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BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD; CLAUSULA REBUS SIC STANTIBUS by kate of kaea “ATTENTION: Lawyer, Judge, Government Agent/employee, Police, Common Man etc. et al/any/all who serve as a fictional LEGAL NAME/TITLE/I.D.-ENTITY (pronounced phonetically example: “leg-all enemy”((N-AM-E), “tit-El”/Luciferian)) character in the legal world reality; Author’s note where the “author” is defined as anyone who uses these words as their’s where truth cannot be … Read More

NameGate : Its Illegal To Vote

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Why?  Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT!  Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too! Once a FRAUD is revealed, ALL contracts, … Read More

Legal Name Fraud Radio

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Critical Mass Radio will no longer be the station where the Outside The Box radio show is hosted, but the show must go on and it will. All links are updated on the site and now point to the new location which is still on blogtalk radio but is now http://www.blogtalkradio.com/legalnamefraudradio and you can also visit the new site for … Read More

Lose The Name Two Point Oh

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Cowards And Traders

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People all around the world are awakening to this crude truth and its about time you jumped in with us all. The birth certificate fraud runs deep, but it’s getting easier and easier to explain and to show others how easy it truly all is. Almost every week now we have a new success story to add to the record, … Read More

Kate Of Gaia On GCN:Uncommon Awareness

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Kate Of Gaia made an apperance on GCN Uncommon Awarness Radio Show  (Mainstream Alternative) hosted by Dr. Lorraine Hurley. Kate helped expose and explain to Lorraine and her listeners that any & all use of the legal name is fraud.  For More Info On Lorraine Hurley Hello, I’m Lorraine Hurley MD and host of Uncommon Awareness on GCN Live. As … Read More

The Daily Register-Ritual And How To Bust It.

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By Ninja Bambi (May 2014) Via Kates Kids Kove Stand In Truth We all know about the legal name fraud via the Birth Certificate Registration process. This regis-ster pro-cess results in a spiritual contract which allows others to rule over our divine feminine creative essence, whilst all use of that registered, legal name results in a life of voluntary, if … Read More

Rob & kids interaction with police

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Rob first discussed his interaction with the police with Kate on August 12th 2014. Rob’s kids were witness to the police attempting to aid and abet him into fraud. In the following clip, Rob and his kids discuss what happened that night. A lot of beautiful sharing went on that night and have we have created mutiple clips to share … Read More

Strawberry Exposing Legal Name Fraud

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The following videos happened during the day at a coffee shop, and is the arrest of Strawberry this man in exposing the legal name fraud to these cops and throughout the entire legal system, that has tried to take authority over him by attempting to aid and abet him into fraud and throwing scare tactics at him.   To listen to … Read More

Strawberry “Mr Witness” owns a court room

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A remarkable story of a man that has gotten arrested, put in jail, and proceeded to a court room, all because he would not consent to be the legal name. His friends call him ‘Strawberry’, and in this amazing story you will hear him speak of the magic that happens on a day-to-day basis when you finally innerstand you are … Read More