Dohm Won’t Play The Game

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Listen to this powerful experience by the one known as Dohm, I would explain a bit to you about it before you press play but almost all experiences are the same. We share legal name fraud to all cops, judges and anyone near while it happens and then we go through their process and we leave, seriously, though, listen to … Read More

Phone Call Madness

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This is a list of phone calls, is from a being who knows exactly who he is, and decided to make phone calls to make others aware, while at the same time he proves without a doubt how truth will always overcome the lies. These great phone calls to Vital statistics, police sheriffs, commissioners all have on thing in common, … Read More

Ninja & Stare Stand In Truth

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This is the true power that we all wield, if you can only put aside the ego and fear, doubt and illusions, you will come to a time where this experience is fully possible in your reality. The only thing you have to do is lose the idea of a legal name completely and see the truth that reveals itself … Read More

Borian’s 6 Month Stand

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» Download the audio (MP3, 2MB) Original air date April 8th 2015. Borian has done 6months time between jail and a hospital for standing in truth, he originally took over a fraudulent foreclosed home with no legal name  back in august, and the cops came up to his porch to arrest him after living there for awhile.  This is the … Read More

Manis Well’s High Patrol Experience

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» Download the audio (MP3, 10MB) Original air date April 6th 2015. Manis Well shared his experience with the highway patrol on Legal Name Fraud Radio. He was driving along when a officer pulled him over on his motorcycle “Pegasus”, he explained to them the fraud, and used thier mobile finger print scanner to create joinder with a legal name.