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BIRTH CERTIFICATE FRAUD; CLAUSULA REBUS SIC STANTIBUS by kate of kaea “ATTENTION: Lawyer, Judge, Government Agent/employee, Police, Common Man etc. et al/any/all who serve as a fictional LEGAL NAME/TITLE/I.D.-ENTITY (pronounced phonetically example: “leg-all enemy”((N-AM-E), “tit-El”/Luciferian)) character in the legal world reality; Author’s note where the “author” is defined as anyone who uses these words as their’s where truth cannot be … Read More

Dohm Won’t Play The Game

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Listen to this powerful experience by the one known as Dohm, I would explain a bit to you about it before you press play but almost all experiences are the same. We share legal name fraud to all cops, judges and anyone near while it happens and then we go through their process and we leave, seriously, though, listen to … Read More

NameGate : Its Illegal To Vote

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Why?  Each VOTER Registration is FRAUDULENT as the Legal Name/I.D. is used in order to register to vote. Therefore, as it is true that any/all use of a Legal Name is FRAUD, which is ILLEGAL, it follows that ALL registered voters’ papers are FRAUDULENT!  Which means ALL their VOTES were/will be FRAUDULENT too! Once a FRAUD is revealed, ALL contracts, … Read More

Manis Well’s High Patrol Experience

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» Download the audio (MP3, 10MB) Original air date April 6th 2015. Manis Well shared his experience with the highway patrol on Legal Name Fraud Radio. He was driving along when a officer pulled him over on his motorcycle “Pegasus”, he explained to them the fraud, and used thier mobile finger print scanner to create joinder with a legal name.

Fear of Freedom?

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An incredible realization is that much of humanity has fear of freedom. Yep, sounds crazy doesn’t it? Why would humans fear freedom? Many think that they want it, but they do nothing significant about it ~ because they fear freedom. For the most part, I would say that it is due to intense and prolonged conditioning to dupe us into … Read More

My Interaction With Sheriff Tim Brown

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The phone call transcribed: SEACHT  –  This is Seacht with GNIP, and I was wondering if I could speak to someone in your department about a story that I’m covering. I’m an Investigative Reporter.   SHERIFF TIM BROWN – Okay, what kind of story are you covering?   SEACHT – Okay, well basically there is a group of people called … Read More

My Point of View/You/Me Regarding Legal Name

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OK, so there has been much discussion regarding the truth that the LEGAL NAME is enslaving humanity. To me, there is no doubt that this is truth. It has been shown from various perspectives after lengthy research that using and claiming to be a LEGAL NAME is what forces a man or woman to be under the auspices of what … Read More

The Simple Truth

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The Simple Truth There is only one truth, and after all the investigation, consultation, research, experiences and complication, and ultimate realization, it is simple ~ we are free! We are infinite beings – we all ways have been and all ways will be existing, whether it be in body or in spirit. We are powerful beyond measure. When in body, … Read More