Borian visits several banks attempting to exchange money without the LEGAL NAME/ID.

This is what a programmed Mrs. Bobblehead looks like…programmed to nod acceptance at everything that comes at her….watch her eyes for the program getting shorted out as her fear of truth mounts….this gets the Golden Kangaroo Award of Excellence in the field of Monkey Kick-boxed to Death Embedding which is akin in importance to a Victoria Cross or Medal of Honour…with Oak leaf clusters and Stars..note her relief when Borian Galloway moves on after delivering and perma-planting a brilliant and rare WTF? moment seed. 1st Round Knock out, no count required…..clean baby…sooooo clean

Borian adventures into Wells Fargo, and attempts to exchange Plastic Canadian money into American paper money.

Second part to Wells Fargo, the clerk looks at the page of truth like its posion. Then comes along Mr Company Policy to save her ass..

Last Bank attempt, wait a minute they are informed of the FRAUD, Whoa !!