Legal Remedy? Sovereign? Freeman? Common Law? No Way!

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Source The choice is yours, either to remain in the legal and physical matrix or to deny it entirely, all law is fiction, concepts of mind, binding you mentally, physically, spiritually and thus in soul to the concept you choose to believe in, this is why everything here on this planet is a “soul” contract, making you a sole trader, … Read More

Take back your power and stand

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It’s been said that we are the fractured factions of the human race. Some would say, “the walking dead”. We won’t be whole until we learn to come together as one . On many aspects. Now this is not to say to come together as one, under one, for that further breaks us down into even more minute numbers. There is a … Read More

Legal Name Fraud Radio

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Critical Mass Radio will no longer be the station where the Outside The Box radio show is hosted, but the show must go on and it will. All links are updated on the site and now point to the new location which is still on blogtalk radio but is now and you can also visit the new site for … Read More

Two brothers witness the legal name fraud

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Two brothers witness the legal name fraud The following first hand account was provided by one of the witnesses to the legal name fraud. This experience initiated around 8:45 PM Friday January 30th 2015 and concluded the following Monday ( For Arrest Audio). The conceptual location of this experience can be described as a legal delusion known as Halifax Nova … Read More