steps Of Name-Aholics

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Twelve Steps Of Name-Alhoics By Pilar Polaris We admitted we were powerless over the Legal Name Fraud-that our souls were trapped .Came to know that WE-M/E source can restore us to sanity Made a decision to turn our lives over to the care of all of Creation. Made searching and fearless moral inventory of Truth. Admitted to Creation, to ourselves, … Read More

The Ripple Effect

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There are 3 things that we all do to send out a ripple in consciousness:   1. Words It is crucial to study phonics and etymology to see the potential intent behind the words we use, only with that knowledge can we choose what we mean to convey. With the use of words we release a sound frequency, this frequency … Read More