Borian’s Adventures *UPDATE

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From Borian himself he writes as follows….

Alrighty then, I wish no harm upon anyone for any reason at all at all at all and would never go outta my way to cause turmiol for any reason, no way, no how, never never never…

…having said that, most of you know my stance when it comes to sound, truth and love and that I will not yield for any reason, what so ever, and comprimise my honor and inegrity with the universe. I would never ever go outta my way to impose on another’s freewill choice when they themselves are not causing harm to another

As you all know, I recently went to a few banks looking to exchange some canadian plastic for some american paper without using ID and you can see those videos here

Today, I went to the Grand Junction, Colorado Police Station asking to talk the chief or a captian and I got sargent Jim instead, I was seeking advice on how a living being might be able to do a simple currency exchange without comitting fraud and if an officer could stand and witness the crimes being perpretrated against me in the bank. He said no

Even after advising him on what has happened with our birth cert and that the Chief and the Mayor and judges are probably aware of this information, he continued to advise me that I’m making things diffucult on myself and to follow corporate policy and commit fraud

You can’t make this shit up…

Much Love!

4 Comments on “Borian’s Adventures *UPDATE”

  1. nomen

    All corporate actors such as humans animating the SHERIFF and POLICE artificial entities are directed by and serve only the bar attorneys controlling said dead fictions. Go ask the local boss the same question: the district attorney.

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